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A pretty woman is a welcome guest.
      - Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron)

Some steam process should be invented for arranging guests when they are above five hundred.
      - Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield

For whom he means to make an often guest,
  One dish shall serve; and welcome make the rest.
      - Joseph Hall, Come Dine with Me

A civil guest will no more talk all, than eat all the feast.
      - George Herbert

A guest never forgets the host who had treated him kindly.
      - Homer ("Smyrns of Chios")

It is equally offensive to speed a guest who would like to stay and to detain one who is anxious to leave.
      - Homer ("Smyrns of Chios")

Wherever the storm carries me, I go a willing guest.
  [Lat., Quo me cumque rapit tempestas deferor hospes.]
      - Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus),
        Epistles (I, 1, 15)

To be an agreeable guest one need only enjoy oneself.
      - Joseph Joubert

The first day a man is a guest, the second a burden, the third a pest.
      - Edouard Rene Lefebure Laboulaye

Sometimes, when guests have gone, the host remembers
  Sweet courteous things unsaid.
    We two have talked our hearts out to the embers,
      And now go hand in hand down to the dead.
      - John Masefield, The Faithful

Hail, guest, we ask not what thou art;
  If friend, we greet thee, hand and heart;
    If stranger, such no longer be;
      If foe, our love shall conquer thee.
      - Paul Elmer More,
        said in an old Welsh door verse

For I, who hold sage Homer's rule the best,
  Welcome the coming, speed the going guest.
      - Alexander Pope, Satire II (bk. II, l. 159)

The good guest is almost invisible, enjoying him or herself, communing with fellow guests, and, most of all, enjoying the generous hospitality of the hosts.
      - Emily Post

Here's our chief guest.
  If he had been forgotten,
    It had been as a gap in our great feast.
      - William Shakespeare

Unbidden guests
  Are often welcomest when they are gone.
      - William Shakespeare

No, truly, 'tis more than manners will;
  And I have heard it said, unbidden guests
    Are often welcomest when they are gone.
      - William Shakespeare,
        King Henry the Sixth, Part I
         (Bedford at II, ii)

(Macbeth:) Here's our chief guest.
  (Lady Macbeth:) If he had been forgotten,
    It had been as a gap in our great feast,
      And all-thing unbecoming.
      - William Shakespeare, Macbeth
         (Macbeth & Lady Macbeth at III, i)

Gentle my lord, sleek o'er your rugged looks;
  Be bright and jovial among your guests to-night.
      - William Shakespeare, Macbeth
         (Lady Macbeth at III, ii)

Methinks a father
  Is at the nuptial of his son a guest
    That best becomes the table.
      - William Shakespeare, The Winter's Tale
         (Polixenes at IV, iv)

See, your guests approach.
  Address yourself to entertain them sprightly,
    And let's be red with mirth.
      - William Shakespeare, The Winter's Tale
         (Florizel at IV, iv)

You must come home with me and be my guest;
  You will give joy to me, and I will do
    All that is in my power to honour you.
      - Percy Bysshe Shelley, Hymn to Mercury
         (st. 5)

To the guests that must go, bid God's speed and brush away all traces of their steps.
      - Rabindranath Tagore, Gardener (45)

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