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I said an elder soldier, not a better.
  Did I say 'better'?
      - William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar
         (Cassius at IV, iii)

I am a soldier, and unapt to weep
  Or to exclaim on fortune's fickleness.
      - William Shakespeare,
        King Henry the Sixth, Part I
         (Reignier at V, iii)

Fie, my lord, fie! a soldier and afeard?
      - William Shakespeare, Macbeth
         (Lady Macbeth at V, i)

Blow wind, come wrack,
  At least we'll die with harness on our back.
      - William Shakespeare, Macbeth
         (Macbeth at V, v)

Why then, God's soldier be he.
  Had I as many sons as I have hairs,
    I would not wish them to a fairer death:
      And so his knell in knolled.
      - William Shakespeare, Macbeth
         (Siward at V, viii)

He's a soldier fit to stand by Caesar
  And give direction; and do but see his vice.
      - William Shakespeare,
        Othello the Moor of Venice
         (Iago at II, iii)

The painful warrior famoused for fight,
  After a thousand victories once foiled,
    Is from the book of honor rased quite,
      And all the rest forgot for which he toiled.
      - William Shakespeare, Sonnet XXV

. . . I thought upon one pair of English legs
  Did march three Frenchmen.
      - William Shakespeare,
        The Life of King Henry the Fifth
         (King Henry at III, vi)

Just, just! and the men do sympathize with the mastiffs in robustious and rough coming on, leaving their wits with their wives; and then give them great meals of beef and iron and steel, they will eat like wolves and fight like devils.
      - William Shakespeare,
        The Life of King Henry the Fifth
         (Constable at III, vii)

Oh, you are a very poor soldier--a chocolate cream soldier!
      - George Bernard Shaw, Arms and the Man

You can always tell an old soldier by the inside of his holsters and cartridge boxes. The young ones carry pistols and cartridges; the old ones, grub.
      - George Bernard Shaw, Arms and the Man

A soldier is an anachronism of which we must get rid.
      - George Bernard Shaw, Devil's Disciple
         (act III)

When the military man approaches, the world locks up its spoons and packs off its womankind.
      - George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman

I never expect a soldier to think.
      - George Bernard Shaw, The Devil's Disciple

The British soldier can stand up to anything except the British War Office.
      - George Bernard Shaw, The Devil's Disciple

Let the gulled fool the toil of war pursue, where bleed the many to enrich the few.
      - William Shenstone

It is cruelty in war that buyeth conquest.
      - Sir Philip Sidney (Sydney)

Prostrate on earth the bleeding warrior lies,
  And Isr'el's beauty on the mountains dies.
    How are the mighty fallen!
      Hush'd be my sorrow, gently fall my tears,
        Lest my said tale should reach the alien's ears:
          Bid Fame be dumb, and tremble to proclaim
            In heathen Gath, or Ascalon, our shame
              Lest proud Philistia, lest our haughty foe,
                With impious scorn insult our solemn woe.
      - William C. Somerville,
        The Lamentation of David over Saul and Jonathan

Sleep, soldiers! still in honored rest
  Your truth and valor wearing:
    The bravest are the tenderest,--
      The loving are the daring.
      - Bayard Taylor, The Song of the Camp

War mends but few, and spoils multitudes.
      - Jeremy Taylor

Home they brought him slain with spears,
  They brought him home at even-fall.
      - Lord Alfred Tennyson,
        version of song in "The Princess", canto V, as published in the "Selections" (1865)

For this is England's greatest son,
  He that gain'd a hundred fights,
    And never lost an English gun.
      - Lord Alfred Tennyson,
        Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington

Foremost captain of his time,
  Rich in saving common sense.
      - Lord Alfred Tennyson,
        Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington

Home they brought her warrior dead.
      - Lord Alfred Tennyson, The Princess
         (song at end of canto V)

A bright musket, but a ragged soldier.
      - Johan Tserclaes, Count of Tilly

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