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Gratitude is the memory of the heart.
  [Fr., La reconnaissance est la memoire du coeur.]
      - Jean Baptiste Massieu, to the Abbe Sicard

The debt immense of endless gratitude.
      - John Milton

A grateful mind
  By owing owes not, but still pays, at once
    Indebted and discharg'd.
      - John Milton, Paradise Lost (bk. IV, l. 55)

My soul, o'erfraught with gratitude, rejects the aid of language. Lord, behold my heart.
      - Hannah More

It is not best to refine gratitude; it evaporates in the process of subtilization.
      - Claude Nicole

Indeed, you thanked me; but a nobler gratitude rose in her soul, for from that hour she loved me.
      - Thomas Otway

Thanks are justly due for things got without purchase.
  [Lat., Gratia pro rebus merito debetur inemtis.]
      - Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso), Amorum
         (I, 10, 43)

It is a pleasure appropriate to man, for him to save a fellow-man, and gratitude is acquired in no better way.
  [Lat., Conveniens homini est hominem servare voluptas.
    Et melius nulla quaeritur arte favor.]
      - Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso),
        Epistoloe Ex Ponto (II, 9, 39)

Gratitude is a nice touch of beauty added last of all to the countenance, giving a classic beauty, an angelic loveliness, to the character.
      - Theodore Parker

Gratitude is a virtue which, according to the general apprehension of mankind, approaches more nearly than almost any other social virtue to justice.
      - Samuel Parr

It is a dangerous experiment to call in gratitude as an ally to love. Love is a debt which inclination always pays, obligation never.
      - Blaise Pascal

The feeling of gratitude has all the ardor of a passion in noble hearts.
      - Achille Poincelot

Wherever I find a great deal of gratitude in a poor man, I take it for granted there would be as much generosity if he were a rich man.
      - Alexander Pope

Th' unwilling gratitude of base mankind!
      - Alexander Pope, Second Book of Horace
         (ep. I, l. 14)

Gratitude is a duty which ought to be paid, but which none have a right to expect.
      - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

What can I pay thee for this noble usage but grateful praise? So heaven itself is paid.
      - Nicholas Rowe

That possession which we gain by the sword is not lasting; gratitude for benefits eternal.
  [Lat., Non est diuturna possessio in quam gladio ducimus; beneficiorum gratia sempiterna est.]
      - Quintus Curtius Rufus (Curtis Rufus Quintus),
        De Rebus Gestis Alexandri Magni
         (VIII, 8, 11)

He enjoys much who is thankful for little. A grateful mind is a great mind.
      - Thomas Secker

As gratitude is a necessary and a glorious, so also is it an obvious, a cheap, and an easy virtue--so obvious that wherever there is life there is place for it, so cheap that the covetous man may be grateful without expense, and so easy that the sluggard may be so likewise without labor.
      - Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

If I only have will to be grateful, I am so.
      - Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

The law of the pleasure in having done anything for another is, that the one almost immediately forgets having given, and the other remembers eternally having received.
      - Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

There is as much greatness of mind in the owning of a good turn as in the doing of it; and we must no more force a requital out of season than be wanting in it.
      - Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

Let the man, who would be grateful, think of repaying a kindness, even while receiving it.
  [Lat., Qui gratus futurus est statim dum accipit de reddendo cogitet.]
      - Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca),
        De Beneficiis (II, 25)

O Lord, that lends me life, lend me a heart replete with thankfulness.
      - William Shakespeare

Thanks, the exchequer of the poor.
      - William Shakespeare

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