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A little house well fill'd, a little land well till'd, and a little wife well will'd, are great riches.
      - written in a copy of the "Grete Herbal"

A lofty cane, a sword with silver hilt,
  A ring, two watches, and a snuff box gilt.
      - Recipe "To Make a Modern Fop" [Foppery]

A mind full of knowledge is a mind that never fails.
      - [Knowledge]

A niche in the temple of Fame.
      - origin is owed to establishment of Pantheon (1791) as a receptacle for distinguished men

A Persian philosopher, being asked by what method he had acquired much knowledge, answered, "By not being prevented by shame from asking questions where I was ignorant."
      - [Knowledge]

A stick and a string with a fly at one end and a fool at the other.
      - [Fishing]

Amende to-day and slack not,
  Deythe cometh and warneth not,
    Tyme passeth and speketh not.
      - on sun dial belonging to Sir George Cornewall at Moccas Hall near Hereford
        [Sun Dial Mottoes]

An Austrian army awfully arrayed.
      - poem arranged with "apt alliteration's artful aid", first appeared in "The Trifler", May 7, 1817, printed at Winchester, England, found in "Bentley's Miscellany", March, 1838

As the long hours do pass away,
  So doth the life of man decay.
      - an inscription on a sundial in the garden of the Royal hotel at Sevenoaks, Kent, England
        [Sun Dial Mottoes]

Asylum of the oppressed of every nation.
      - phrase used in the Democratic platform of 1856, referring to the U.S.

"Be bold!" first gate; "Be bold, be bold, and evermore be bold," second gate; "Be not too bold!" third gate.
      - inscription on the Gates of Busyrane

Be gentle, genteel, genuine and generous.
      - [Sentiment]

Be happy if you can, but do not despise those who are otherwise, for you know not their troubles.
      - [Sentiment]

Beauty is a quality of the heart. It is more than skin deep.
      - [Sentiment]

Begone about your business.
      - on a sun dial once in The Temple, London
        [Sun Dial Mottoes]

Dead on the field of honour.
      - [Honor]

Despotism tempered by assassination, that is our Magna Carta.
  [Fr., Le despotisme tempere par l'assassinat, c'est notre magna charta.]
      - said by a Russian noble to Count Munster on the assassination of Paul I, emperor of Russia

Do you want true peace with men? Make your peace with God.
      - [Sentiment]

Dollar Diplomacy.
      - term applied to Secretary Knox's activities in securing opportunities for the investment of American capital abroad, particularly in Latin America and China

Doubt not but God who sits on high,
  Thy secret prayers can hear;
    When a dead wall thus cunningly
      Conveys soft whispers to the ear.
      - verse inscribed in the Whispering Gallery of Gloucester Cathedral

Doubtless there are men of great parts that are guilty of downright bashfulness, that by a strange hesitation and reluctance to speak murder the finest and most elegant thoughts and render the most lively conceptions flat and heavy.
      - in "The Tatler", no. 252 [Speech]

Either this or upon this. (Either bring this back or be brought back upon it.)
      - said to be a Spartan mother's words to her son on giving him his shield

Either Zeus came to earth to shew his form to thee,
  Phidias, or thou to heaven hast gone the god to see.
      - in "Greek Anthology" [Gods]

Era of good feeling.
      - title of an article in the Boston "Centinel"

Food for the soul.
  [Lat., Nutrimentum spiritus.]
      - inscription on the Berlin Royal Library

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