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The slightest sorrow for sin is sufficient, if it produces amendment; and the greatest is insufficient, if it does not.
      - Charles Caleb Colton

To sigh, yet not recede; to grieve, yet not repent!
      - George Crabbe, Tales of the Hall
         (bk. III, Boys at School, last line)

It will require more than a few hours of fasting and prayer to cast out such demons as selfishness, worldliness, and unbelief. Repentance, to be of any avail, must work a change of heart and of conduct.
      - Theodore Ledyard Cuyler

Our hearts must not only be broken with sorrow, but be broken from sin, to constitute repentance.
      - Orville Dewey

Repentance, without amendment, is like continually pumping without mending the leak.
      - Lewis W. Dilwyn

When prodigals return great things are done.
      - A.A. Dowty, The Siliad,
        in Beeton's "Christmas Annual"

  A salve, a comfort, and a cordial;
    He that hath her, the keys of heaven hath:
      This is the guide, this is the post, the path.
      - Michael Drayton

I will to-morrow, that I will,
  I will be sure to do it;
    To-morrow comes, to-morrow goes,
      And still thou art to do it.
        Thus still repentance is deferred.
          From one day to another:
            Until the day of death is come,
              And judgment is the other.
      - Hieremias Drexelius (Jeremias Drexel)

Right actions for the future are the best explanations or apologies for wrong ones in the past; the best evidence of regret for them that we can offer, or the world receive.
      - Tryon Edwards

If you would be good, first believe that you are bad.
      - Epictetus

It is foolish to lay out money in the purchase of repentance.
      - Benjamin Franklin

Place not thy amendment only in increasing thy devotion, but in bettering thy life. This is the damning hypocrisy of this age; that it slights all good morality, and spends its zeal in matters of ceremony, and a form of godliness without the power of it.
      - Thomas Fuller (1)

I do not buy repentance at so heavy a cost as a thousand drachmae.
      - Aulus Gellius bk. I, ch. VI, 6,
        quoting Demosthenes to Lais

My Saviour, mid life's varying scene
  Be Thou my stay;
    Guide me, through each perplexing path,
      To perfect day.
        In weakness and in sin I stand;
          Still faith can clasp Thy mighty hand,
            And follow at Thy dear command.
              My Saviour, I have nought to bring
                Worthy of Thee;
                  A broken heart Thou wilt not spurn;
                    Accept of me.
                      I need Thy righteousness Divine,
                        I plead Thy promises as mine,
                          I perish if I am not Thine.
      - Elizabeth A.E. Godwin

Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.
      - Oliver Goldsmith

When iron scourge, and tort'ring hour
  The bad affright, afflict the best.
      - Thomas Gray, Ode to Adversity

Woman, amends may never come to late.
      - Robert Greene and Thomas Lodge,
        A Looking Glass for London and England

The effect of every burden laid down is to leave us relieved; and when the soul has laid down that of its faults at the feet of God, it feels as though it had wings.
      - Eugenie de Guerin

We look to our last sickness for repentance, unmindful that it is during a recovery men repent, not during a sickness.
      - Augustus William Hare

Restore to God His due in tithe and time;
  A tithe purloin'd cankers the whole estate.
      - George Herbert,
        The Temple--The Church Porch (st. 65)

Who after his transgression doth repent,
  Is halfe, or altogether, innocent.
      - Robert Herrick, Hesperides--Penitence

He comes never late who comes repentant.
      - Juan de Horozco, Manasses, Rey de India
         (Jorn, III)

Some tears belong to us because we are unfortunate; others, because we are humane; many because we are mortal. But most are caused by our being unwise. It is these last only that of necessity produce more.
      - Leigh Hunt (James Henry Leigh Hunt)

It is never too late with us, so long as we are still aware of our faults and bear them impatiently,--so long as noble propensities, greedy of conquest, stir within us.
      - Hermann Jacobi

Let us be quick to repent of injuries while repentance may not be a barren anguish.
      - Samuel Johnson (a/k/a Dr. Johnson) ("The Great Cham of Literature")

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