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English poet laureate
(1809 - 1892)
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The woods are hush'd, their music is no more;
  The leaf is dead, the yearning past away;
    New leaf, new life--the days of frost are o'er;
      New life, new love, to suit the newer day:
        New loves are sweet as those that went before:
          Free love--free field--we love but while we may.
      - Idylls of the King--The Last Tournament
         (l. 276) [Trees]

Too much wit makes the world rotten.
      - Idylls of the King--The Tournament [Wit]

Never morning wore
  To evening, but some heart did break.
      - In Memoriam, pt. VI [Grief : Heart : Proverbs]

Dip down upon the northern shore,
  O sweet new year, delaying long;
    Thou doest expectant nature wrong,
      Delaying long; delay no more.
      - In Memoriam (82) [Spring]

As some divinely gifted man,
  Whose life in low estate began,
    And on a simple village green;
      Who breaks his birth's invidious bar.
      - In Memoriam (canto 64) [Birth]

One God, one law, one element,
  And one far-off divine event,
    To which the whole creation moves.
      - In Memoriam (conclusion, last stanza)

We keep the day. With festal cheer,
  With books and music, surely we
    Will drink to him, whate'er he be,
      And sing the songs he loved to hear.
      - In Memoriam (CVII) [Festivities]

And thus he bore without abuse
  The grand old name of gentleman,
    Defamed by every charlatan
      And soiled with all ignoble use.
      - In Memoriam (CX, st. 6) [Gentlemen]

Large elements in order brought,
  And tracts of calm from tempest made,
    And world-wide fluctuation sway'd,
      In vassal tides that follow'd thought.
      - In Memoriam (CXII, st. 4) [Thought]

Who loves not Knowledge? Who shall rail
  Against her beauty? May she mix
    With men and prosper! Who shall fix
      Her pillars? Let her work prevail.
      - In Memoriam (CXIV) [Knowledge]

And in my breast
  Spring wakens too; and my regret
    Becomes an April violet,
      And buds and blossoms like the rest.
      - In Memoriam (CXV) [Violets]

I was born to other things.
      - In Memoriam (CXX) [Discontent]

And out of darkness came the hands
  That reach thro' nature, moulding men.
      - In Memoriam (CXXIV) [Darkness]

Forgive what seem'd my sin in me;
  What seem'd my worth since I began.
      - In Memoriam (introduction) [Virtue]

Behold, we know not anything;
  I can but trust that good shall fall
    At last--far off--at last, to all,
      And every winter change to spring.
      - In Memoriam (LIV) [Hope]

That not a moth with vain desire
  Is shrivel'd in a fruitless fire,
    Or but subserves another's gain.
      - In Memoriam (LIV) [Compensation]

O, yet we trust that somehow good
  Will be the final goal of ill,
    To pangs of nature, sins of will
      Defects of doubt and taints of blood.
      - In Memoriam (LIV, 1) [Goodness]

So many worlds, so much to do,
  So little done, such things to be.
      - In Memoriam (LXXII, 1) [Action : World]

Death has made
  His darkness beautiful with thee.
      - In Memoriam (LXXIV) [Death]

God's finger touched him, and he slept.
      - In Memoriam (LXXXV) [Death]

O friendship, equal-poised control,
  O heart, with kindliest motion warm,
    O sacred essence, other form,
      O solemn ghost, O crowned soul!
      - In Memoriam (LXXXV) [Friendship]

The might hops that make us men.
      - In Memoriam (LXXXV) [Hope]

Our father's dust is left alone
  And silent under other snows.
      - In Memoriam (pt. CV) [Graves]

Ring in the valiant man and free,
  The larger heart, the kindlier hand;
    Ring out the darkness of the land;
      Ring in the Christ that is to be.
      - In Memoriam (pt. CVI) [Bells]

Ring out old shapes of foul disease;
  Ring out the narrowing lust of gold;
    Ring out the thousand wars of old,
      Ring in the thousand years of peace.
      - In Memoriam (pt. CVI) [Bells]

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