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English novelist and politician
(1803 - 1873)
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When one is in a good sound rage, it is astonishing how calm one can be.
      - [Anger]

When some one sorrow, that is yet reparable, gets hold of your mind like a monomania,--when you think, because Heaven has denied you this or that, on which you had set your heart, that all your life must be a blank,--oh, then diet yourself well on biography,--the biography of good and great men. See how little a space one sorrow really makes in life. See scarce a page, perhaps, given to some grief similar to your own, and how triumphantly the life sails on beyond it.
      - [Sorrow]

When the world frowns, we can face it; but let it smile, and we are undone.
      - [Flattery]

Will our souls, hurrying on in diverse paths, unite once more, as if the interval had been a dream?
      - [Parting]

Women love energy and grand results.
      - [Energy]

Wrap thyself in the decent veil that the arts or the graces weave for thee, O human nature! It is only the statue of marble whose nakedness the eye can behold without shame and offence!
      - [Modesty]

Ye have a world of light,
  When love in the loved rejoices;
    But the blind man's home is the house of night,
      And its beings are empty voices.
      - [Blindness]

You see men of the mast delicate frames engaged in active and professional pursuits who really have no time for illness. Let them become idle--let them take care of themselves, let them think of their health--and they die! The rust rots the steel which use preserves.
      - [Occupations]

Two lives that once part, are as ships that divide
  When, moment on moment, there rushes between
    The one and the other, a sea;--
      Ah, never can fall from the days that have been
        A gleam on the years that shall be!
      - A Lament (l. 10) [Meeting]

Thought is valuable in proportion as it is generative.
      - Caxtoniana (essay XIV) [Thought]

Truth makes on the ocean of nature no one track of light--every eye looking on finds its own.
      - Caxtoniana (essay XIV) [Truth]

Business dispatched is business well done, but business hurried is business ill done.
      - Caxtoniana
         (essay XXVI, Readers and Writer)

Poets alone are sure of immortality; they are the truest diviners of nature.
      - Caxtoniana (essay XXVII) [Poets]

He who writes prose builds his temple to Fame in rubble; he who writes verses builds it in granite.
      - Caxtoniana--Essay XXVII--The Spirit of Conservation

In science, read, by preference, the newest works; in literature, the oldest. The classic literature is always modern.
      - Caxtoniana--Hints on Mental Culture

Dear Land to which Desire forever flees;
  Time doth no present to our grasp allow,
    Say in the fixed Eternal shall we seize
      At last the fleeting Now?
      - Corn Flowers (bk. I, The First Violets)

Who that has loved knows not the tender tale
  Which flowers reveal, when lips are coy to tell?
      - Corn Flowers--The First Violets
         (bk. I, st. 1) [Flowers]

Three things are ever silent--Thought, Destiny, and the Grave.
      - Harold (bk. X, ch. II) [Silence]

No Indian prince has to his palace
  More followers than a thief to the gallows.
      - Hudibras (pt. II, canto I, l. 273)

Arm thyself for the truth!
      - Lady of Lyons (act V, sc. 1) [Truth]

Fool me no fools.
      - Last Days of Pompeii (bk. III, ch. 6)

Time is money.
      - Money (act III, sc. 3) [Time]

If I publish this poem for you, speaking as a trader, I shall be a considerable loser. Did I publish all I admire, out of sympathy with the author, I should be a ruined man.
      - My Novel (bk. VI, ch. XIV) [Publishing]

Alone!--That worn-out word,
  So idly spoken, and so coldly heard;
    Yet all that poets sing, and grief hath known,
      Of hope laid waste, knells in that word--Alone!
      - New Timon (pt. II) [Solitude]

The man who smokes, thinks like a sage and acts like a Samaritan!
      - Night and Morning (bk. I, ch. VI)

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