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Let the bugles sound the "Truce of God" to the whole world forever.
      - Charles Sumner,
        Oration on the True Grandeur of Nations

In this surrender--if such it may be called--the National Government does not even stoop to conquer. It simply lifts itself to the height of its original principle. The early efforts of its best negotiators, the patriotic trial of its solders . . . may at least prevail.
      - Charles Sumner,
        Sustaining President Lincoln in the U.S. Senate in the Trent Affair

We should provide in peace what we need in war.
      - Syrus (Publilius Syrus), Maxims

To rob, to ravage, to murder, in their imposing language, are the arts of civil policy. When they have made the world a solitude, they call it peace.
  [Lat., Auferre, trucidare, rapere, falsis nominibus imperium, atque, ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant.]
      - Tacitus (Caius Cornelius Tacitus),
        Agricola (XXX),
        ascribing the speech to Galgacus, Britain's leader against the Romans

A peace may be so wretched as not to be ill exchanged for war.
  [Lat., Miseram pacem vel bello bene mutari.]
      - Tacitus (Caius Cornelius Tacitus), Annales
         (III, 44)

It was rather a cessation of war than a beginning of peace.
  [Lat., Bellum magis desierat, quam pax coeperat.]
      - Tacitus (Caius Cornelius Tacitus), Annales
         (IV, 1)

Peace the offspring is of Power.
      - Bayard Taylor, A Thousand Years

Ah! when shall all men's good be each man's rule, and universal peace lie like a shaft of light across the land?
      - Lord Alfred Tennyson

No more shall . . . Peace
  Pipe on her pastoral hillock a languid note,
    And watch her harvest ripen.
      - Lord Alfred Tennyson, Maud (st. 28)

Peace with honor.
      - Theobald II, Count of Champagne,
        Letter to King Louis the Great,
        (1108 - 1137)

First of human blessings! and supreme.
      - James Thomson (1)

O Peace! thou source and soul of social life;
  Beneath whose calm inspiring influence,
    Science his views enlarges, Art refines,
      And swelling Commerce opens all her ports;
        Blessed be the man divine, who gives us thee!
      - James Thomson (1)

Oh first of human blessings! and supreme,
  Fair peace! how lovely, how delightful thou!
    By whose wide tie, the kindred sons of men
      Live brothers like, in amity combin'd,
        And unsuspicious faith; while honest toil
          Gives every joy, and to those joys a right,
            Which idle, barbarous rapine but usurps.
      - James Thomson (1)

Peace is the happy, natural state of man; war his corruption, his disgrace.
      - James Thomson (1)

Let him who desires peace prepare for war.
      - Vegetius (Flavius Vegetius Renatus)

In time of peace prepare for war,
  [Lat., Si vis pacem, para bellum.]
      - Vegetius (Flavius Vegetius Renatus),
        Epitoma Rei Militaris
         (lib. III, end of prologue),
        original not found, but probably suggested by

There is nothing so likely to produce peace as to be well prepared to meet the enemy.
      - George Washington

He had rather spend 100,000 pounds on Embassies to keep or procure peace with dishonour, than 100,000 pounds on an army that would have forced peace with honour.
      - Sir Anthony Weldon,
        The Court and Character of King James
         (p. 185),
        used by Disraeli on his return from Berlin Congress on the Eastern Question, July, 1878

But dream not helm and harness
  The sign of valor true;
    Peace hath higher tests of manhood
      Than battle ever knew.
      - John Greenleaf Whittier, Poems--The Hero
         (st. 19)

As on the Sea of Galilee,
  The Christ is whispering "Peace."
      - John Greenleaf Whittier,
        Tent on the Beach--Kallundborg Church

When earth as if on evil dreams
  Looks back upon her wars,
    And the while light of Christ outstreams
      From the red disc of Mars,
        His fame, who led the stormy van
          Of battle, well may cease;
            But never that which crowns the man
              Whose victory was peace.
      - John Greenleaf Whittier,
        William Francis Bartlett

Fill your mind with the meaningless stimuli of a world preoccupied with meaningless things, and it will not be easy to feel peace in your heart.
      - Marianne Williamson

The example of America must be the example not merely of peace because it will not fight, but of peace because peace is the healing and elevating influence of the world, and strife is not. There is such a thing as a man being too proud to fight. There is such a think as a nation being so right that it does not need to convince others by force that it is right.
      - Thomas Woodrow Wilson,
        Address in Convention Hall, Philadelphia

Ne'er to meet, or ne'er to part, in peace.
      - Edward Young, Night Thoughts
         (night V, l. 1,058)

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