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Irish satirist and man of letters
(1667 - 1745)
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Silks, velvets, calicoes, and the whole lexicon of female fopperies.
      - [Fashion]

Simplicity, without which no human performance can arrive at perfection.
      - [Style]

Small causes are sufficient to make a man uneasy, when great ones are not in the way; for want of a block, he will stumble at a straw.
      - [Cause]

So endless and exorbitant are the desires of men that they will grasp at all, and can form no scheme of perfect happiness with less.
      - [Happiness]

Some dire misfortune to portend, no enemy can match a friend.
      - [Friends]

Some men, under the notion of weeding out prejudices, eradicate virtue, honesty, and religion.
      - [Prejudice]

Some modern zealots appear to have no better knowledge of truth, nor better manner of judging it, than by counting noses.
      - [Truth]

Story-telling is subject to two unavoidable defects,--frequent repetition and being soon exhausted; so that, whoever values this gift in himself, has need of a good memory, and ought frequently to shift his company.
      - [Story Telling]

Strange an astrologer should die, without one wonder in the sky.
      - [Astrology]

Such a man, truly wise, creams off Nature leaving the sour and the dregs for philosophy and reason to lap up.
      - [Cheerfulness]

Taverns are places where madness is sold by the bottle.
      - [Taverns]

That incessant envy wherewith the common rate of mankind pursues all superior natures to their own.
      - [Envy]

That the universe was formed by a fortuitous concourse of atoms, I will no more believe than that the accidental jumbling of the alphabet would fall into a most ingenious treatise of philosophy.
      - [Atheism]

The affectation of some late authors to introduce and multiply cant words is the most ruinous corruption in any language.
      - [Cant]

The axe of intemperance has lopped off his green boughs and left him a withered trunk.
      - [Drunkenness]

The chameleon, who is said to feed upon nothing but air, has of all animals the nimblest tongue.
      - [Tongue]

The character in conversation which commonly passes for agreeable is made up of civility and falsehood.
      - [Agree]

The common fluency of speech in many men, and most women, is owing to a scarcity of matter and a scarcity of words; for whosoever is a master of language, and hath a mind full of ideas, will be apt, in speaking, to hesitate upon the choice of both.
      - [Talking]

The deal, the shuffle, and the cut.
      - [Gambling]

The example alone of a vicious prince will corrupt an age; but that of a good one will not reform it.
      - [Kings]

The first springs of great events, like those of great rivers, are often mean and little.
      - [Cause]

The greatest inventions were produced in the times of ignorance, as the use of the compass, gunpowder, and printing.
      - [Invention]

The life-blood of the nation.
      - [Money]

The love of flattery in most men proceeds from the mean opinion they have of themselves; in women, from the contrary.
      - [Flattery]

The malignant deity Criticism dwelt on the top of a snowy mountain in Nova Zembla; Momus found her extended in her den upon the spoils of numberless volumes half devoured. At her right sat Ignorance, her father and husband, blind with age; at her left Pride, her mother, dressing her up in the scraps of paper herself had torn. There was Opinion, her sister, light of foot, hoodwinked and headstrong, yet giddy and perpetually turning. About her played her children, Noise and Impudence, Dullness and Vanity, Positiveness, Pedantry and Ill Manners.
      - [Criticism]

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