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As society advances the standard of poverty rises.
      - Theodore Parker

I never saw a beggar yet who would recognize guilt if it bit him on his unwashed ass.
      - Tony Parsons,
        Dispatches from the Front Line of Popular Culture

Not to be able to bear poverty is a shameful thing, but not to know how to chase it away by work is a more shameful thing yet.
      - Pericles

The poor, trying to imitate the powerful, perish.
  [Lat., Inops, potentem dum vult imitari, perit.]
      - Phaedrus (Thrace of Macedonia), Fables
         (I, 24, 1)

I'd like to live as a poor man with lots of money.
      - Pablo R. Picasso

Poverty is a thorough instructress in all the arts.
  [Lat., Paupertas . . . omnes artes perdocet.]
      - Plautus (Titus Maccius Plautus), Stichus
         (act II, 1)

Poverty is dishonorable, not in itself, but when it is a proof of laziness, intemperance, luxury, and carelessness; whereas in a person that is temperate, industrious, just and valiant, and who uses all his virtues for the public good, it shows a great and lofty mind.
      - Plutarch

But to the world no bugbear is so great,
  As want of figure and a small estate.
      - Alexander Pope, First Book of Horace
         (ep. I, l. 67)

Where are those troops of poor, that throng'd of yore
  The good old landlord's hospitable door?
      - Alexander Pope, Satires of Dr. Donne
         (satire II, l. 113)

Poverty is the only burden which is not lightened by being shared with others.
      - Jean Paul Friedrich Richter (Johann Paul Richter) (used ps. Jean Paul)

Poverty is the only load which is the heavier the more loved ones there are to assist in supporting it.
      - Jean Paul Friedrich Richter (Johann Paul Richter) (used ps. Jean Paul)

What is even poverty itself, that a man should murmur under it? It is but as the pain of piercing a maiden's ear, and you hang precious jewels in the wound.
      - Jean Paul Friedrich Richter (Johann Paul Richter) (used ps. Jean Paul)

Poverty snatches the reins out of the hand of piety.
      - Moslih Eddin (Muslih-un-Din) Saadi (Sadi)

Whene'er I walk the public ways,
  How many poor that lack ablution
    Do probe my heart with pensive gaze,
      And beg a trivial contribution.
      - Sir Owen Seaman,
        Bitter Cry of the Great Unpaid

All I desire is, that my poverty may not be a burden to myself, or make me so to others; and that is the best state of fortune that is neither directly necessitous nor far from it. A mediocrity of fortune, with gentleness of mind, will preserve us from fear or envy; which is a desirable condition; for no man wants power to do mischief.
      - Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

It is only luxury and avarice that make poverty grievous to us; for it is a very small matter that does our business, and when we have provided against cold, hunger, and thirst, all the rest is but vanity and excess.
      - Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

There is a noble manner of being poor, and who does not know it will never be rich.
      - Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

Not he who has little, but he who wishes for more, is poor.
  [Lat., Non qui parum habet, sed qui plus cupit, pauper est.]
      - Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca),
        Epistoloe Ad Lucilium (II)

No one lives so poor as he is born.
  [Lat., Nemo tam pauper vivit quam natus est.]
      - Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca),
        Quare bonis viris

Art thou so bare, and full of wretchedness,
  And fear'st to die? famine is in thy cheeks,
    Need and oppression starveth in thy eyes,
      Content and beggary hang upon thy back,
        The world is not thy friend, nor the world's law.
      - William Shakespeare

No, madame, 'tis not so well that I am poor; though many of the rich are damned.
      - William Shakespeare

Steep'd me in poverty to the very lips.
      - William Shakespeare

They say, poor suitors have strong breaths.
      - William Shakespeare

Who can speak broader than he that has no house to put his head in?--Such may rail against great buildings.
      - William Shakespeare

No, madam, 'tis not so well that I am poor, though many of the rich are damned; but if I may have your ladyship's good will to go to the world, Isbel the woman and I will do as we may.
      - William Shakespeare,
        All's Well That Ends Well
         (Lavatch at I, iii)

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