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Let us live then, and be glad
  While young life's before us
    After youthful pastime had,
      After old age had and sad,
        Earth will slumber over us.
          [Lat., Gaudeamus igitur,
            Juvenes dum sumus
              Post pucundam juventutem.
                Post molestam senectutem.
                  Nos habetit humus.]
      - (John Addington Symonds' translation)

Life is an uncharted ocean. The cautious mariner must needs take Many soundings ere he conduct his barque to port in safety.
      - epigraph from Soundings by A. Hamilton Gibbs

Live ye, he says, I flee.
      - on Bishop Atterbury's sun dial
        [Sun Dial Mottoes]

Mind your P's and Q's.
      - possibly from the old custom of hanging a slate in a tavern with P and Q (for pints and quarts) under which were written customers names and ticks for the number of P's and Q's

Mors sceptra ligonibus aequat.
  (Death levels sceptre and the law.)
      - inscribed over a 14th century mural painting once at Battle Church, Sussex

No boy is well prepared for rough climbing, unless he is well shod with Christian principles.
      - [Youth]

O God, if in the day of battle I forget Thee, do not Thou forget me.
      - attributed to a soldier by William King in "Anecdotes of his own time", p. 7 (ed. 1818)

O, Columbia, the gem of the ocean,
  The home of the brave and the free,
    The shrine of each patriot's devotion,
      A world offers homage to them.
      - a adaptation of Shaw's "Britannia"

Odd instances of strange coincidence.
      - Queen Caroline's Advocate in the House of Lords, on her association with Bergami

Our country, however bounded.
      - toast founded on the speech of Winthrop
        [Patriotism : Toasts]

Our life's a flying shadow, God the pole,
  The needle pointing to Him is our soul.
      - on a slab in Bishop Joceline's crypt in Glasgow cathedral

Our life's a flying shadow, God's the pole,
  The index pointing at Him is our soul;
    Death the horizon, when our sun is set,
      Which will through Christ a resurrection get.
      - a sun dial inscription once on the south wall of Glasgow Cathedral
        [Sun Dial Mottoes]

Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.
      - inscription on the Liberty Bell from Bibles's Leviticus 25:10

Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.
      - inscription on cannon near ashes of John Bradshaw on top of hill near Martha Bay, Jamaica, it is also the motto on Jefferson's seal
        [Mottoes : Rebellion]

Sacred to the memory of printing, the art preservative of all arts. This was first invented about the year 1440.
  [Lat., Memoriae sacrum
      Ars artium omnium
          Hic primum inventa
            Circa annum mccccxl.
      - inscription on the facade of the house once occupied by Laurent Koster at Harlem

Sancta Maria ad Nives.
      - name of the basilica dedicated to Our Lady, now known as Santa Maria Maggiora

Say, Bacchus, why so placid? What can there be
  In commune held by Pallas and by thee?
    Her pleasure is in darts and battles; thine
      In joyous feasts and draughts of rosy wine.
      - in "Greek Anthology" [Gods]

Some say "to-morrow" never comes,
  A saying oft thought right;
    But if to-morrow never came,
      No end were of "to-night."
        The fact is this, time flies so fast,
          That e'er we've time to say
            "To-morrow's come," presto! behold!
              "To-morrow" proves "To-day."
      - from "Notes and Queries", fourth series, vol. XII

Speak to living ears as you will wish you had spoken when they are dead.
      - [Sentiment]

Temperament is wax before the human will and God. Natural traits are powerless before moral decisions.
      - [Temperament]

"Ten acres and a mule."
      - American phrase indicating the expectations of emancipated slaves

That blessed word Mesopotamia.
      - see Brewer's "Dictionary of Phrase and Fable"

The advantage to be derived from virtue is so evident that the wicked practise it from sinister motives.
      - [Virtue]

The asses' bridge.
  [Lat., Pons Asinorum.]
      - applied to Proposition 5 of the first book of Euclid
        [Proverbial Phrases]

The boy who uses vulgar words will be shunned by all right-minded boys.
      - [Sentiment]

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