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American poet and scholar
(1807 - 1882)
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At first laying down, as a fact fundamental,
  That nothing with God can be accidental.
      - Christus--The Golden Legend (pt. VI)

Don't cross the bridge till you come to it,
  Is a proverb old, and of excellent wit.
      - Christus--The Golden Legend (pt. VI)

The food one, after every action, closes
  His volume, and ascends with it to God.
    The other keeps his dreadful day-book open
      Till sunset, that we may repent; which doing,
        The record of the action fades away,
          And leaves a line of white across the page
            Now if my act be good, as I believe,
              It cannot be recalled. It is already
                Sealed up in heaven, as a good deed accomplished.
                  The rest is yours.
      - Christus--The Golden Legend (pt. VI)

Her cap of velvet could not hold
  The tresses of her hair of gold,
    That flowed and floated like the stream.
      And fell in masses down her neck.
      - Christus--The Golden Legend
         (pt. VI, l. 375) [Hair]

See yonder fire! It is the moon
  Slow rising o'er the eastern hill.
    It glimmers on the forest tips,
      And thought the dewy foliage drips
        In little rivulets of light,
          And makes the heart in love with night.
      - Christus--The Golden Legend
         (pt. VI, l. 462) [Moon]

Death never takes one alone, but two!
  Whenever he enters in at a door,
    Under roof of gold or roof of thatch,
      He always leaves it upon the latch,
        And comes again ere the year is o'er,
          Never one of a household only.
      - Christus--The Golden Legend
         (pt. VI, The Farm-House in the Odenwald)

As a storm-cloud lurid with lightning
  And a cry of lamentation,
    Repeated and again repeated,
      Deep and loud
        As the reverberation
          Of cloud answering unto cloud,
            Swells and rose away in the distance,
              As if the sheeted
                Lightning retreated,
                  Baffled and thwarted by the wind's resistance.
      - Christus--The Golden Legend--Epilogue
         (l. 62) [Thunder]

Just above yon sandy bar,
  As the day grows fainter and dimmer,
    Lonely and lovely, a single star
      Lights the air with a dusky glimmer.
      - Chrysaor (st. 1) [Stars]

If I am not worth the wooing, I surely am not worth the winning.
      - Courtship of Miles Standish (III, l. 111)

Why don't you speak for yourself, John?
      - Courtship of Miles Standish
         (III, last line) [Wooing]

Though he was rough, he was kindly.
      - Courtship of Miles Standish (pt. III)

Love contending with friendship, and self with each generous impulse.
  To and fro in his breast his thoughts were heaving and dashing,
    As in a foundering ship.
      - Courtship of Miles Standish
         (pt. III, l. 7) [Love]

Sensitive, swift to resent, but as swift in atoning for error.
      - Courtship of Miles Standish
         (pt. IX, The Wedding Day) [Character]

Down to the Plymouth rock, that had been to their feat as a doorstep
  Into a world unknown,--the corner-stone of a nation!
      - Courtship of Miles Standish (pt. V, st. 2)

For there are moments in life, when the heart is so full of emotion,
  That if by chance it be shaken, or into its depths like a pebble,
    Drops some careless word, it overflows, and its secret,
      Spilt on the ground like water, can never be gathered together.
      - Courtship of Miles Standish
         (pt. VI, Priscilla, l. 12) [Feeling]

Yes, we must ever be friends; and of all who offer you friendship
  Let me be ever the first, the truest, the nearest and dearest!
      - Courtship of Miles Standish
         (pt. VI, Priscilla, l. 72) [Friends]

'Twas but a dream,--let it pass,--let it vanish like so many others!
  What I thought was a flower is only a weed, and is worthless.
      - Courtship of Miles Standish (pt. VII)

Never idle a moment, but thrifty and thoughtful of others.
      - Courtship of Miles Standish
         (pt. VIII, l. 46) [Work]

A thought often makes us hotter than a fire.
      - Drift-Wood--Table-Talk [Thought]

As turning the logs will make a dull fire burn, so changes of studies a dull brain.
      - Drift-Wood--Table-Talk [Study]

Most people would succeed in small things if they were not troubled with great ambitions.
      - Drift-Wood--Table-Talk [Ambition]

The heaven of poetry and romance still lies around us and within us.
      - Drift-Wood--Twice-Told Tales [Heaven]

Now to rivulets from the mountains
  Point the rods of fortune-tellers;
    Youth perpetual dwells in fountains,
      Not in flasks, and casks, and cellars.
      - Drinking Song (st. 8) [Drinking]

No one is so accursed by fate,
  No one so utterly desolate,
    But some heart, though unknown,
      Responds unto his own.
      - Endymion [Desolation : Fate]

Like Dian's kiss, unask'd, unsought,
  Love gives itself, but is not bought.
      - Endymion (st. 4) [Love]

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