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English poet and dramatist
(1683 - 1765)
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Body and soul, like peevish man and wife,
  United jar, and yet are loth to part.
      - Night Thoughts (night II, l. 175)

On all important time, thro' ev'ry age,
  Tho' much, and warm, the wise have urged; the man
    Is yet unborn, who duly weighs an hour,
      "I've lost a day"--the prince who nobly cried
        Had been an emperor without his crown;
          Of Rome? say rather, lord of human race.
      - Night Thoughts (night II, l. 180) [Day]

The spirit walks of every day deceased.
      - Night Thoughts (night II, l. 180) [Day]

The man who consecrates his hours
  By vig'rous effort and an honest aim,
    At once he draws the sting of life and death;
      He walks with nature and her paths are peace.
      - Night Thoughts (night II, l. 187)

Has death his fopperies?
      - Night Thoughts (night II, l. 231)

He mourns the dead who lives as they desire.
      - Night Thoughts (night II, l. 24)

In leaves, more durable than leaves of brass,
  Writes our whole history.
      - Night Thoughts (night II, l. 275) [Time]

Time flies, Death urges, knells call, Heaven invites,
  Hell threatens.
      - Night Thoughts (night II, l. 291) [Danger]

That awful independent on to-morrow!
  Whose work is done; who triumphs in the past;
    Whose yesterdays look backward with a smile
      Nor, like the Parthian, wound him as they fly.
      - Night Thoughts (night II, l. 322) [Past]

'Tis greatly wise to talk with our past hours;
  And ask them what report they bore to heaven:
    And how they might have borne more welcome news.
      - Night Thoughts (night II, l. 376)

Youth is not rich in time; it may be poor;
  Part with it as with money, sparing; pay
    No moment but in purchase of its worth,
      And what it's worth, ask death-beds; they can tell.
      - Night Thoughts (night II, l. 47) [Youth]

Wisdom, though richer than Peruvian mines,
  And sweeter than the sweet ambrosial hive,
    What is she, but the means of happiness?
      That unobtain'd, than folly more a fool.
      - Night Thoughts (night II, l. 496) [Wisdom]

Who can take
  Death's portrait? The tyrant never sat.
      - Night Thoughts (night II, l. 52) [Death]

A friend is worth all hazards we can run.
      - Night Thoughts (night II, l. 571)

Friendship's the wine of life: but friendship new . . . is neither strong nor pure.
      - Night Thoughts (night II, l. 582)

Like birds, whose beauties languish half concealed,
  Till, mounted on the wing, their glossy plumes
    Expanded, shine with azure, green and gold;
      How blessings brighten as they take their flight.
      - Night Thoughts (night II, l. 589)

The chamber where the good man meets his fate
  Is privileged beyond the common walk
    Of virtuous life, quite in the verge of heaven.
      - Night Thoughts (night II, l. 633) [Death]

A death-bed's a detector of the heart.
      - Night Thoughts (night II, l. 641) [Death]

Who does the best that circumstance allows,
  Does well, acts nobly, angels could no more.
      - Night Thoughts (night II, l. 90)
        [Ability : Circumstance : Goodness]

To climb life's worn, heavy wheel
  Which draws up nothing new.
      - Night Thoughts (night III) [Folly]

Lovely in death the beauteous ruin lay;
  And if in death still lovely, lovelier there;
    Far lovelier! pity swells the tide of love.
      - Night Thoughts (night III, l. 104) [Death]

Heaven's Sovereign saves all beings but himself,
  That hideous sight, a naked human heart.
      - Night Thoughts (night III, l. 226) [Heart]

Like lavish ancestors, his earlier years
  Have disinherited his future hours,
    Which starve on orts, and glean their former field.
      - Night Thoughts (night III, l. 310)

Death is the crown of life;
  Were death denyed, poor man would live in vain;
    Were death denyed, to live would not be life;
      Were death denyed, ev'n fools would wish to die.
      - Night Thoughts (night III, l. 523) [Death]

O! lost to virtue, lost to manly thought,
  Lost to the noble sallies of the soul!
    Who think it solitude to be alone.
      - Night Thoughts (night III, l. 6)

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