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English poet, novelist and critic
(1878 - 1967)

His face was filled with broken commandments.
      - [Face]

The days that make us happy make us wise.
      - [Happiness]

On the long dusty ribbon of the long city street,
  The pageant of life is passing me on multitudinous feet,
    With a word here of the hills, and a song there of the sea
      And--the great movement changes--the pageant passes me.
      - All ye that pass by! [Life]

And silence broods like spirit on the brae,
  A glimmering moon begins, the moonlight runs
    Over the grasses of the ancient way
      Rutted this morning by the passing guns.
      - August 14, in "Philip the King" [War]

When the last sea is sailed and last shallow charted,
  When the last field is reaped and the last harvest stored,
    When the last fire is out and the last guest departed
      Grant the last prayer that I pray, Be good to me, O Lord.
      - D'Avalos' Prayer [Death]

O lovely lily clean,
  O lily springing green,
    O lily bursting white,
      Dear lily of delight,
        Spring in my heart agen
          That I may flower to men.
      - Everlasting Mercy (last stanza) [Lilies]

Each one could be a Jesus mild,
  Each one has been a little child,
    A little child with laughing look,
      A lovely white unwritten book;
        A book that God will take, my friend,
          As each goes out at journey's end.
      - Everlasting Mercy (st. 27) [Childhood]

The Lord who gave us Earth and Heaven
  Takes that as thanks for all He's given.
    The book he lent is given back
      All blotted red and smutted black.
      - Everlasting Mercy (st. 27) [God]

And he who gives a child a treat
  Makes Joy-bells ring in Heaven's street,
    And he who gives a child a home
      Builds palaces in Kingdom come,
        And she who gives a baby birth,
          Brings Saviour Christ again to Earth.
      - Everlasting Mercy (st. 50) [Childhood]

State are not made, nor patched; they grow;
  Grow slow through centuries of pain,
    And grow correctly in the main;
      But only grow by certain laws,
        Of certain bits in certain jaws.
      - Everlasting Mercy (st. 60) [Government]

The social states of human kinds
  Are made by multitudes of minds,
    And after multitudes of years
      A little human growth appears
        Worth having, even to the soul
          Who sees most plain it's not the whole.
      - Everlasting Mercy (st. 60) [Mind]

Lord, give to me who are old and rougher
  The things that little children suffer,
    And let keep bright and undefiled
      The young years of the little child.
      - Everlasting Mercy (st. 67) [Childhood]

The corn that makes the holy bread
  By which the soul of man is fed,
    The holy bread, the food unpriced,
      Thy everlasting mercy, Christ.
      - Everlasting Mercy (st. 88) [Mercy]

Sometimes, when guests have gone, the host remembers
  Sweet courteous things unsaid.
    We two have talked our hearts out to the embers,
      And now go hand in hand down to the dead.
      - The Faithful [Guests]

Friends and loves we have none, nor wealth, nor blest abode
  But the hope, the burning hope, and the road, the lonely road.
    Not for us are content, and quiet, and peace of mind,
      For we go seeking cities that we shall never find.
      - The Seekers [Cities]

It's a warm wind, the west wind, full of birds' cries;
  I never hear the west wind but tears are in my eyes.
    For it comes from the west lands, the old brown hills,
      And April's in the West wind, and daffodils.
      - The West Wind [Wind]

Heaven to me's a fair blue stretch of sky,
  Earth's jest a dusty road.
      - Vagabond [Heaven]

While we least think it prepares his Mate.
  Mate, and the King's pawn played, it never ceases,
    Though all the earth is dust of taken pieces.
      - Widow in the Bye Street
         (pt. I, last lines) [Life]

All the great things of life are swiftly done,
  Creation, death, and love the double gate.
    However much we dawdle in the sun
      We have to hurry at the touch of Fate.
      - Widow in the Bye Street (pt. II) [Fate]

Love is a flame to burn out human wills,
  Love is a flame to set the will on fire,
    Love is a flame to cheat men into mire.
      - Widow in the Bye Street (pt. II) [Love]

When Life knocks at the door no one can wait,
  When Death makes his arrest we have to go.
      - Widow in the Bye Street (pt. II) [Death]

Man cannot call the brimming instant back;
  Time's an affair of instants spun to days;
    If man must make an instant gold, or black,
      Let him, he may; but Time must go his ways.
        Life may be duller for an instant's blaze.
          Life's an affair of instants spun to years,
            Instants are only cause of all these tears.
      - Widow in the Bye Street (pt. V) [Life]

God dropped a spark down into everyone,
  And if we find and fan it to a blaze,
    It'll spring up and glow, like--like the sun,
      And light the wandering out of stony ways.
      - Widow in the Bye Street (pt. VI)

God warms his hands at man's heart when he prays.
      - Widow in the Bye Street (pt. VI) [Prayer]

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