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American Congregational clergyman, religious writer and reformer
(1813 - 1887)
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Even a liar tells a hundred truths to one lie: he has to, to make the lie good for anything.
      - [Lying]

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.
      - [Art]

Every charitable act is a stepping stone towards heaven.
      - [Charity]

Every child walks into existence through the golden gate of love.
      - [Childhood]

Every fresh act of benevolence is the herald of deeper satisfaction; every charitable act a stepping-stone towards heaven.
      - [Benevolence]

Every green thing loves to die in bright colors. The vegetable cohorts march glowing out of the year in flaming dresses, as if to leave this earth were a triumph and not a sadness. It is never nature that is sad, but only we, that dare not look back on the past, and that have not its prophecy of the future in our bosoms.
      - [Vegetation]

Everything that happens in this world is a part of a great plan of God running through all time.
      - [Providence]

Expedients are for the hour; principles for the ages.
      - [Expediency : Principles]

Experience is the mother of custom.
      - [Custom]

Faith is nothing but spiritualized imagination.
      - [Faith]

Find out what your temptations are, and you will find out largely what you are yourself.
      - [Temptation]

Flowers are sent to do God's work in unrevealed paths, and to diffuse influence by channels that we hardly suspect.
      - [Flowers]

Flowers are the sweetest things that God ever made and forgot to put a soul into.
      - [Flowers]

Flowers may beckon towards us, but they speak toward heaven and God.
      - [Flowers]

Gambling with cards, or dice, or stocks, is all one thing--it is getting money without giving an equivalent for it.
      - [Gambling]

Genius unexerted is no more genius than a bushel of acorns is a forest of oaks.
      - [Genius]

Give us that calm certainty of truth, that nearness to Thee, that conviction of the reality of the life to come, which we shall need to bear us through the troubles of this.
      - [Truth]

Go on your knees before God. Bring all your idols; bring self-will, and pride, and every evil lust before Him, and give them up. Devote yourself, heart and soul, to His will; and see if you do not "know of the doctrine."
      - [Doctrine]

God appoints our graces to be nurses to other men's weaknesses.
      - [God]

God is a being who gives everything but punishment in over measure.
      - [God]

God is like us to this extent, that whatever in us is good is like God.
      - [God]

God is the one great employer, thinker, planner, supervisor.
      - [God]

God made man to go by motives, and he will not go without them, any more than a boat without steam, or a balloon without gas.
      - [Motive]

God made the human body, and it is by far the most exquisite and wonderful organization which has come to us from the Divine hand. It is a study for one's whole life. If an undevout astronomer is mad, an undevout physiologist is still madder.
      - [Body]

God never made anything else so beautiful as man.
      - [Man]

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