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English wit and poet
(1612 - 1680)
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Some force whole regions, in despite
  O' geography, to change their site;
    Make former times shake hands with latter,
      And that which was before come after;
        But those that write in rhyme still make
          The one verse for the other's sake;
            For one for sense, and one for rhyme,
              I think's sufficient at one time.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto I, l. 23) [Poetry]

Great wits and valours, like great states,
  Do sometimes sink with their own weights.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto I, l. 269) [Wit]

I've heard old cunning stagers
  Say, fools for arguments use wagers.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto I, l. 297)

He that will win his dame must do
  As love does when he draws his bow;
    With one hand thrust the lady from,
      And with the other pull her home.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto I, l. 449)

'Tis virtue, wit, and worth, and all
  That men divine and sacred call;
    For what is worth, in anything,
      But so much money as 't will bring?
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto I, l. 463) [Worth]

Your pettifoggers damn their souls,
  To share with knaves in cheating fools.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto I, l. 515) [Law]

She that with poetry is won,
  Is but a desk to write upon;
    And what men say of her they mean
      No more than on the thing they lean.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto I, l. 591)

Her voice, the music of the spheres,
  So loud, it deafens mortals' ears;
    As wise philosophers have thought,
      And that's the cause we hear it not.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto I, l. 617) [Music]

Love is a boy by poets styl'd:
  Then spare the rod and spoil the child.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto I, l. 843) [Love]

The moon pull'd off her veil of light,
  That hides her face by day from sight
    (Mysterious veil, of brightness made,)
      That's both her lustre and her shade),
        And in the lantern of the night,
          With shining horns hung out her light.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto I, l. 905) [Moon]

Oaths were not purpos'd, more than law,
  To keep the Good and Just in awe,
    But to confine the Bad and Sinful,
      Like mortal cattle in a penfold.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto II, l. 197)

For truth is precious and divine;
  Too rich a pearl for carnal swine.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto II, l. 257)

Why should not Conscience have vacation
  As well as other Courts o' th' nation?
    Have equal power to adjourn,
      Appoint appearance and return?
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto II, l. 317)

Is not the winding up witnesses,
  And nicking, more than half the bus'ness?
    For witnesses, like watches, go
      Just as they're set, too fast or slow;
        And where in Conscience they're strait-lac'd,
          'Tis ten to one that side is cast.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto II, l. 359) [Law]

He that imposes an Oath makes it,
  Not he that for Convenience takes it.
    Then how can any man be said
      To break an oath he never made?
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto II, l. 377)

If not, resolve, before we go,
  That you and I must pull a crow.
    Y' 'ad best (quoth Ralpho), as the Ancients
      Say wisely, have a care o' the main chance.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto II, l. 499)

As you sow y' are like to reap.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto II, l. 504)

Have always been at daggers-drawing,
  And one another clapper-clawing.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto II, l.79)

This was the penn'worth of his thought.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto III) [Worth]

'Tis not antiquity, nor author,
  That makes truth truth, altho' time's daughter.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto III) [Truth]

Doubtless the pleasure is as great
  Of being cheated as to cheat.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto III, l. 1)

As quick as lightning, in the breach
  Just in the place where honour's lodged,
    As wise philosophers have judged,
      Because a kick in that place more
        Hurts honour than deep wounds before.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto III, l. 1,066)

He made an instrument to know
  If the moon shine at full or no;
    That would, as soon as e'er she shone straight,
      Whether 'twere day or night demonstrate;
        Tell what her d'ameter to an inch is,
          And prove that she's not made of green cheese.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto III, l. 261)

And fire a mine in China, here
  With sympathetic gunpower.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto III, l. 295)

He knew whats'ever 's to be known,
  But much more than he knew would own.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto III, l. 297)

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