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Prayer is
  The world in tune,
    A spirit-voyce
      And vocall joyes,
        Whose Eccho is heaven's blisse.
      - Henry Vaughan ("The Silurist"),
        The Morning Watch

Cease to think that the decrees of the gods can be changed by prayers.
  [Lat., Desine fata deum flecti sperare precando.]
      - Virgil or Vergil (Publius Virgilius Maro Vergil),
        The Aeneid (VI, 376)

Ae half the prayer wi' Phoebus grace did find
  The t'other half he whistled down the wind.
    [Lat., Audit, et voti Phoebus succedere partem
      Mente didit, partem volucres dispersit in auras.]
      - Virgil or Vergil (Publius Virgilius Maro Vergil),
        The Aeneid (XI, 794),
        (translation by Scott)

Did we perfectly know the state of our own condition, and what was most proper for us, we might have reason to conclude our prayers not heard if not answered.
      - William Wake

Prayer moves the Hand which moves the world.
      - Rev. John Aikman Wallace,
        There is an Eye that Never Sleeps
         (l. 19)

Who is this before whose presence idols tumble to the sod?
  While he cries out--"Allah Akbar! and there is no god but God!"
      - William Ross Wallace,
        El Amin--The Faithful

Perfect prayers without a spot of blemish, though not one word be spoken, and no phrases known to mankind be tampered with, always pluck the heart out of the earth and move it softly, like a censer, to and fro beneath the face of heaven.
      - John Weiss

The Lord's Prayer contains the sum total of religion and morals.
      - Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley

The simple heart that freely asks in love, obtains.
      - John Greenleaf Whittier

Making their lives a prayer.
      - John Greenleaf Whittier,
        To A.K. on Receiving a Basket of Sea Mosses

Though smooth be the heartless prayer, no ear in heaven will mind it;
  And the finest phrase falls dead, if there is no feeling behind it.
      - Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Art and Heart (st. 2)

When the gods choose to punish us, they merely answer our prayers.
      - Oscar Wilde (Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde)

Night comes, with love upon the breeze,
  And the calm clock strikes, stilly, "ten!"
    I start to hear it beat, for then
      I know that thou art on thy knees--
        And at that hour, where'er thou be,
          Ascends to heaven a prayer for me!
      - Nathaniel Parker Willis

O, when the heart is, full, when bitter thoughts come crowding thickly up for utterance, and the poor common words of courtesy are such a very mockery, how much the bursting heart may pour itself in prayer!
      - Nathaniel Parker Willis

Prayer is the pulse of the renewed soul; and the constancy of its beat is the best test and measure of the spiritual life.
      - Octavius Winslow

The imperfect offices of prayer and praise.
      - William Wordsworth, Excursion (bk. I)

"What is good for a bootless bene?"
  With these dark words begins my Tale;
    And their meaning is, whence can comfort spring
      When Prayer is of no avail?
      - William Wordsworth, Force of Prayer

The bells of Ryleston seemed to say,
  While she sat listening in the shade,
    With vocal music, "God us ayde!"
      And all the hills were glad to bear
        Their part in this effectual prayer.
      - William Wordsworth, White Doe of Rylstone
         (canto VII, st. 11)

Prayer ardent opens heaven.
      - Edward Young, Night Thoughts
         (night VIII, l. 721)

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