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So please my lord, I might not be admitted;
  But from her handmaid do return this answer:
    The element itself, till seven years' heat,
      Shall not behold her face at ample view;
        But like a cloistress she will veiled walk,
          And water once a day her chamber round
            With eye-offending brine: all this to season
              A brother's dead love, which she would keep fresh
                And lasting in her sad remembrance.
      - William Shakespeare,
        Twelfth Night, or, What You Will
         (Valentine at I, i)

Tears are a good alterative, but a poor diet.
      - Henry Wheeler Shaw (used pseudonyms Josh Billings and Uncle Esek)

The silver key of the fountain of tears.
      - Percy Bysshe Shelley,
        Two Fragments to Music

Heav'n, that knows
  The weakness of our natures, will forgive,
    Nay, must applaud love's debt, when decent paid:
      Nor can the bravest mortal blame the tear
        Which glitters on the bier of fallen worth.
      - James Shirley

Her eye did seem to labour with a tear,
  Which suddenly took birth, but overweigh'd
    With its own weight, swelling, dropp'd upon her bosom,
      Which, by reflection of her light, appear'd
        As nature meant her sorrow for an ornament.
      - James Shirley

Tears are the natural penalties of pleasure. It is a law that we should pay for all that we enjoy.
      - William Gilmore Simms

The safety-valves of the heart, when too much pressure is laid on.
      - Albert Smith

There is something so moving in the very image of weeping beauty.
      - Sir Richard Steele

Heaven is not gone, but we are blind with tears,
  Groping our way along the downward slop of Years!
      - Richard Henry Stoddard,
        Hymn to the Beautiful (l. 33)

Pride dries the tears of anger and vexation; humility, those of grief. The one is indignant that we should suffer; the other calms us by the reminder that we deserve nothing else.
      - Madame Anne Sophie Swetchine (Soimonoff)

Tears, idle tears, I know not what they mean,
  Tears from the depths of some divine despair.
      - Lord Alfred Tennyson, The Princess
         (canto IV, l. 21)

Why wilt thou ever scare me with thy tears,
  And make me tremble lest a saying learnt,
    In days far-off, on that dark earth, be true?
      The gods themselves cannot recall their gifts.
      - Lord Alfred Tennyson, Tithonus (st. 5)

Two aged men, that had been foes for life,
  Met by a grave, and wept--and in those tears
    They washed away the memory of their strife;
      Then wept again the loss of all those years.
      - Frederick Tennyson, The Golden City
         (pt. I)

A man is seldom more manly than when he is what you call unmanned,--the source of his emotion is championship, pity, and courage; the instinctive desire to cherish those who are innocent and unhappy, and defend those who are tender and weak.
      - William Makepeace Thackeray

Those tender tears that humanize the soul.
      - James Thomson (1)

The big round tears run down his dappled face;
  He groans in anguish.
      - James Thomson (1), Seasons--Autumn
         (l. 454)

The tears of the you who go their way, last a day;
  But the grief is long of the old who stay.
      - John Townsend Trowbridge, A Home Idyll

Tears are due to human misery, and human sufferings touch the mind.
  [Lat., Sunt lacrymae rerum et mentem mortalia tangunt.]
      - Virgil or Vergil (Publius Virgilius Maro Vergil),
        The Aeneid (I, 462)

Tears are the silent language of grief.
      - Voltaire (Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire),
        A Philosophical Dictionary--Tears

When summoned hence to thine eternal sleep,
  Oh, may'st thou smile while all around thee weep.
      - Charles Wesley (1), On an Infant

Yet tears to human suffering are due;
  And mortal hopes defeated and o'erthrown
    Are mourned by man, and not by man alone.
      - William Wordsworth, Laodamia

From his big heart o'ercharg'd with generous sorrow;
  See the tide working upward to his eye,
    And stealing from mm in large silent drops,
      Without his leave.
      - Edward Young

Her tears, like drops of molten lead,
  With torment burn the passage to my heart.
      - Edward Young

Our funeral tears from different causes rise:
  Of various kinds they flow. From tender hearts,
    By soft contagion call'd, some burst at once
      And stream obsequious to the leading eye.
        Some ask more time, by curious art distill'd.
          Some hearts, in secret hard, unapt to melt,
            Struck by the public eye, gush out amain.
      - Edward Young

Scorn the proud man that is ashamed to weep.
      - Edward Young

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