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(A selected reading list of classical, notable, famous, best-selling, or otherwise significant books, plays, poems, and other works of literature, primarily English language.)

  VIEW QUOTES  Abraham Lincoln by Benjamin Platt Thomas (1952)
  VIEW QUOTES  Act One by Moss Hart (1959)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Adams Family by James Truslow Adams (1930)
  VIEW QUOTES  Advancement of Learning by Francis Bacon (1605)
  VIEW QUOTES  Adventures and Letters of Richard Harding Davis by Richard Harding Davis (1917)
  VIEW QUOTES  Adventures of Ideas by Alfred North Whitehead (1933)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Aeneid by Virgil or Vergil (Publius Virgilius Maro Vergil) (19 BC)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Affluent Society by John Kenneth Galbraith (1958)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Age of Jackson by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. (1945)
  VIEW QUOTES  Ageless Body, Timeless Mind by Deepak Chopra (1993)
  VIEW QUOTES  Agricola by Tacitus (Caius Cornelius Tacitus) (97 - 98)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Aims of Education and Other Essays by Alfred North Whitehead (1929)
  VIEW QUOTES  Aku-Aku by Thor Heyerdahl (1958)
  VIEW QUOTES  Alistair Cooke's America by Alistair Cooke (1973)
  VIEW QUOTES  All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum (1988)
  VIEW QUOTES  All the Dogs in My Life by Countess Elizabeth von Arnim ("Countess Elizabeth Mary Russell") (1936)
  VIEW QUOTES  All the President's Men by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein (1974)
  VIEW QUOTES  All Things Bright and Beautiful by James Herriot (f/k/a James Alfred Wright) (1974)
  VIEW QUOTES  All Things Wise and Wonderful by James Herriot (f/k/a James Alfred Wright) (1977)
  VIEW QUOTES  All's Well That Ends Well by William Shakespeare (1602)
  VIEW QUOTES  Almagest by Ptolemy (c. 141)
  VIEW QUOTES  Alone by Richard E. Byrd (1938)
  VIEW QUOTES  America (The Book) by Jon Stewart, Ben Karlin and David Javerbaum (2004)
  VIEW QUOTES  An American Dilemma by Gunnar Myrdal (1944) (2 volumes)
  VIEW QUOTES  An American Doctor's Odyssey by Victor Heiser (1936)
  VIEW QUOTES  The American Dream by Edward Albee (1961)
  VIEW QUOTES  The American Heritage Book of Great Historic Places (1957)
  VIEW QUOTES  American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language by William Morris (3) (1969)
  VIEW QUOTES  An American Idyll by Cornelia Stratton Parker (1920)
  VIEW QUOTES  The American Language by Henry Louis Mencken (1919)
  VIEW QUOTES  The American Past by Roger Butterfield (1947)
  VIEW QUOTES  The American Political Tradition by Richard Hofstadter (1948)
  VIEW QUOTES  American Renaissance by Francis Otto Matthiessen (1941)
  VIEW QUOTES  American White Paper by Joseph W. Alsop, Jr. and Robert Kintnor (1940)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Americanization of Edward Bok by Edward Bok (1920)
  VIEW QUOTES  America's Heroes by Joseph J. Bannon, Jr. and Susan M. Moyer (2001)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson (1977)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Analects by Confucius (c. 500 BC)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Analysis of Mind by Bertrand Arthur William Russell (1921)
  VIEW QUOTES  Analytical Theory of Heat by Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier (1822)
  VIEW QUOTES  Anatole France Himself by Jean Jacques Brousson (1925)
  VIEW QUOTES  An Anatomical Study of the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals by William Harvey (1) (1628)
  VIEW QUOTES  Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient by Norman Cousins (1979)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Anatomy of Peace by Emery Reves (1945)
  VIEW QUOTES  And If You Play Golf, You're My Friend by Harvey Penick (1993)
  VIEW QUOTES  And More by Andy Rooney by Andrew A. Rooney (1982)
  VIEW QUOTES  Angel Unaware by Dale Evans Rogers (1953)
  VIEW QUOTES  Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt (1996)
  VIEW QUOTES  Angels by Billy Graham (1975)
  VIEW QUOTES  Anna and the King of Siam by Margaret Landon (1944)
  VIEW QUOTES  Annals by Tacitus (Caius Cornelius Tacitus) (c. 110)
  VIEW QUOTES  Antigone by Sophocles (c. 442 BC)
  VIEW QUOTES  Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare (1606)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Ants by Bert Hoelldobler and Edward O. Wilson (1990)
  VIEW QUOTES  Any Woman Can! by David Reuben, M.D. (1971)
  VIEW QUOTES  Anything Can Happen by George Papashvily and Helen Papashvily (1945)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Arches of the Years by Halliday Sutherland (1933)
  VIEW QUOTES  Ariel by Andre Maurois (1923)
  VIEW QUOTES  Around the World in Eleven Years by Patience Abbe, Richard Abbe, and Johnny Abbe (1936)
  VIEW QUOTES  Art and Illusion by Ernest H. Gombrich (1960)
  VIEW QUOTES  Art and Scholasticism by Jacques Maritain (1920)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler (1999)
  VIEW QUOTES  Art of Love by Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso) (3 BC)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Art of Memory by Frances A. Yates (1966)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Art of the Soluble by Peter B. Medawar (1967)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Art of Thinking by Ernest Dimnet (1928)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Art of Walt Disney by Christopher Finch (1973)
  VIEW QUOTES  Arthritis and Common Sense by Dan Dale Alexander (1954)
  VIEW QUOTES  Articles of Confederation (1777)
  VIEW QUOTES  Artists on Art by Robert John Goldwater (1945)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Arts by Hendrik Willem van Loon (1937)
  VIEW QUOTES  As He Saw It by Elliott Roosevelt (1946)
  VIEW QUOTES  As I Remember Him by Hans Zinsser (1940)
  VIEW QUOTES  As You Like It by William Shakespeare (1599)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Ascent of Man by Jacob Bronowski (1974)
  VIEW QUOTES  Ask Me Another by Julian Spafford and Lucien Esty (1927)
  VIEW QUOTES  Aspects of the Novel by E.M. (Edward Morgan) Forster (1927)
  VIEW QUOTES  Atkins for Life by Robert C. Atkins (2003)
  VIEW QUOTES  Auction Bridge Complete by Milton C. Work (1926)
  VIEW QUOTES  Auction of To-Day (Auction Bridge To-Day) by Milton C. Work (1913)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama (2006)
  VIEW QUOTES  Aunt Erma's Cope Book by Erma Bombeck (1979)
  VIEW QUOTES  Autobiographies by William Butler Yeats (1926)
  VIEW QUOTES  Autobiography by Charles Robert Darwin (1887)
  VIEW QUOTES  Autobiography by Edward Gibbon (1796) (a/k/a "Memoirs of His Life & Writings")
  VIEW QUOTES  Autobiography by John Stuart Mill (1873)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude Stein (1933)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini by Benvenuto Cellini (1652)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X and Alex Haley (1965)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Autobiography of Margot Asquith by Margot Asquith (1920)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Autobiography of Mark Twain by Mark Twain (pseudonym of Samuel Langhorne Clemens) (1924)
  VIEW QUOTES  Autobiography with Letters by William Lyon Phelps (1939)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach (2004)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Baby: A Photographic Inquiry into Certain Private Opinions (1950)
  VIEW QUOTES  Bad As I Wanna Be by Dennis Rodman (1996)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Balkans Trilogy by Olivia Manning (1960) (series)
  VIEW QUOTES  Ball Four by Jim Bouton (1970)
  VIEW QUOTES  Baruch: My Own Story by Bernard M. Baruch (1957)
  VIEW QUOTES  Basic Writings by Sigmund Freud (1938)
  VIEW QUOTES  Battle Cry of Freedom by James Munro McPherson (1988)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Battle of Gettysburg by Frank A. Haskell (1863)
  VIEW QUOTES  Be Happy--You Are Loved! by Robert H. Schuller (1986)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Beatles Anthology by Beatles (2000)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Be-Happy Attitudes by Robert H. Schuller (1985)
  VIEW QUOTES  Being and Nothingness by Jean-Paul Sartre (1943)
  VIEW QUOTES  Belgium by Brand Whitlock (1919)
  VIEW QUOTES  Believe It or Not by Robert L. Ripley (1929)
  VIEW QUOTES  Belles on Their Toes by Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey (1950)
  VIEW QUOTES  Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin (1817)
  VIEW QUOTES  Benjamin Franklin by Carl Van Doren (1938)
  VIEW QUOTES  Beowulf (c. 700 - 750)
  VIEW QUOTES  Berlin Diary by William Lawrence Shirer (1941)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Bermuda Triangle by Charles Berlitz (1974)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Best Life Diet by Bob Greene (2) (2006)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Best of James Herriot by James Herriot (f/k/a James Alfred Wright) (1982)
  VIEW QUOTES  Bet It's a Boy by Betty B. Blunt (1940)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens Baby Book by Better Homes and Gardens (1963)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens Barbecue Book by Better Homes and Gardens (1956)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens Blender Cook Book by Better Homes and Gardens (1971)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens Bread Cook Book by Better Homes and Gardens (1963)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens Casserole Cook Book by Better Homes and Gardens (1961)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book by Better Homes and Gardens (1956)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Ideas by Better Homes and Gardens (1960)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens Dessert Book by Better Homes and Gardens (1960)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens Diet Book by Better Homes and Gardens (1955)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens Eat and Stay Slim by Better Homes and Gardens (1968)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens Favorite Ways with Chicken by Better Homes and Gardens (1967)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens First Aid for Your Family by Better Homes and Gardens (1960)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens Flower Arranging by Better Homes and Gardens (1957)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens Fondue and Tabletop Cooking by Better Homes and Gardens (1970)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens Home Canning Cookbook by Better Homes and Gardens (1973)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens Low-Calorie Desserts by Better Homes and Gardens (1972)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens Menu Cook Book by Better Homes and Gardens (1972)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book by Better Homes and Gardens (1981)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book by Better Homes and Gardens (1989) (10th ed.)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book by Better Homes and Gardens (1968) (1968 ed.)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book by Better Homes and Gardens (1954) (1st ed.)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book by Better Homes and Gardens (1962) (New Edition)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens Nutrition for Your Family by Better Homes and Gardens (1961)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens Salad Book by Better Homes and Gardens (1958)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Homes and Gardens Sewing Book by Better Homes and Gardens (1961)
  VIEW QUOTES  Better Meals for Less Money by Mary Green (pseudonym of Marietta McPherson Greenough) (1917)
  VIEW QUOTES  Betty Crocker's Good and Easy Cook Book by Betty Crocker (1954)
  VIEW QUOTES  Betty Crocker's New Picture Cook Book: New Edition by Betty Crocker (1961)
  VIEW QUOTES  Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book by Betty Crocker (1950)
  VIEW QUOTES  Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book by Betty Crocker (1956) (2nd ed.)
  VIEW QUOTES  Between Parent and Child by Dr. Haim G. Ginott (1965)
  VIEW QUOTES  Between Parent and Teenager by Dr. Haim G. Ginott (1969)
  VIEW QUOTES  Between You, Me and the Gatepost by Pat Boone (1960)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Beverly Hills Diet by Judy Mazel (1981)
  VIEW QUOTES  Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1886)
  VIEW QUOTES  Bible (1400 BC? - 95 AD?)
  VIEW QUOTES  Bible - Authorized King James Version (1611)
  VIEW QUOTES  Bible - The New Testament (45? - 95?)
  VIEW QUOTES  Bible - The Old Testament (1400 BC? - 300 BC?)
  VIEW QUOTES  Black Boy by Richard Wright (1945)
  VIEW QUOTES  Black Lamb and Grey Falcon by Rebecca West (pseudonym of Mrs. Cicely Fairfield Andrews) (1942)
  VIEW QUOTES  Blind Ambition: The White House Years by John Dean (1976)
  VIEW QUOTES  Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell (2005)
  VIEW QUOTES  Blood, Sweat and Tears by Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (3) (1941)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Blue Day Book by Bradley Trevor Greive (2000)
  VIEW QUOTES  Bo Knows Bo by Bo Jackson and Dick Schaap (1990)
  VIEW QUOTES  Body for Life by Bill Phillips (1999)
  VIEW QUOTES  Body Language by Julius Fast (1970)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Body Principal by Victoria Principal (1983)
  VIEW QUOTES  Bolshevism by John Spargo (1919)
  VIEW QUOTES  Boners: Being a Collection of Schoolboy Wisdom, or Knowledge as It Is . . . by Alexander Abingdon (1931)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Book Nobody Knows by Bruce Barton (1926)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Book of Lists by David Wallechinsky, Irving Wallace and Amy Wallace (1977)
  VIEW QUOTES  Book of Virtues by William J. Bennett (1993)
  VIEW QUOTES  Born Again by Charles W. Colson (1976)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Boston Cooking School Cook Book by Fannie Farmer (1896)
  VIEW QUOTES  Brave Men by Ernie Pyle (1944)
  VIEW QUOTES  Brazilian Adventure by Peter Fleming (1933)
  VIEW QUOTES  Breach of Faith by Theodore Harold White (1975)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Brethren by Bob Woodward and Scott Armstrong (1979)
  VIEW QUOTES  A Brief History of Time by Stephen W. Hawking (1988)
  VIEW QUOTES  A Bright Shining Lie by Neil Sheehan (1988)
  VIEW QUOTES  Bring 'em Back Alive by Frank Buck and Edward Anthony (1930)
  VIEW QUOTES  Bring on the Empty Horses by David Niven (1975)
  VIEW QUOTES  Bringing Up Boys by James Dobson (2001)
  VIEW QUOTES  British Agent by Robert Hamilton Bruce Lockhart (1933)
  VIEW QUOTES  Buffalo Bill by William Frederick Cody ("Buffalo Bill") (1920)
  VIEW QUOTES  Burma Surgeon by Lt. Col. Gordon Seagrave (1943)
  VIEW QUOTES  Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown (1970)
  VIEW QUOTES  Bush at War by Bob Woodward (2002)
  VIEW QUOTES  But We Were Born Free by Elmer Davis (1954)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss (pseudonym of Theodore Seuss Geisel) (1984)
  VIEW QUOTES  Byron by Andre Maurois (1930)
  VIEW QUOTES  Cadillac Desert by Marc Reisner (1986)
  VIEW QUOTES  Caesar's Conquests by Julius Caesar (Gaius Julius Caesar) (written about 51 BC)
  VIEW QUOTES  Callanetics by Callan Pinckney (1984)
  VIEW QUOTES  Calories Don't Count by Dr. Herman Taller (1961)
  VIEW QUOTES  Campus Zoo by Clare Barnes, Jr. (1950)
  VIEW QUOTES  Canasta by Josephine Artayeta de Viel and Ralph Michael (1949)
  VIEW QUOTES  Canasta, the Argentine Rummy Game by Ottilie H. Reilly (1949)
  VIEW QUOTES  Cape Cod by Henry David Thoreau (1865)
  VIEW QUOTES  Carry On by Coningsby William Dawson (1917)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss (pseudonym of Theodore Seuss Geisel) (1957)
  VIEW QUOTES  Caught in the Quiet by Rod McKuen (1970)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Century by Peter Jennings and Todd Brewster (1999)
  VIEW QUOTES  Cesar's Way by Cesar Millan and Melissa Jo Peltier (2006)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Challenge of Man's Future by Harrison Brown (1954)
  VIEW QUOTES  Charles Kuralt's America by Charles Kuralt (1995)
  VIEW QUOTES  Charley Weaver's Letters from Mamma by Cliff Arquette (used pseudonym Charley Weaver) (1959)
  VIEW QUOTES  Cheaper by the Dozen by Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey (1948)
  VIEW QUOTES  Chemical History of a Candle by Michael Faraday (1860)
  VIEW QUOTES  Childhood by Bill Cosby (1991)
  VIEW QUOTES  Childhood and Society by Erik H. Erikson (1950)
  VIEW QUOTES  Children of Crisis by Robert Coles (1967)
  VIEW QUOTES  Christian Liberty by Martin Luther (1520)
  VIEW QUOTES  Christmas in America by David Elliot Cohen (1988)
  VIEW QUOTES  Christmas Is Together-Time by Charles M. Schulz (1964)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight by Henry Williamson (1951) (series)
  VIEW QUOTES  Church Dogmatics by Karl Barth (1932)
  VIEW QUOTES  The City in History by Lewis Mumford (1961)
  VIEW QUOTES  City of God by Saint Aurelius Augustine (Augustine of Hippo) (413 - 426)
  VIEW QUOTES  Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau (1849)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Civil War by Shelby Foote (1958) (a series)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Civil War by Geoffrey C. Ward (1990)
  VIEW QUOTES  Civilization and Its Discontents by Sigmund Freud (1930)
  VIEW QUOTES  Civilization on Trial by Arnold Joseph Toynbee (2) (1948)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Closing of the American Mind by Allan David Bloom (1987)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Code of Hammurabi by Hammurabi (c. 1790 BC)
  VIEW QUOTES  Collected Poems by Thomas Hardy
  VIEW QUOTES  Collected Poems by Marianne Craig Moore
  VIEW QUOTES  Collected Poems by Edwin Arlington Robinson
  VIEW QUOTES  The Color of Water by James McBride (1996)
  VIEW QUOTES  Comedies by Aristophanes (c. 425 BC - c. 380 BC)
  VIEW QUOTES  Comedies by Moliere (pseudonym of Jean Baptiste Poquelin)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare (1592)
  VIEW QUOTES  Common Sense by Thomas Paine (1792)
  VIEW QUOTES  Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (1848)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Complete Book of Running by James Fixx (1977)
  VIEW QUOTES  Complete Plays by T.S. Eliot (Thomas Stearns Eliot)
  VIEW QUOTES  Complete Plays 1913-1920 by Eugene Gladstone O'Neill (1913 - 1920)
  VIEW QUOTES  Complete Plays 1932-1943 by Eugene Gladstone O'Neill (1932 - 1943)
  VIEW QUOTES  Complete Plays 1920-1931 by Eugene Gladstone O'Neill (1920 - 1931)
  VIEW QUOTES  Complete Poems by T.S. Eliot (Thomas Stearns Eliot)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet by Herman Tarnower, M.D., and Samm Sinclair Baker (1978)
  VIEW QUOTES  Complete Works by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1909)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Computer and the Brain by John (Johann) von Neumann (1958)
  VIEW QUOTES  Confessions by Saint Aurelius Augustine (Augustine of Hippo) (c. 401)
  VIEW QUOTES  Conic Sections by Apollonius of Perga ("The Great Geometer") (c. 240 BC)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Conscience of a Conservative by Barry M. Goldwater (1960)
  VIEW QUOTES  Considerations of Representative Government by John Stuart Mill (1861)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Conspiracy of Pontiac and the Indian War After the Conquest of Canada by Francis Parkman (1851)
  VIEW QUOTES  Constitution of the United States (1787)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Contours of American History by William Appleman Williams (1961)
  VIEW QUOTES  Contract Bridge Blue Book by Ely Culbertson (1930)
  VIEW QUOTES  Contract Bridge Blue Book of 1933 by Ely Culbertson (1933)
  VIEW QUOTES  Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch (1996) Book I
  VIEW QUOTES  Coriolanus by William Shakespeare (1607)
  VIEW QUOTES  Cosmos by Carl Sagan (1980)
  VIEW QUOTES  Count Frontenac and New France under Louis XIV by Francis Parkman (1877)
  VIEW QUOTES  Count Luckner, the Sea Devil by Lowell Thomas (1927)
  VIEW QUOTES  Country Lawyer by Bellamy Partridge (1939)
  VIEW QUOTES  Country Squire in the White House by John T. Flynn (1940)
  VIEW QUOTES  Couplehood by Paul Reiser (1994)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Courage to Be by Paul Johannes Tillich (1952)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Courtship of Miles Standish by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1858)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Cradle of the Deep by Joan Lowell (1929)
  VIEW QUOTES  Craig Claiborne's Gourmet Diet by Craig Claiborne (1980)
  VIEW QUOTES  Creating Wealth by Robert G. Allen (1983)
  VIEW QUOTES  Creative Evolution by Henri Louis Bergson (1907)
  VIEW QUOTES  Creative Fidelity by Gabriel Marcel (1964)
  VIEW QUOTES  Crisis Investing by Douglas R. Casey (1979)
  VIEW QUOTES  Critique of Judgement by Immanuel Kant (1790)
  VIEW QUOTES  Critique of Practical Reason by Immanuel Kant (1788)
  VIEW QUOTES  Critique of Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant (1781)
  VIEW QUOTES  Cross Creek by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (1942)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Cross Word Puzzle Book by Prosper Buranelli, F. Gregory Hartswick and Margaret Petherbridge (1924)
  VIEW QUOTES  Crossing the Threshold of Hope by Pope John Paul II (1994)
  VIEW QUOTES  Crowds by Gerald Stanley Lee (1913)
  VIEW QUOTES  Cruel Shoes by Steve Martin (1979)
  VIEW QUOTES  Crusade in Europe by Dwight David Eisenhower (1948)
  VIEW QUOTES  Culbertson's Summary by Ely Culbertson (1931)
  VIEW QUOTES  Culture Warrior by Bill O'Reilly (2006)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Curtain Rises by Quentin Reynolds (1944)
  VIEW QUOTES  Cymbeline by William Shakespeare (1609)
  VIEW QUOTES  Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand (1897)
  VIEW QUOTES  Dancing in the Light by Shirley MacLaine (1985)
  VIEW QUOTES  Daniel Boone by John Bakeless (1939)
  VIEW QUOTES  Darkness Visible by William Styron (1990)
  VIEW QUOTES  Das Capital by Karl Marx (1867 - 1895)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Day Christ Died by Jim Bishop (1957)
  VIEW QUOTES  A Day in the Life of America by Rick Smolan and David Cohen (1986)
  VIEW QUOTES  A Day in the Life of President Kennedy by Jim Bishop (1964)
  VIEW QUOTES  Days of Our Years by Pierre van Paassen (1939)
  VIEW QUOTES  Dear Abby by Abigail Van Buren (1958)
  VIEW QUOTES  Dear Sir by Juliet Lowell (1944)
  VIEW QUOTES  Death of a President by William Manchester (1967)
  VIEW QUOTES  Declaration of Independence (1776)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon (1776 - 1788) (6 volumes)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Degrees of Knowledge by Jacques Maritain (1932)
  VIEW QUOTES  Democracy and Education by John Dewey (1916)
  VIEW QUOTES  Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville (1835)
  VIEW QUOTES  Den of Thieves by James B. Stewart (1991)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Descent of Man by Charles Robert Darwin (1871)
  VIEW QUOTES  Dialogues by Plato (originally Aristocles} (c. 360 BC)
  VIEW QUOTES  Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences by Galilei Galileo (1638)
  VIEW QUOTES  Diana by Andrew Morton (1992)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank (1847)
  VIEW QUOTES  Dictionary by Samuel Johnson (a/k/a Dr. Johnson) ("The Great Cham of Literature") (1755)
  VIEW QUOTES  Diet and Health by Lulu Hunt Peters (1921)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Dilbert Principle by Scott Adams (1996)
  VIEW QUOTES  Diplomatic Days by Edith O'Shaughnessy (1917)
  VIEW QUOTES  Discourse on Metaphysics by Baron Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibnitz (1686)
  VIEW QUOTES  Discourse on the Method by Rene Descartes (1637)
  VIEW QUOTES  Discourse on the Origin of Inequality by Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1755)
  VIEW QUOTES  Discourse on the Political Economy by Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1758)
  VIEW QUOTES  Discourses by Epictetus (101)
  VIEW QUOTES  Discourses on the First Ten Books of Livy by Niccolo Machiavelli (Macchiavelli) (1531)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Discovery and Conquest of Mexico by Bernal Diaz Del Castillo (1632)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Discovery of the Great West by Francis Parkman (1869)
  VIEW QUOTES  Disenchantment by Charles Edward Montague (1922)
  VIEW QUOTES  Disraeli by Andre Maurois (1928)
  VIEW QUOTES  A Distant Mirror by Barbara W. Tuchman (1978)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Divine Comedy by Dante ("Dante Alighieri") (c. 1306 - 1321)
  VIEW QUOTES  Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution by Robert C. Atkins (1972)
  VIEW QUOTES  Dr. Berger's Immune Power Diet by Stuart M. Berger, M.D. (1985)
  VIEW QUOTES  The Doctor's Quick Weight Loss Diet by Erwin M. Stillman and Samm Sinclair Baker (1967)
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