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I seek for one as fair and gay,
  But find none to remind me,
    How blest the hours pass'd away
      With the girl I left behind me.
      - The Girl I Left Behind Me [Love]

The tongue of a man is his sword and effective speech is stronger than all fighting.
      - The Husia of Ancient Egypt,
        translation by Maulana Kaurenga [Words]

Cricket is a game that owes much of its unique appeal to the fact that it should be played not only within its Laws but also within the Spirit of the Game.
      - The Laws of Cricket [Books (First Lines)]

The service was of great array,
  That they were served with that day.
    Thus they ate, and made them glad,
      With such service as they had--
        When they had dined, as I you say,
          Lordis and ladies yede to play;
            Some to tables and some to chess,
              With other games more and less.
      - The Life of Ipomydon--Harleian Library,
        (British Museum), Manuscript No. 2,252

Few of the university pen plaies well, they smell too much of that writer Ovid and that writer Metamorphosis and talk too much of Prosperpina and Jupiter. Why, here's our fellow Shakespeare puts them all down. Aye, and Ben Jonson too. O that B.J. is a pestilent fellow, he brought up Horace giving poets a pill, but our fellow, Shakespeare, hath given him a purge that made him beray his credit.
      - The Return from Parnassus; or, the Scourge of Simony
         (act IV, sc. 3) [Shakespeare]

The silente man still suffers wrong.
      - The Rock of Regard,
        J.P. Collier's "Reprint", 1576 [Silence]

Life's but a span, or a tale, or a word,
  That in a trice, or suddaine, is rehearsed.
      - The Roxburghe Ballads--A Friend's Advice
         (pt. II, edited by William Chappell)

Truly some men there be
  That live always in great horrour,
    And say it goeth by destiny
      To hang or wed: both hath one hour;
        And whether it be, I am well sure,
          Hanging is better of the twain;
            Sooner done, and shorter pain.
      - The School-house, published about 1542

Snug as a bug in a rug.
      - The Stratford Jubilee (II, 1, 1779),
        also in letter to Miss Georgiana Shipley

I believe that there is no God, but that matter is God and God is matter; and that it is no matter whether there is any God or no.
      - The Unbeliever's Creed--Connoisseur No. IX

Tell me, shepherds, have you seen
  My Flora pass this way?
    In shape and feature Beauty's queen,
      In pastoral array.
      - The Wreath, from "The Lyre" [Beauty]

The deep slumber of a decided opinion.
      - Thoughts for the Cloister and Crowd,
        London, 1835, p. 21, quoted by Mill in "Liberty"

She was and is (what can there more be said?)
  On earth the first, in heaven the second maid.
      - Tribute to Queen Elizabeth,
        Manuscript 4712 in British Museum

When all else fails, duck. It's not practical, but it can be momentarily comforting.
      - UNIT Procedures Manual, Zen Division.

Go thou, deceased, to this earth which is a mother, and spacious and kind. May her touch be soft like that of wool, or a young woman, and may she protect thee from the depths of destruction. Rise above him, O Earth, do not press painfully on him, give him good things, give him consolation, as a mother covers her child with her cloth, cover thou him.
      - Vedic Funeral Rite,
        quoted in the "New York Times" on the death of Buffalo Bill

The man, woman or child who hangs out an American flag or a piece of tricolor as a mark of appreciation of July the Fourth does a hundred times more than the noisiest citizen who explodes powder from sundown on the 3d to the morning of the 5th of July.
      - Vermont Watchman [Independence Day]

We deplore the decadence of the old-fashioned celebration of the Fourth, with its reading of the Declaration of Independence, patriotic music, and stirring addresses, instinct with the true spirit of the day, American--as they should be--in every syllable, but having a new trend in the direction of sound, sensible consideration of the quality of good citizenship, its practical duties and their faithful performance.
      - Vermont Watchman [Independence Day]

When law can stop the blades of grass from growing as they grow;
  And when the leaves in Summer-time their colour dare not show;
    Then will I change the colour too, I wear in my caubeen;
      But till that day, plaze God, I'll stick to wearin' o' the Green.
      - Wearin' o' the Green (Shan-Van-Voght)

Labor organizations ought to be incorporated. Their purposes, rights, and privileges should be clearly defined by law. They should be held responsible for the conduct of their members, and be compelled to make good any losses or injuries caused by their members under penalties of forfeiting their charters, and of the prosecution and punishment of their officials. Such legislation would be a protection to organizations that are properly conducted, as well as a safeguard against lawless action, and would be an important step toward the solution of the labor problem.
      - Western Recorder [Labor Day]

Prayer is an offering up of our desires unto God, for things agreeable to His will, in the name of Christ, with confession of our sins, and thankful acknowledgment of His mercies.
      - Westminister Catechism [Prayer]

Every sin deserveth God's wrath and curse, both in this life and that which is to come.
      - Westminster Catechism [Sin]

We are made partakers of the redemption purchased by Christ, by the effectual application of it to us by His Holy Spirit.
      - Westminster Catechism [Redemption]

But death is sure to kill all he can get
  And all is fish with him that comes to net.
      - Witts Recreations (ep. 644) [Fish]

Justice offers nothing but what may be accepted with honor; and lays claim to nothing in return but what we ought not even to wish to withhold.
      - Woman's Rights and Duties [Justice]

Wanted--a crusade; something objective; something all-enlisting; something to set souls on fire with indignation and resolve. That is the perpetual need of any organization with the breath of true and enduring life in it. That is the need of the united young people of all our churches, of whatever denomination, throughout America. Out of the Christian training-school into the Christian arena--is not that the true law of spiritual development and accomplishment?
      - Zion's Herald [Prohibition]

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