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Varying Hare
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French poet and historian
(1790 - 1869)
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Providence conceals itself in the details of human affairs, but becomes unveiled in the generalities of history.
      - [History]

Radicalism is but the desperation of logic.
      - [Radicalism]

Religions are not proved, are not demonstrated, are not established, are not overthrown by logic! They are of all the mysteries of nature and the human mind, the most mysterious and most inexplicable; they are of instinct and not of reason.
      - [Religion]

Republicanism and ignorance are in bitter antagonism.
      - [Republic]

Sentiment is the poetry of the imagination.
      - [Sentiment]

Silence and simplicity obtrude on no one, but are yet two unequaled attractions in woman.
      - [Silence]

Silence,--the applause of real and durable impressions.
      - [Silence]

The attractiveness that exists to man in the very helplessness of woman is scarcely realized.
      - [Weakness]

The death of a man's wife is like cutting down an ancient oak that has long shaded the family mansion. Henceforth the glare of the world, with its cares and vicissitudes falls upon the old widower's heart, and there is nothing to break their force, or shield him from the full weight of misfortune. It is as if his right hand were withered; as if one wing of his angel was broken, and every movement that he made brought him to the ground.
      - [Wives]

The flowers are but earth vivified.
      - [Earth]

The greatness of a popular character is less according to the ratio of his genius than the sympathy he shows with the prejudices and even the absurdities of his time. Fanatics do not select the cleverest but the most fanatical leaders as was evidenced in the choice of Robespierre by the French Jacobins, and in that of Cromwell by the English Puritans.
      - [Popularity]

The impartiality of history is not that of the mirror, which merely reflects objects, but of the judge, who sees, listens, and decides.
      - [History]

The loss of a mother is always keenly felt, even if her health be such as to incapacitate her from taking an active part in the care of the family. She is the sweet rallying-point for affection, obedience, and a thousand tendernesses. Dreary the blank when she is withdrawn!
      - [Mothers]

The more I see the representatives of the people, the more I love my dogs.
  [Fr., Plus je vois des representants du peuple, plus j'aime mes chiens.]
      - quoted in a letter from Comte Alfred d'Orsay to John Forster

The most effective coquetry is innocence.
      - [Coquette]

The reason that women are so much more sociable than men is because they act more from the heart than the intellect.
      - [Emotion]

There is a woman at the beginning of all great things.
      - [Women]

Thou makest the man, O Sorrow!--yes, the whole man,--as the crucible gold.
      - [Sorrow]

Time is a great ocean which, like the other ocean, overflows with our remains.
      - [Time]

To love for the sake of being loved is human, but to love for the sake of loving is angelic.
      - [Love]

Treason, which begins by being cautious, ends by betraying itself.
      - [Treason]

True greatness is sovereign wisdom. We are never deceived by our virtues.
      - [Greatness]

True love is the ripe fruit of a life-time.
      - [Love]

Unanimity is the mistress of strength.
      - [Unanimity]

Virginity is the poetry, not the reality, of life.
      - [Virgins]

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