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How natural it is to destroy what we cannot possess, to deny what we do not understand, and to insult what we envy!
      - Honore de Balzac

Women are ever the dupes or the victims of their extreme sensitiveness.
      - Honore de Balzac

No emotion, any more than a wave, can long retain its own individual form.
      - Henry Ward Beecher

Women prefer emotions to reasoning.
      - Marie Henri Beyle (used pseudonym de Stendhal)

Emotion, whether of ridicule, anger, or sorrow,--whether raised at a puppet show, a funeral, or a battle,--is your grandest of levellers. The man who would be always superior should be always apathetic.
      - Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

Emotion resulting from a work of art is only of value when it is not obtained by sentimental blackmail.
      - Jean Cocteau

A life based on reason will always require to be balanced by an occasional bout of violent and irrational emotion, for instinctual drives must be satisfied.
      - Cyril Connolly

Emotion is the surest arbiter of a poetic choice, and it is the priest of all supreme unions in the mind.
      - Max Eastman

Emotion is the atmosphere in which thought is steeped, that which lends to thought its tone or temperature, that to which thought is often indebted for half its power.
      - Hugh Reginald Haweis

We are but shadows: we are, not endowed with real life, and all that seems most real about us is but the thinnest substance of a dream,--till the heart be touched. That touch creates us--then we begin to be--thereby we are beings of reality and inheritors of eternity.
      - Nathaniel Hawthorne

In love we never think of moral qualities, and scarcely of intellectual ones. Temperament and manners alone, with beauty, excite love.
      - William Hazlitt (1)

I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.
      - Adolph Hitler

How many women are born too finely organized in sense and soul for the highway they must walk with feet unshod.
      - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Emotion is always new.
      - Victor Hugo

The emotions aren't always immediately subject to reason, but they are always immediately subject to action.
      - William James

The reason that women are so much more sociable than men is because they act more from the heart than the intellect.
      - Alphonse de Lamartine

The sign of an intelligent people is their ability to control their emotions by the application of reason.
      - Marya Mannes

Women are more susceptible to pain than to pleasure.
      - Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

The heart that is soonest awake to the flowers is always the first to be touched by the thorns.
      - Thomas Moore

Women endowed with remarkable sensibilities enjoy much; but they also suffer much.
      - Anna C. Mowatt

All loving emotions, like plants, shoot up most rapidly in the tempestuous atmosphere of life.
      - Jean Paul Friedrich Richter (Johann Paul Richter) (used ps. Jean Paul)

It is our kindest and tenderest emotion which we screen from the world.
      - Jean Paul Friedrich Richter (Johann Paul Richter) (used ps. Jean Paul)

The feelings, like flowers and butterflies, last longer the later they are delayed.
      - Jean Paul Friedrich Richter (Johann Paul Richter) (used ps. Jean Paul)

All emotions are pure which gather you and lift you up; that emotion is impure which seizes only one side of your being and so distorts you.
      - Rainer Marie Rilke

Natural emotion is the soul of poetry, as melody is of music; the same faults are engendered by over-study of either art; there is a lack of sincerity, of irresistible impulse in both the poet and the, composer.
      - Edmund Clarence Stedman

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