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English poet and devotional writer
(1592 - 1644)
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Like to the falling of a star,
  . . . .
    Like to the damask rose you see,
      Or like the blossom of the tree.
      - Argalus and Parthenia,
        claimed by him but attributed to John Phillipot in Harleian Manuscript 3917, folio 88b

We sack, we ransack to the utmost sands
  Of native kingdoms, and of foreign lands:
    We travel sea and soil; we pry, and prowl,
      We progress, and we prog from pole to pole.
      - Divine Emblems (bk. II, II) [Traveling]

The world's a book, writ by th' eternal Art
  Of the great Maker; printed in man's heart;
    'Tis falsely printed though divinely penn'd,
      And all the Errata will appear at th' end.
      - Divine Fancies [Epitaphs]

The World's a Printing-House, our words, our thoughts,
  Our deeds, are characters of several sizes.
    Each soul is a Compos'tor, of whose faults
      The Levites are Correctors; Heaven Revises.
        Death is the common Press, from whence being driven,
          We're gather'd, Sheet by Sheet, and bound for Heaven.
      - Divine Fancies [Epitaphs]

The goods we spend we keep; and what we save
  We lose; and only what we lose we have.
      - Divine Fancies (bk. IV, art. 70)

Our Life is nothing but a Winter's day;
  Some only break their Fast, and so away:
    Others stay to Dinner, and depart full fed:
      The deepest Age but Sups, and goes to Bed:
        He's most in debt that lingers out the Day:
          Who dies betime, has less, and less to pay.
      - Divine Fancies--On The Life of Man [Life]

Death aims with fouler spite
  At fairer marks.
      - Divine Poems [Death]

See, here's a shadow found; the human nature
  Is made th' umbrella to the Deity,
    To catch the sunbeams of thy just Creator;
      Beneath this covert thou may'st safely lie.
      - Emblems, bk. IV, 14 [Umbrellas]

My soul, what's lighter than a feather? Wind.
  Than wind? The fire. And what than fire? The mind.
    What's lighter than the mind? A thought. Than thought?
      This bubble world. What than this bubble? Nought.
      - Emblems (bk. I, 4) [World]

Sweet Phosphor, bring the day!
  Light will repay
    The wrongs of night; sweet Phosphor, bring the day!
      - Emblems (bk. I, em. 14, st. 5) [Day]

A lamb appears a lion, and we fear
  Each bush we see's a bear.
      - Emblems (bk. I, emblem XIII, l. 19) [Fear]

Luxury is an enticing pleasure, a bastard mirth, which hath honey in her mouth, gall in her heart, and a sting in her tail.
      - Emblems (bk. I, Hugo) [Luxury]

The heart is a small thing, but desireth great matters. It is not sufficient for a kite's dinner, yet the whole world is not sufficient for it.
      - Emblems (bk. I, Hugo de Anima) [Heart]

The sufficiency of merit is to know that my merit is not sufficient.
      - Emblems (bk. II, em. 1) [Merit]

Be wisely worldly, but not worldly wise.
      - Emblems (bk. II, em. 2) [Wisdom]

The slender debt to Nature's quickly paid,
  Discharged, perchance with greater ease than made.
      - Emblems (bk. II, emblem 13) [Debt]

What treasures here do Mammon's sons behold!
  Yet know that all that which glitters is not gold.
      - Emblems (bk. II, emblem V) [Mammon]

This house is to be let for life or years,
  Her rent is sorrow, and her income tears;
    Cupid, 't has long stood void; her bills make known,
      She must be dearly let, or let alone.
      - Emblems (bk. II, epigram X) [Heart]

'Tis vain to flee; till gentle Mercy show
  Her better eye, the farther off we go,
    The swing of Justice deals the mightier blow.
      - Emblems (bk. III, emblem XVI) [Mercy]

My soul, the seas are rough, and thou a stranger
  In these false coasts; O keep aloof; there's danger;
    Cast forth thy plummet; see, a rock appears;
      Thy ships want sea-room; make it with thy tears.
      - Emblems (bk. III, ep. XI) [Soul]

The next way home's the farthest way about.
      - Emblems (bk. IV, em. 2, ep. 2) [Proverbs]

Be always displeased at what thou art, if thou desire to attain to what thou art not; for where thou hast pleased thyself, there thou abidest.
      - Emblems (bk. IV, emblem 3) [Ambition]

It is the lot of man but once to die.
      - Emblems (bk. V, em. 7) [Death]

Our God and soldier we alike adore,
  When at the brink of ruin, not before;
    After deliverance both alike requited,
      Our God forgotten, and our soldiers slighted.
      - Epigram [Forgetfulness]

He that hath no cross deserves no crown.
      - Esther [Religion]

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