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And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.
      - Bible, Isaiah (ch. IV, v. 1)

It is better to dwell in a corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman in a wide house.
      - Bible, Proverbs (ch. XXI, v. 9)

The prevailing manners of an age depend, more than we art aware of, or are willing to allow, on the conduct of the women; this is one of the principal things on which the great machine of human society turns.
      - Hugh Blair

A beautiful woman without fixed principles may be likened to those fair but rootless flowers which float in streams, driven by every breeze.
      - Lady Marguerite Blessington, Countess of Blessington

Honor women! They strew celestial roses on the pathway of our terrestrial life.
      - Pierre Claude Boiste

I've been a woman for a little over 50 years and have gotten over my initial astonishment. As for conducting an orchestra, that's a job where I don't think sex plays much part.
      - Nadia Boulanger,
        on becoming first woman to conduct the Boston Symphony Orchestra, recalled on her death, see "International Herald Tribune", Oct. 23, 1979

The pearl is the image of purity, but woman is purer than the pearl.
      - Bourdon

Next to God, we are indebted to women, first for life itself, and then for making it worth having.
      - Christian Nestell Bovee

Intimacies between women often go backwards, beginning in revelations and ending in small talk without loss of esteem.
      - Elizabeth Bowen

It is less difficult for a woman to obtain celebrity by her genius than to be forgiven for it.
      - Jean Pierre Brissot de Warville

Phidias made the statue of Venue at Elis with one foot upon the shell of a tortoise, to signify two great duties of a virtuous woman, which are to keep home and be silent.
      - William de Britaine, Human Prudence,
        (ed. 1726) p. 134

Nearly every glamorous, wealthy, successful career woman you might envy now started out as some kind of schlep.
      - Helen Gurley Brown

And when a woman says she loves a man, the man must hear her, though he love her not.
      - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

You forget too much
  That every creature, female as the male,
    Stands single in responsible act and thought,
      As also in birth and death.
      - Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Aurora Leigh
         (bk. II, l. 472)

A worthless woman! mere cold clay
  As all false things are! but so fair,
    She takes the breath of men away
      Who gaze upon her unaware:
        I would not play her larcenous tricks
          To have her looks!
      - Elizabeth Barrett Browning,
        Bianca among the Nightingales (st. 12)

A pretty woman's worth some pains to see,
  Nor is she spoiled, I take it, if a crown
    Completes the forehead pale and tresses pure.
      - Robert Browning

O woman! in ordinary cases so mere a mortal, how, in the great and rare events of life, dost thou swell into the angel!
      - Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

O woman! woman! thou shouldest have few sins of thine own to answer for! Thou art the author of such a book of follies in a man that it would need the tears of all the angels to blot the record out.
      - Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

To us, sir, every woman is a lady, in right of her sex.
      - Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton,
        The Caxtons (Part 3, ch. IV)

She is not made to be the admiration of all, but the happiness of one.
      - Edmund Burke

Thy daughters bright thy walks adorn,
  Gay as the gilded summer sky,
    Sweet as the dewy milk-white thorn,
      Dear as the raptured thrill of joy.
      - Robert Burns, Address to Edinburgh

Auld Nature swears, the lovely dears
  Her noblest work she classes, O:
    Her 'prentice hand she tried on man,
      An' then she made the lasses, O.
      - Robert Burns, Green Grow the Rashes

Their tricks and craft hae put me daft,
  They've ta'en me in, and a' that,
    But clear your decks, and--Here's the sex!
      I like the jads for a' that.
      - Robert Burns, Jolly Beggars

It is a woman's reason to say I will do such a thing because I will.
      - Jeremiah Burroughs, On Hosea (vol. IV),

Women wear the breeches.
      - Robert Burton,
        Anatomy of Melancholy--Democritus to the Reader

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