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This ae nighte, this ae nighte
  Every nighte and all;
    Fire and sleete, and candle lighte
      And Christe receive thye saule.
      - Unattributed Author, Lyke-Wake Dirge
         (vol. III, p. 163),
        in Scott's "Minstrelsy of the Border" (T.F. Henderson's edition)

Today the journey is ended,
  I have worked out the mandates of fate;
    Naked, along, undefended,
      I knock at the Uttermost Gate.
        Behind is life and its longing,
          Its trial, its trouble, its sorrow,
            Beyond is the Infinite Morning
              Of a day without a tomorrow.
      - Wenonah Stevens Abbott, A Soul's Soliloquy

'T is the Divinity that stirs within us.
      - Joseph Addison

The soul, considered with its Creator, is like one of those mathematical lines that may draw nearer to another for all eternity without a possibility of touching it; and can there be a thought so transporting as to consider ourselves in these perpetual approaches to Him, who is not only the standard of perfection, but of happiness?
      - Joseph Addison

The soul, secure in her existence, smiles
  At the drawn dagger, and defies its point,
    The stars shall fade away, the sun himself
      Grow dim with age, and nature sink in years;
        But thou shalt flourish in immortal youth,
          Unhurt amidst the war of elements,
            The wrecks of matter, and the crush of worlds.
      - Joseph Addison

To look upon the soul as going on from strength to strength, to consider that she is to shine forever with new accessions of glory, and brighten to all eternity; that she will be still adding virtue to virtue, and knowledge to knowledge,--carries in it something wonderfully agreeable to that ambition which is natural to the mind of man.
      - Joseph Addison

What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul.
      - Joseph Addison,
        in the "Spectator", no. 215

With what astonishment and veneration may we look into our own souls, where there are such hidden stores of virtue and knowledge, such inexhaustible sources of perfection. We know not yet what we shall be, nor will it ever enter into the heart to conceive the glory that will be always in reserve for it.
      - Joseph Addison

But thou shall flourish in immortal youth,
  Unhurt amidst the wars of elements,
    The wrecks of matter, and the crush of worlds.
      - Joseph Addison, Cato (act V, sc. 1)

Ah, could the soul, like the body, have a mirror! It has,--a friend.
      - William R. Alger

We must no more ask whether the soul and body are one than ask whether the wax and the figure impressed on it are one.
      - Aristotle

There is, they say, (and I believe there is),
  A spark within us of th' immortal fire,
    That animates and moulds the grosser frame;
      And when the body sinks, escapes to heaven;
        Its native seat, and mixes with the gods.
      - John Armstrong

And see all sights from pole to pole
  And glance, and nod, and bustle by,
    And never once possess our soul
      Before we die.
      - Matthew Arnold, A Southern Night (st. 18)

But each day brings from its pretty dust
  Our soon choked souls to fill.
      - Matthew Arnold, Switzerland (pt. VI)

The soul, which is spirit, can not dwell in dust; it is carried along to dwell in the blood.
  [Lat., Anima certe, quia spiritus, in sicco habitare non potest; ideo in sanguine fertur habitare.]
      - Saint Aurelius Augustine (Augustine of Hippo),
        Decretum (IX, 32, 2)

Embellish the soul with simplicity, with prudence, and everything which is neither virtuous nor vicious. Love all men. Walk according to God; for, as a poet hath said, his laws govern all.
      - Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (Marcus Aurelius)

The temples perish, but the God still lives.
      - Philip James Bailey

Our souls possess the unknown power of extending as well as contracting space.
      - Honore de Balzac

The soul is one with its faith.
      - Cyrus Augustus Bartol

The soul that lives, ascends frequently, and runs familiarly through the streets of the heavenly Jerusalem, visiting the patriarchs and prophets, saluting the apostles, and admiring the army of martyrs. So do thou lead on thy heart and bring it to the palace of the Great King.
      - Richard Baxter

A soul as white as Heaven.
      - Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher,
        The Maid's Tragedy (act IV, sc. 1)

The soul is a temple; and God is silently building it by night and by day. Precious thoughts are building it; disinterested love is building it; all-penetrating faith is building it.
      - Henry Ward Beecher

There are some men's souls that are so thin, so almost destitute of what is the true idea of soul, that were not the guardian angels so keen-sighted, they would altogether overlook them.
      - Henry Ward Beecher

There is nothing that is so wonderfully created as the human soul. There is something of God in it. We are infinite in the future, though we are finite in the past.
      - Henry Ward Beecher

And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years; take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry.
      - Bible, Luke (ch. XII, v. 19)

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