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Varying Hare
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French novelist
(1799 - 1850)
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Men are perfectly willing to abandon a woman but they refuse to be abandoned by her.
      - [Abandon]

Men are such dupes by choice, that he who would impose upon others never need be at a loss to find ready victims.
      - [Deceit]

Men who pay their tailors never amount to anything, they never even become Cabinet ministers.
      - [Clothes]

Misfortune makes of certain souls a vast desert through which rings the voice of God.
      - [Misfortune]

Modern reformers offer nebulous theories or write philanthropic novels. But your thief acts! He is as clear as a fact and as logical as a punch on the nose! And what a style he has!
      - [Reformers]

Modern society includes three types of men who can never think very highly of the world--the priest, the physician, and the attorney-at-law. They all wear black, too, for are they not in mourning for every virtue and every illusion?
      - [Occupations]

Modesty is the conscience of the body.
      - [Modesty]

Most geometricians, chemists, mathematicians and great scientists submit religion to reason only to discover a problem as unsolvable as that of squaring the circle.
      - [Reason : Religion]

Most women wish to feel that their spirit has been violated. Do they not, indeed, flatter themselves on never yielding save to force?
      - [Force]

Mud, raised by hurricanes, wells up in the noblest and purest of hearts.
      - [Anger]

Nature endows woman alternately with a particular strength which helps her to suffer and a weakness which counsels her to be resigned.
      - [Women]

Necessity is often the spur to genius.
      - [Necessity]

Neither the passions not justice nor politics nor the great social forces ever consider the victims they strike.
      - [Victims]

No frozen-hearted woman ever I laid eyes on but has made duty her religion.
      - [Duty]

No hawk swooping down upon his prey, no stag improvising new detours by which to trick the huntsman, no dog scenting game from afar is comparable in speed to the celerity of a salesman when he gets wind a deal, to his skill in tripping up or forestalling a rival, and to the art with which he sniffs out and discovers a possible sale.
      - [Salesmen]

No husband will ever be better avenged than by his wife's lover.
      - [Vengeance]

No navigator has yet traced lines of latitude and longitude on the conjugal sea.
      - [Matrimony]

No society is complete without some victim, a creature to pity, to jeer at, to scorn or to protect.
      - [Society : Victims]

No woman allows her lover to descend from his pedestal. Even a god is not forgiven the slightest pettiness.
      - [Forgiveness : Lovers]

No woman dares to refuse love without a motive, for nothing is more natural than to yield to love.
      - [Love]

No woman has ever existed who did not know perfectly well in her heart what to expect from the superiority or inferiority of a rival.
      - [Rivalry]

Noble hearts are neither jealous nor afraid because jealousy spells doubt and fear spells pettiness.
      - [Fear : Jealousy : Nobility]

Noble passions are like vices: the more they are satisfied, the greater they grow, Mothers and gamblers are insatiable.
      - [Passion]

Nothing can afford a woman greater pleasure than to hear tender words of love. The strictest, most devout woman will listen even if she must not answer.
      - [Pleasure]

Nothing is as heady as the wine of misfortune.
      - [Misfortune]

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