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Greek philosopher and biographer
(c. 46 - 120)
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For, in the language of Heraclitus, the virtuous soul is pure and unmixed light, springing from the body as a flash of lightning darts from the cloud. But the soul that is carnal and immersed in sense, like a heavy and dank vapor, can with difficulty be kindled, and caused to raise its eyes heavenward.
      - [Sensuality]

Fortune had favoured me in this war that I feared, the rather, that some tempest would follow so favourable a gale.
      - quoting Paulus Aemilius [Fortune]

Friendship is the most pleasant of all things, and nothing more glads the heart of man.
      - [Friendship]

Friendship requires a steady, constant, and unchangeable character, a person that is uniform in his intimacy.
      - [Friendship]

God alone is entirely exempt from all want of human virtues, that which needs least is the most absolute and divine.
      - [God]

God is the brave man's hope, and not the coward's excuse.
      - [God]

Had I a careful and pleasant companion that should show me my angry face in a glass, I should not at all take it ill; to behold man's self so unnaturally disguised and dishonored will conduce not a little to the impeachment of anger.
      - [Anger]

Hatred is blind as well as love.
      - [Hatred]

He regarded nothing to be cheap that was superfluous, for what one does not need is dear at a penny; and it was better to possess fields, where the plough goes and cattle feed, than fine gardens that require much watering and sweeping.
      - [Economy]

He who reflects on another man's want of breeding, shows he wants it as much himself.
      - [Breeding]

If any man think it a small matter, or of mean concernment, to bridle his tongue, he is much mistaken; for it is a point to be silent when occasion requires, and better than to speak, though never so well.
      - [Talking : Tongue]

If Nature be not improved by instruction, it is blind; if instruction be not assisted by Nature, it is maimed; and if exercise fail of the assistance of both, it is imperfect.
      - [Education]

If we traverse the world, it is possible to find cities without walls, without letters, without kings, without wealth, without coin, without schools and theatres; but a city without a temple, or that practiseth not worship, prayer, and the like, no one ever saw.
      - [Religion]

If you hate your enemies, you will contract such a vicious habit of mind, as by degrees will break out upon those who are your friends, or those who are indifferent to you.
      - [Hatred]

If you light upon an impertinent talker, that sticks to you like a bur, to the disappointment of your important occasions, deal freely with him, break off the discourse, and pursue your business.
      - [Talking]

If you live with a cripple, you will learn to limp.
      - [Imitation]

In human life there is a constant change of fortune; and it is unreasonable to expect an exemption from the common fate. Life itself decays, and all things are daily changing.
      - [Fortune]

In words are seen the state of mind and character and disposition of the speaker.
      - [Words]

It is a true proverb that if you live with a lame man you will learn to halt.
      - [Associates]

It is an observation no less just than common, that there is no stronger test of a man's real character than power and authority, exciting, as they do, every passion, and discovering every latent vice.
      - [Power]

It is difficult to speak to the belly because it has no ears.
      - [Appetite]

It is indeed a desirable thing to be well descended, but the glory belongs to our ancestors.
      - [Ancestry]

It is no disgrace not to be able to do everything; but to undertake, or pretend to do, what you are not made for, is not only shameful, but extremely troublesome and vexatious.
      - [Pretension]

It is no flattery to give a friend a due character; for commendation is as much the duty of a friend as reprehension.
      - [Praise]

It is the admirer of himself, and not the admirer of virtue, that thinks himself superior to others.
      - [Conceit]

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