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This is to be along; this, this is solitude!
      - Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron),
        Childe Harold (canto II, st. 26)

Among them, but not of them.
      - Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron),
        Childe Harold (canto III, st. 113)

In solitude, where we are least alone.
      - Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron),
        Childe Harold (canto III, st. 90)

'Tis solitude should teach us how to die;
  It hath no flatterers; vanity can give
    No hollow aid; alone--man with his God must strive.
      - Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron),
        Childe Harold (canto IV, st. 33)

Solitude shows us what we should be; society shows us what we are.
      - Richard Cecil

The wild bird that flies so lone and far has somewhere its nest and brood. A little fluttering heart of love impels its wings, and points its course. There is nothing so solitary as a solitary man.
      - Edwin Hubbell Chapin

Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong.
      - Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (3)

He is never less at leisure than when at leisure, nor less alone than when he is alone.
      - Cicero (Marcus Tullius Cicero) (often called "Tully" for short)

That he was never less at leisure than when at leisure: nor that he was ever less alone than when alone.
  [Lat., Nunquam se minus otiosum esse quam cum otiosus; nec minus solum quam cum solus esset.]
      - Cicero (Marcus Tullius Cicero) (often called "Tully" for short),
        De Officiis (bk. III, ch. I)

If solitude deprives of the benefit of advice, it also excludes from the mischief of flattery. But the absence of others' applause is generally supplied by the flattery of one's own breast.
      - William Benton Clulow

Alone, alone, all, all alone,
  Alone on a wide, wide sea.
      - Samuel Taylor Coleridge,
        The Ancient Mariner (pt. IV)

So lonely 'twas that God himself
  Scarce seemed there to be.
      - Samuel Taylor Coleridge,
        The Ancient Mariner (pt. VII)

The secret of solitude is that there is no solitude.
      - Joseph Cook

Ah! wretched and too solitary he who loves not his own company!
      - Abraham Cowley

Solitude can be well applied and sit right upon but very few persons. They must have knowledge enough of the world to see the follies of it, and virtue enough to despise all vanity.
      - Abraham Cowley

What a brave privilege is it to be free from all contentions, from all envying or being envied, from receiving or paying all kinds of ceremonies!
      - Abraham Cowley

How sweet, how passing sweet, is solitude;
  But grant me still a friend in my retreat,
    Whom I may whisper--solitude it sweet.
      - William Cowper

The man to solitude accustom'd long,
  Perceives in everything that lives a tongue;
    Not animals alone, but shrubs and trees
      Have speech for him, and understood with ease,
        After long drought when rains abundant fall,
          He hears the herbs and flowers rejoicing all.
      - William Cowper

I praise the Frenchman; his remark was shrewd,--
  "How sweet, how passing sweet is solitude."
    But grant me still a friend in my retreat,
      Whom I may whisper--Solitude is sweet.
      - William Cowper, Retirement (l. 739),
        quotation is also attributed to Jean de la Bruyere and to Jean Louis Guez de Balzac

Oh, for a lodge in some vast wilderness,
  Some boundless contiguity of shade,
    Where rumour of oppression and deceit,
      Of unsuccessful or successful war,
        Might never reach me more!
      - William Cowper, Task (bk. II, l. 1)

O solitude, where are the charms
  That sages have seen in thy face?
    Better dwell in the midst of alarms,
      Than reign in this horrible place.
      - William Cowper,
        Verses supposed to be written by Alexander Selkirk

Solitude is one of the highest enjoyments of which our nature is susceptible. Solitude is also, when too long continued, capable of being made the most severe, indescribable, unendurable source of anguish.
      - Deloraine

Only the bad man is alone.
      - Denis Diderot

Constant quiet fills my peaceful breast with unmixed joy.
      - Wentworth Dillon, 4th Earl of Roscommon

Solitude is the nurse of enthusiasm, and enthusiasm is the true parent of genius. In all ages solitude has been called for--has been flown to.
      - Isaac D'Israeli,
        Literary Character of Men of Genius
         (ch. X)

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