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Varying Hare
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English poet
(1731 - 1800)
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I pity bashful men, who feel the pain
  Of fancied scorn and undeserved disdain,
    And bear the marks upon a blushing face,
      OF needless shame, and self-impos'd disgrace.
      - Conversation (l. 347) [Blushes]

Our wasted oil unprofitably burns,
  Like hidden lamps in old sepulchral urns.
      - Conversation (l. 357),
        referring to story told by Pancirollus of lamp burned in the tomb of Tullia

That good diffused may more abundant grow.
      - Conversation (l. 441) [Goodness]

They fix attention, heedless of your pain,
  With oaths like rivets forced into the brain;
    And e'en when sober truth prevails throughout,
      They swear it, till affirmance breeds a doubt.
      - Conversation (l. 63) [Oaths]

Words learn'd by rote a parrot may rehearse,
  But talking is not always to converse,
    Not more distinct from harmony divine
      The constant creaking of a country sign.
      - Conversation (l. 7) [Talk]

But conversation, choose what theme we may,
  And chiefly when religion leads the way,
    Should flow, like waters after summer show'rs,
      Not as if raised by mere mechanic powers.
      - Conversation (l. 703) [Conversation]

An honest man, close-button'd to the chin,
  Broadcloth without, and a warm heart within.
      - Epistle to Joseph Hill [Character : Man]

Sin let loose speaks punishment at hand.
      - Expostulation (l. 160) [Sin]

Hast thou not learn'd what thou art often told,
  A truth still sacred, and believed of old,
    That no success attends on spears and swords
      Unblest, and that the battle is the Lord's?
      - Expostulation (l. 350) [Success]

And hast thou sworn on every slight pretence,
  Till perjuries are common as bad pence,
    While thousands, careless of the damning sin,
      Kiss the book's outside, who ne'er look'd within?
      - Expostulation (l. 384) [Oaths]

Religion, if in heavenly truths attired,
  Needs only to be seen to be admired.
      - Expostulation (l. 492) [Religion]

Wisdom and goodness are twin-born, one heart
  Must hold both sisters, never seen apart.
      - Expostulation (l. 634) [Wisdom]

Whoever keeps an open ear
  For tattlers will be sure to hear
    The trumpet of contention.
      - Friendship (st. 17) [Gossip]

A hat not much worse for wear.
      - History of John Gilpin [Hatters]

Now let us sing, long live the king.
      - History of John Gilpin [Royalty]

That, though on pleasure she was bent,
  She had a frugal mind.
      - History of John Gilpin (st. 8) [Pleasure]

Men deal with life as children with their play,
  Who first misuse, then cast their toys away.
      - Hope (l. 127) [Life]

Such stuff the world is made of.
      - Hope (l. 211) [World]

Could he with reason murmur at his case,
  Himself sole author of his own disgrace?
      - Hope (l. 316) [Disgrace]

Assail'd by scandal and the tongue of strife,
  His only answer was a blameless life;
    And he that forged, and he that threw the dart,
      Had each a brother's interest in his heart.
      - Hope (l. 570) [Scandal]

Seek to delight, that they may mend mankind.
  And, while they captivate, inform the mind.
      - Hope (l. 770) [Teaching]

But oars alone can ne'er prevail
  To reach the distant coast;
    The breath of Heaven must swell the sail,
      Or all the toil is lost.
      - Human Frailty (st. 6) [Boating]

God moves in a mysterious way
  His wonders to perform;
    He plants his footsteps in the sea
      And rides upon the storm.
      - Hymn--Light Shining out of Darkness [God]

And Satan trembles when he sees
  The weakest saint upon his knees.
      - Hymns--Exhortation to Prayer [Prayer]

Thus neither the praise nor the blame is our own.
      - Letter to Mr. Newton [Circumstance]

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