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English poet and dramatist
(1683 - 1765)
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Some write, confin'd by physic; some, by debt;
  Some, for 'tis Sunday; some, because 'tis wet; . . . .
    Another writes because his father writ,
      And proves himself a bastard by his wit.
      - Epistles to Mr. Pope (ep. I, l. 75)

An author! 'tis a venerable name!
  How few deserve it, and what numbers claim!
    Unbless'd with sense above their peers refined,
      Who shall stand up dictators to mankind?
        Nay, who dare shine, if not in virtue's cause?
          That sole proprietor of just applause.
      - Epistles to Mr. Pope
         (ep. II, From Oxford, l. 15) [Authorship]

He rams his quill with scandal and with scoff,
  But 'tis so very foul, it won't go off.
      - Epistles to Pope (ep. I, l. 199) [Scandal]

A partial world will list to my lays,
  While Anna reigns, and sets a female name
    Unrival'd in the glorious lists of fame.
      - Force of Religion (bk. I, l. 6) [Royalty]

What most we wish, with ease we fancy near.
      - Love of Fame (III) [Wishes]

Men drop so fast, ere life's mid stage we tread,
  Few know so many friends alive, as dead.
      - Love of Fame (l. 97) [Death]

And friend received with thumps upon the back.
      - Love of Fame (satire I) [Friends]

To patchwork learn'd quotations are allied,
  Both strive to make our poverty our pride.
      - Love of Fame (satire I) [Quotations]

He stands for fame of his forefather's feet,
  By heraldry, proved valiant or discreet!
      - Love of Fame (satire I, l. 123) [Ancestry]

Men should press forward, in fame's glorious chase;
  Nobles look backward, and so lose the race.
      - Love of Fame (satire I, l. 129) [Fame]

To Virtue's humblest son let none prefer
  Vice, though descended from the conqueror.
      - Love of Fame (satire I, l. 141) [Virtue]

Titles are marks of honest men, and wise:
  The fool or knave that wears a title lies.
      - Love of Fame (satire I, l. 145) [Nobility]

They that on glorious ancestors enlarge,
  Produce their debt, instead of their discharge.
      - Love of Fame (satire I, l. 147) [Ancestry]

The man who builds, and wants wherewith to pay,
  Provides a home from which to run away.
      - Love of Fame (satire I, l. 171) [Home]

Give me, indulgent gods! with mind serene,
  And guiltless heart, to range the sylvan scene;
    No splendid poverty, no smiling care,
      No well-bred hate, or servile grandeur, there.
      - Love of Fame (satire I, l. 235)

High stations, tumult, but not bliss, create;
  None think the great unhappy, but the great.
      - Love of Fame (satire I, l. 237)

On every thorn, delightful wisdom grows,
  In every rill a sweet instruction flows.
      - Love of Fame (satire I, l. 249) [Wisdom]

Is there a tongue like Delia's o'er her cup,
  That runs for ages without winding up?
      - Love of Fame (satire I, l. 281) [Tongue]

For who can write so fast as men run mad?
      - Love of Fame (satire I, l. 286)

Of folly, vice, disease, men proud we see;
  And, (stranger still,) of blockheads' flattery;
    Whose praise defames; as if a fool should mean,
      By spitting on your face, to make it clean.
      - Love of Fame (satire I, l. 755) [Flattery]

Some, for renown, on scraps of learning dote,
  And think they grow immortal as they quote.
      - Love of Fame (satire I, l. 89)

Knocks at our hearts, and finds out thoughts at home.
      - Love of Fame (satire I, l. 99) [Thought]

The booby father craves a booby son,
  And by heaven's blessing thinks himself undone.
      - Love of Fame (satire II, l. 1) [Childhood]

Who, for the poor renown of being smart,
  Would leave a sting within a brother's heart?
      - Love of Fame (satire II, l. 113) [Heart]

As in smooth oil the razor is whet,
  So wit is by politeness sharpest set;
    Their want of edge from their offence is seen,
      Both pain us least when exquisitely keen.
      - Love of Fame (satire II, l. 118) [Wit]

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