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Greek (Phrygian) philosopher
(55 - 135)
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Remember that you are but an actor, acting whatever part the Master, has ordained. It may be short or it may be long. If he wishes you to represent a poor man, do so heartily; if a cripple, or a magistrate, or a private man, in each case act your part with honor.
      - [Acting]

The good or ill of man lies within his own will.
      - [Goodness]

The materials of action are variable, but the use we make of them should be constant.
      - [Action]

The two powers which in my opinion constitute a wise man are those of bearing and forbearing.
      - [Wisdom]

The universe is but one great city, full of beloved ones, divine and human, by nature endeared to each other.
      - [Brotherhood]

There is but one way to tranquility of mind and happiness; let this, therefore, be always ready at hand with thee, both when thou wakest early in the morning, and all the day long, and when thou goest late to sleep, to account no external things thine own, but to commit all these to God.
      - [Resignation]

There is nothing good or evil save in the will.
      - [Will]

These are the signs of a wise man: to reprove nobody, to praise nobody, to blame nobody, nor even to speak of himself or his own merits.
      - [Wisdom]

Think of God oftener than you breathe.
      - [God]

Truth is a thing immortal and perpetual, and it gives to us a beauty that fades not away in time, nor does it take away the freedom of speech which proceeds from justice; but it gives to us the knowledge of what is just and lawful, separating from them the unjust and refuting them.
      - [Truth]

Unless we place our religion and our treasure in the same thing, religion will always be sacrificed.
      - [Religion]

We all dread a bodily paralysis, and would make use of every contrivance to avoid it; but none of us is troubled about a paralysis of the soul.
      - [Soul]

We are not to lead events, but to follow them.
      - [Providence]

We must be afraid of neither poverty nor exile nor imprisonment; of fear itself only should we be afraid.
      - [Fear]

When men are unhappy, they do not imagine they can ever cease to be so; and when some calamity has fallen on them, they do not see how they can get rid of it. Nevertheless, both arrive; and the gods have ordered it so, in the end men seek it from the gods.
      - [Unhappiness]

When our friends are present we ought to treat them well; and when they are absent, to speak of them well.
      - [Friends]

When the idea of any pleasure strikes your imagination, make a just computation between the duration of the pleasure and that of the repentance that is likely to follow it.
      - [Pleasure]

Whenever you are angry, be assured that it is not only a present evil, but that you have increased a habit.
      - [Anger]

Wherever any one is against his will, that is to him a prison.
      - [Prison]

Who is not attracted by bright and pleasant children, to prattle, to creep, and to play with them?
      - [Children]

You ought to choose both physician and friend, not the most agreeable, but the most useful.
      - [Discrimination]

It is circumstances (difficulties) which show what men are.
      - ch. XXIV [Circumstance]

The Beginning of Philosophy . . . is a Consciousness of your own Weakness and inability in necessary things.
      - Discourses (bk. II, ch. XI, st. 1)

Dare to look up to God and say, Deal with me in the future as Thou wilt; I am of the same mind as Thou art; I am Thine; I refuse nothing that pleases Thee; lead me where Thou wilt; clothe me in any dress Thou choosest.
      - Discourses (bk. II, ch. XVI) [Resignation]

Why, then, do you walk as if you had swallowed a ramrod?
      - Discourses (ch. XXI) [Proverbs]

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