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Reckon any matter of trial to thee among thy gains.
      - Thomas Adam

God tries you with a little, to see what you'd do with a lot.
      - Anonymous

But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.
      - Bible, Job (ch. XXXIII, v. 10)

Pray, pray, thou who also weepest,--
  And the drops will slacken so;
    Weep, weep--and the watch thou keepest,
      With a quicker count will go.
        Think,--the shadow on the dial
          For the nature most undone,
            Marks the passing of the trial,
              Proves the presence of the sun.
      - Elizabeth Barrett Browning,
        Fourfold Aspect

By His trials, God means to purify us, to take away all our self-confidence, and our trust in each other, and bring us into implicit, humble trust in Himself.
      - Horace Bushnell

As the musician straineth his strings, and yet he breaketh none of them, but maketh thereby a sweeter melody and better concord; so God, through affliction makes His own better unto the fruition and enjoying of the life to come.
      - Daniel Cawdrey

Never was there a man of deep piety, who has not been brought into extremities--who has not been put into fire--who has been taught to say, "Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him."
      - Richard Cecil

Under the shadow of earthly disappointment, all unconscious to ourselves, our Divine Redeemer is walking by our side.
      - Edwin Hubbell Chapin

God often lays the sum of His amazing providences in very dismal afflictions; as the limner first puts on the dusky colors, on which he intends to draw the portraiture of some illustrious beauty.
      - Stephen Charnock

The way is dark, my child! but leads to light;
  I would not have thee always walk by sight.
    My dealings now, thou canst not understand.
      I meant it so; but I will take thy hand,
        And through the gloom lead safely home
          My child!
      - Henry Nitchie Cobb, The Gracious Answer

Blessed be the discipline which makes me reach out my soul's roots into closer union with Jesus! Blessed be the dews of the Spirit which keep my leaf ever green! Blessed be the trials which shake down the ripe, golden fruits from the branches.
      - Theodore Ledyard Cuyler

It is the easiest thing in the world for us to obey God when He commands us to do what we like, and to trust Him when the path is all sunshine. The real victory of faith is to trust God in the dark, and through the dark. Let us be assured of this, that if the lesson and the rod are of His appointing, and that His all-wise love has engineered the deep tunnel of trial on the heavenward road. He will never desert us during the discipline. The vital thing for us is not to deny and desert Him.
      - Theodore Ledyard Cuyler

The child of trial, to mortality
  And all its changeful influences given;
    On the green earth decreed to move and die,
      And yet by such a fate prepared for heaven.
      - Sir Humphrey Davy,
        Written after Recovery from a Dangerous Illness

Life has no smooth road for any of us; and in the bracing atmosphere of a high aim, the very roughness only stimulates the climber to steadier and steadier steps, till that legend of the rough places fulfills itself at last, "per aspera ad astro," over steep ways to the stars.
      - Bishop William Croswell Doane

God has not chosen to save us without crosses; as He has not seen fit to create men at once in the full vigor of manhood, but has suffered them to grow up by degrees amid all the perils and weaknesses of youth.
      - Francois de Salignac Fenelon

All the lessons He shall send
  Are the sweetest:
    And His training, in the end,
      Is completest.
      - Frances R. Havergal

If at first you don't succeed,
  Try, try, try again.
      - William Edward Hickson, Try and try again,
        (part of poem)

'Tis a lesson you should heed,
  Try, try, try again.
    If at first you don't succeed,
      Try, try, try again.
      - William Edward Hickson, Try and try again

The wisdom of our sages and the blood of our heroes has been devoted to the attainment of trial by jury. It should be the creed of our political faith.
      - Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address

We can decide to let our trials crush us, or we can convert them to new forces of good.
      - Helen Adams Keller

Purge me therefore, O Lord, though it be with fire. Burn up the chaff of vanity and self-indulgence, of hasty prejudices, second-hand dogmas,--husks which do not feed my soul, with which I cannot be content, of which I feel ashamed daily--and if there be any grains of wheat in me, any word or thought or power of action which may be of use as seed for my nation after me, gather it, O Lord, into Thy garner.
      - Charles Kingsley

God hath many sharp-cutting instruments and rough files for the polishing of His jewels; and those He especially loves and means to make the most resplendent, He hath oftenest His tools upon.
      - Archbishop Robert Leighton

But noble souls, through dust and heat,
  Rise from disaster and defeat
    The stronger.
      - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,
        The Sifting of Peter (st. 7)

"Tribulation worketh patience; and patience, experience; and experience, hope." That is the order. You cannot put patience and experience into a parenthesis, and, omitting them, bring hope out of tribulation.
      - Alexander Maclaren

Rocks whereon greatest men have oftest wreck'd.
      - John Milton, Paradise Regained
         (bk. II, l. 228)

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