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Few women have both taste and truth; and indeed, this special bit or moral mosaic is just the most difficult piece of carpentry in the whole of the human workshop.
      - E. Lynn Linton

Taste is the next gift to genius.
      - James Russell Lowell

If it were only that people have diversities of taste, that is reason enough for not attempting to shape them all after one model. But different persons also require different conditions for their spiritual development, and can no more exist healthily in the same moral, than all the varieties of plants can in the same physical, atmosphere and climate.
      - John Stuart Mill

The kind of people who always go on about whether a thing is in good taste invariably have very bad taste.
      - Joe Orton

Good taste is the flower of good sense.
      - Achille Poincelot

For what has Virro painted, built, and planted?
  Only to show how many tastes he wanted,
    What brought Sir Visto's ill-got wealth to waste?
      Some demon whispered, "Visto! have a taste."
      - Alexander Pope

Talk what you will of taste, my friend, you'll find two of a face as soon as of a mind.
      - Alexander Pope

Taste, that eternal wanderer, which flies
  From head to ears, and now from ears to eyes.
      - Alexander Pope

There is no disputing tastes.
  [Lat., De gustibus non est disputandum.]
      - Proverb

For the perception of the beautiful we have the term "taste"--a metaphor taken from that which is passive in the body and transferred to that which is active in the mind.
      - Thomas Reid

Taste depends upon those finer emotions which make the organization of the soul.
      - Sir Joshua Reynolds

True purity of taste is a quality of the mind; it is a feeling which can, with little difficulty, be acquired by the refinement of intelligence; whereas purity of manners is the result of wise habits, in which all the interests of the soul are mingled and in harmony with the progress of intelligence. That is why the harmony of good taste and of good manners is more common than the existence of taste without manners, or of manners without taste.
      - Pierre Louis Roederer

Taste is, so to speak, the microscope of judgment.
      - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Our purity of taste is best tested by its universality, for if we can only admire this thing or that, we maybe use that our cause for liking is of a finite and false nature.
      - John Ruskin

Perfect taste is the faculty of receiving the greatest possible pleasure from those material sources which are attractive to oar moral nature in its purity and perfection.
      - John Ruskin

True taste is forever growing, learning, reading, worshipping, laying its hand upon its mouth because it is astonished, casting its shoes from off its feet because it finds all ground holy.
      - John Ruskin

It's finger lickin' good.
      - Colonel Harland Sanders

A person is well dressed when dressed in good taste.
      - Mme. (de Wimpffen) de Sartory

The finer impulse of our nature.
      - Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller

A man loves the meat in his youth that he cannot endure in his age.
      - William Shakespeare

I have heard of some kind of men that put quarrels purposely on others, to taste their valor.
      - William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

It seems with wit and good-nature, Utrum horum mavis accipe. Taste and good-nature are universally connected.
      - William Shenstone

Taste and good-nature are universally connected.
      - William Shenstone

Taste is pursued at a less expense than fashion.
      - William Shenstone

A fastidious taste is like a squeamish appetite; the one has its origin in some disease of the mind, as the other has in some ailment of the stomach.
      - Robert Southey

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