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American Congregational clergyman, religious writer and reformer
(1813 - 1887)
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We are never ripe till we have been made so by suffering.
      - [Suffering]

We go to the grave of a friend saying, "A man is dead;" but angels throng about him, saying, "A man is born."
      - [Graves]

We know much of a writer by his style. An open and imperious disposition is shown in short sentences, direct and energetic. A secretive and proud mind is cold and obscure in style. An affectionate and imaginative nature pours out luxuriantly, and blossoms all over with ornament.
      - [Style]

We know that the gifts which men have do not come from the schools. If a man is a plain, literal, factual man, you can make a great deal more of him in his own line by education than without education, just as you can make a great deal more of a potato if you cultivate it than if you do not; but no cultivation in this world will ever make an apple out of a potato.
      - [Education]

We let our blessings get mouldy, and then call them curses.
      - [Curses]

We may cover a multitude of sins with the white robe of charity.
      - [Alms]

We only see in a lifetime a dozen faces marked with the peace of a contented spirit.
      - [Contentment]

We pray for those who have ceased to pray. We pray for those that need prayer more than ever, that have fewer and fewer seasons even of thought, that grow hard with years, that are less and less troubled by sin, and that are more and more irreverent of religion. We pray for the children of Christian parents who sometimes weep at the memory of father and mother, but who never have thought of God.
      - [Impenitence]

We should so live and labor in our time that what came to us as seed may go to the next generation as blossom, and that what came to us as blossom may go to them as fruit. This is what we mean by progress.
      - [Progress]

We will never know the love of our parents for us till we have become parents.
      - [Parenthood]

Weak minds may be injured by novel-reading; but sensible people find both amusement and instruction therein.
      - [Novels]

Well-married, a man is winged: ill-matched, he is shackled.
      - [Matrimony]

Were one to ask me in which direction I think man strongest, I should say, his capacity to hate.
      - [Hate]

What a pity flowers can utter no sound! A singing rose, a whispering violet, a murmuring honeysuckle--oh, what a rare and exquisite miracle would these be!
      - [Flowers]

What is the Bible in your house? It is not the Old Testament, it is not the New Testament, it is not the Gospel according to Matthew, or Mark, or Luke, or John; it is the Gospel according to William; it is the Gospel according to Mary; it is the Gospel according to Henry and James; it is the Gospel according to your name. You write your own Bible.
      - [Bible]

What is the disposition which makes men rejoice in good bargains? There are few people who will not be benefited by pondering over the morals of shopping.
      - [Bargain]

What place is so rugged and so homely that there is no beauty; if you only have a sensibility to beauty?
      - [Beauty]

What profusion is there in His work! When trees blossom there is not a single breastpin, but a whole bosom full of gems; and of leaves they have so many suits that they can throw them away to the winds all summer long. What unnumbered cathedrals has He reared in the forest shades, vast and grand, full of curious carvings, and haunted evermore by tremulous music; and in the heavens above, how do stars seem to have flown out of His hand faster than sparks out of a mighty forge!
      - [Nature]

What the heart has once owned and had, it shall never lose.
      - [Heart]

What the mother sings to the cradle goes all the way down to the coffin.
      - [Motherhood]

Whatever is only almost true is quite false, and among the most dangerous of errors, because being so near truth, it is the more likely to lead astray.
      - [Falsity]

When a man can look upon the simple wild-rose, and feel no pleasure, his taste has been corrupted.
      - [Sympathy]

When a man has no longer any conception of excellence above his own, his voyage is done, he is dead,--dead in trespasses and sin of blear-eyed vanity.
      - [Vanity]

When a man's pride is subdued it's like the sides of Mount Aetna. It was terrible during the eruption, but when that is over and the lava is turned into soil, there are vineyards and olive trees which grow up to the top.
      - [Pride]

When a nation's young men are conservative, its funeral bell is already rung.
      - [Conservative]

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