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In every exalted joy, there mingles a sense of gratitude.
      - Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift.
      - Albert Einstein

Joy is the best of wine.
      - George Eliot (pseudonym of Mary Ann Evans Cross)

Our joy is dead, and only smiles on us.
      - George Eliot (pseudonym of Mary Ann Evans Cross),
        The Spanish Gypsy (bk. III)

I get quiet joy from the observation of anyone who does his job well.
      - William Feather

Here below is not the land of happiness: I know it now; it is only the land of toil, and every joy which comes to us is only to strengthen us for some greater labor that is to succeed.
      - Johann Gottlieb Fichte

All human joys are swift of wing,
  For heaven doth so allot it;
    That when you get an easy thing,
      You find you haven't got it.
      - Eugene Field, Ways of Life

Great joy, especially after a sudden change of circumstances, is apt to be silent, and dwells rather in the heart than on the tongue.
      - Henry Fielding

There's a hope for every woe,
  And a balm for every pain,
    But the first joys of our heart
      Come never back again!
      - Robert Gilfillan, The Exile's Song

These spiritual joys are dogged by no sad sequels.
      - Joseph Glanvill

And, e'en while fashion's brightest arts decoy,
  The heart, distrusting, asks if this be joy.
      - Oliver Goldsmith, The Deserted Village
         (l. 263)

They hear a voice in every wind,
  And snatch a fearful joy.
      - Thomas Gray,
        On a Distant Prospect of Eton College
         (st. 4)

True joy is only hope put out of fear.
      - Sir Fulke Greville, 1st Baron Brooke, Lord Brooke

God is merely tuning the soul, as an instrument, in this life. And these joys of the Christian, are only the notes and chords that are sounded out in the preparation--preludes to the perfect harmony that shall flood the soul--forerunners of the perfected and rapturous joy that shall bless the soul, in that exceeding and eternal weight of glory.
      - Herrick Johnson

The joy which is caused by truth and noble thoughts shows itself in the words by which they are expressed.
      - Joseph Joubert

Joy, whose hand is ever at his lips, bidding adieu.
      - John Keats (1)

But were there ever any
  Writhed not at passed joy?
      - John Keats (1),
        Stanzas--In Drear Nighted December

Joy is the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow.
      - Helen Adams Keller

We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world.
      - Helen Adams Keller

Teach us delight in simple things, and mirth that has no bitter springs.
      - Rudyard Kipling

Joy is a flame which association alone can keep alive, and which goes out unless communicated.
      - Alphonse de Lamartine

Joyousness is Nature's garb of health.
      - Alphonse de Lamartine

Who partakes in another's joys is a more humane character than he who partakes in his griefs.
      - Johann Kaspar Lavater (John Caspar Lavater)

Joy makes us giddy, dizzy.
  [Ger., Die Freude macht drehend, wirblicht.]
      - Ephraim Gotthold Lessing,
        Minna von Barnhelm (II, 3)

Joy comes, grief goes, we know not how.
      - James Russell Lowell

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