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Varying Hare
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English wit and poet
(1612 - 1680)
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And bid the devil take the hin'most.
      - Hudibras (pt. I, canto II, l. 633) [Devil]

Like feather-bed betwixt a wall
  And heavy brunt of cannon ball.
      - Hudibras (pt. I, canto II, l. 871) [Bed]

For as our modern wits behold,
  Mounted a pick-back on the old,
    Much farther off, much further he,
      Rais'd on his aged Beast, could see.
      - Hudibras (pt. I, canto II, l. 971)

Through thick and thin.
      - Hudibras (pt. I, canto II, p. 370)
        [Proverbial Phrases]

Fear is an ague, that forsakes
  And haunts, by fits, those whom it takes;
    And they'll opine they feel the pain
      And blows they felt, to-day, again.
      - Hudibras (pt. I, canto III) [Fear]

Ay me! what perils do environ
  The man that meddles with cold iron!
      - Hudibras (pt. I, canto III, l. 1)
        [Perils : Soldiers]

If he that in the field is slain
  Be in the bed of honour lain,
    He that is beaten may be said
      To lie in Honour's truckle-bed.
      - Hudibras (pt. I, canto III, l. 1,047)

Friend Ralph! thou hast
  Outrun the constable at last!
      - Hudibras (pt. I, canto III, l. 1,367)

Cheered up himself with ends of verse
  And sayings of philosophers.
      - Hudibras (pt. I, canto III, l. 1011)

Nor do I know what is become
  Of him, more than the Pope of Rome.
      - Hudibras (pt. I, canto III, l. 263)

I'll make the fur
  Fly 'bout the ears of the old cur.
      - Hudibras (pt. I, canto III, l. 278)

What plaguy mischief and mishaps
  Do dog him still with after claps!
      - Hudibras (pt. I, canto III, l. 3)

H' had got a hurt
  O' th' inside of a deadlier sort.
      - Hudibras (pt. I, canto III, l. 309)

Now, while the honour thou hast got
  Is spick and span new.
      - Hudibras (pt. I, canto III, l. 397)

With mortal crisis doth portend,
  My days to appropinque an end.
      - Hudibras (pt. I, canto III, l. 589)

For those that run away, and fly,
  Take place at least o' th' enemy.
      - Hudibras (pt. I, canto III, l. 609) [War]

He that is down can fall no lower.
      - Hudibras (pt. I, canto III, l. 878)

And as the French we conquer'd once,
  Now give us laws for pantaloons,
    The length of breeches and the gathers
      Port-cannons, periwigs, and feathers.
      - Hudibras (pt. I, canto III, l. 923)

In all the trade of war, no feat
  Is nobler than a brave retreat.
      - Hudibras (pt. I, canto III. l. 607) [War]

The trenchant blade Toledo trusty.
  For want of fighting was grown rusty,
    And ate into itself for lack
      Of somebody to hew and hack.
      - Hudibras (pt. I, canto, l. 359) [Peace]

The sun had long since in the lap
  Of Thetis taken out his nap,
    And, like a lobster boil'd, the morn
      From black to red began to turn.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, cant II, l. 29)

Honor is like a widow, won
  With brisk attempt and putting on.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto I) [Honor]

Look before you ere you leap.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto I) [Prudence]

Love in your hearts as idly burns
  As fire in antique Roman urns.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto I) [Love]

Some have been beaten till they know
  What wood a cudgel's of by th' blow:
    Some kick'd until they can feel whether
      A shoe be Spanish or neat's leather.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto I, l. 121)

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