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German novelist and writer
(1763 - 1825)
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Men's feelings are always purest and most glowing in the hour of meeting and of farewell; like the glaciers, which are transparent and rosy-hued only at sunrise and sunset, but throughout the day gray and cold.
      - [Sensibility]

Misery is so little appertaining to our nature, and happiness so much so, that we in the same degree of illusion only lament over that which has pained us, but leave unnoticed that which has rejoiced us.
      - [Misery]

More joyful eyes look at the setting than at the rising sun. Burdens are laid down by the poor, whom the sun consoles more than the rich. No star and no moon announce the rising sun; and does not the setting sun, like a lover, leave behind his image in the moon? I yearn towards him when he sets, not when he rises.
      - [Sun]

Most of the poets of to-day have the spider's talent of spinning, but not her art of weaving.
      - [Poets]

Music is the metre of this poetic movement, and is an invisible dance, as dancing is a silent music.
      - [Music]

Music is the only one of the fine arts in which not only man, but all other animals, have a common property,--mice and elephants, spiders and birds.
      - [Music]

Music is the poetry of the air.
  [Ger., Musik ist Poesie der Luft.]
      - [Music]

Music rather than poetry, should be called "the happy art."
      - [Music]

Music, if only listened to, and not scientifically cultivated, gives too much play to the feelings and fancy; the difficulties of the art draw forth the whole energies of the soul.
      - [Music]

Nations and men are only the best when they are the gladdest, and deserve heaven when they enjoy it.
      - [Gladness]

Nature sent women into the world with this bridal dower of love, for this reason, that they might be, what their destination is, mothers, and love children, to whom sacrifices must ever be offered and from whom none are to be obtained.
      - [Women]

Never does a man portray his own character more vividly than in his manner of portraying another.
      - [Character]

Never write on a subject without having first read yourself full on it; and never read on a subject till you have thought yourself hungry on it.
      - [Authorship]

Never, never has one forgotten his pure, right-educating mother! On the blue mountains of our dim childhood, towards which we ever turn and look, stand the mothers who marked out to us from thence our life; the most blessed age must be forgotten ere we can forget the warmest heart. You wish, O woman, to be ardently loved, and forever, even till death. Be, then, the mothers of your children.
      - [Mothers]

No man can either live piously or die righteous without a wife.
      - [Celibacy]

No one is so much alone in the world as a denier of God.
      - [Atheism]

No school is more necessary to children than patience, because either the will must be broken in childhood or the heart in old age.
      - [Patience]

"Not the cry, but the flight of a wild duck," says a Chinese author, "leads the flock to fly and follow."
      - [Example]

Nothing can embellish a beautiful face more than a narrow band that indicates a small wound drawn cross wise over the brow.
      - [Dress]

O rest! thou soft word! autumnal flower of Eden! moonlight of the spirit! Rest of the soul, when wilt thou hold our head that it may cease beating?
      - [Rest]

O the wound of conscience is no scar, and time cools it not with his wing, but merely keeps it open with his scythe.
      - [Conscience]

O, banish the tears of children! Continual rains upon the blossoms are hurtful.
      - [Tears]

O, if the loving, closed heart of a good woman should open before a man, how much controlled tenderness, how many veiled sacrifices and dumb virtues, would he see reposing therein?
      - [Women]

Of permanent griefs there are none, for they are but clouds. The swifter they move through the sky, the more follow after them; and even the immovable ones are absorbed by the other, and become smaller till they vanish.
      - [Grief]

Of permanent mourning there is none; no cloud remains fixed. The sun will shine to-morrow.
      - [Mourning]

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