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Foul words and foul thoughts make a foul soul.
      - [Sentiment]

Fourth, eleventh, ninth, and sixth,
  Thirty days to each affix;
    Every other thirty-one,
      Except the second month alone.
      - common in Chester County, Pennsylvania, among the Friends

Give God thy heart, thy service, and thy gold;
  The day wears on, and time is waxing old.
      - on a sun dial in the Cloister-garden of Gloucester Cathedral
        [Sun Dial Mottoes]

God curse Moawiyah. If I had served God so well as I have served him, he would never have damned me to all eternity.
      - found in Ockley's "History of the Saracens", An. Hegira 54, A.D. 673

Happiness no more depends on station, rank, or any local or adventitious circumstances in individuals than a man's life is connected with the color of his garment. The mind is the seat of happiness, and to make it so in reality, nothing is necessary but the balm of gospel peace and the saving knowledge of the Son of God.
      - [Happiness]

Hate sin as you would a poisonous snake.
      - [Sentiment]

Here's to France, the moon whose magic rays move the tides of the world.
      - Frenchman's toast at a banquet in England

Here's to Great Britain, the sun that gives light to all nations of the world.
      - Englishman's toast at a banquet in England

Hier aupres de Charenton
  Un serpent morait Jean Freron,
    Que croyez-vous qu'il arriva?
      Ce fut le serpent qui creva.
      - imitation from the Greek, also found in Oeuvres Complets de Voltaire, III, p. 1002, 1817, printed as Voltaire's, attributed to Piron, claimed for Freron

How bething the, gentliman,
  How Adam dalf, and Eve span.
      - from a manuscript of the fifteenth century in the British Museum

Huzzaed out of my seven senses.
      - in the "Spectator", no. 616, Nov, 5, 1774

I call the Living--I mourn the Dead--
  I break the Lightning.
      - inscribed on the Great Bell of the Minister of Schaffhausen

I have ten thousand for defense, but none to surrender; if you want our weapons come and get them.
      - a response of an ancient general

I, Phoebus, sang those songs that gained so much renown
  I, Phoebus, sang them; Homer only wrote them down.
      - in "Greek Anthology" [Gods]

If o'er the dial glides a shade, redeem
  The time for lo! it passes like a dream;
    But if 'tis all a blank, then mark the loss
      Of hours unblest by shadows from the cross.
      - on a sun dial in a churchyard at Shenstone, England
        [Sun Dial Mottoes]

If you are going to do a good thing, do it now; if you are going to do a mean thing, wait till to-morrow.
      - [Sentiment]

In the day, do the day's work.
      - on a sun dial against the residence of Spenser Wells, Hamstead, England
        [Sun Dial Mottoes]

It many times falls out that we deem ourselves much deceived by others because we first deceive ourselves.
      - [Sentiment]

It's love, it's love that makes the world go round.
      - a popular French song in "Chansons Nationales et Populaires de France", vol. II, p. 180

John Lee is dead, that good old man,--
  We ne'er shall see him more:
    He used to wear an old drab coat
      All buttoned down before.
      - in Matherne Churchyard, to John Lee's memory, who died May 21, 1823

Keep thou the door of my lips.
      - found in Transactions of the Society of Biblical Archaeology, vol. ii, p. 51

Kick a barking dog and he will bark the more. Never notice him, and he will shut up.
      - [Sentiment]

Labour in vain; or coals to Newcastle.
      - in a sermon to the people of Queenhith, advertised in the "Daily Courant", Oct. 6, 1709

Laurel crowned Horatius
  True, how true the saying,
    Swift as wind flies over us
      Time devouring, slaying.
        [Lat., Lauriger Horatius
          Quam dixisti verum;
            Fugit curo citius
              Tempus edax rerum.]
      - translated by John Addington Symonds

Let the "Tribune" put all this in its pipe and smoke it.
      - in the Richmond, Virginia "Enquirer", Feb. 7, 1860

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