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French writer
(1766 - 1817)
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When at eve, at the bounding of the landscape, the heavens appear to recline so slowly on the earth, imagination pictures beyond the horizon an asylum of hope--a native land of love; and nature seems silently to repeat that man is immortal.
      - [Eternity]

When once enthusiasm has been turned into ridicule, everything is undone except money and power.
      - [Enthusiasm]

When we destroy an old prejudice, we have need of a new virtue.
      - [Prejudice]

When women oppose themselves to the projects and ambition of men, they excite their lively resentment; if in their youth they meddle with political intrigues, their modesty must suffer.
      - [Intrigue]

Where no interest is takes in science, literature and liberal pursuits, mere facts and insignificant criticisms necessarily become the themes of discourse; and minds, strangers alike to activity and meditation, become so limited as to render all intercourse with them at once tasteless and oppressive.
      - [Culture]

Truth and, by consequence, liberty, will always be the chief power of honest men.
      - Coppet et Weimar--Letter to General Moreau

The sight of such a monument is like continual and stationary music which one hears for one's good as one approaches it.
  [Fr., La vue d'un tel monument est comme une musique continuelle et fixee qui vous attend pour vous faire du bien quand vous vous en approchez.]
      - Corinne (bk. IV, ch. III) [Architecture]

Only the refined and delicate pleasures that spring from research and education can build up barriers between different ranks.
      - Corinne (bk. IX, ch. I) [Education]

Music revives the recollections it would appease.
      - Corinne (bk. IX, ch. II) [Music]

Genius is essentially creative; it bears the stamp of the individual who possesses it.
      - Corinne (bk. VII, ch. I) [Genius]

Love is the emblem of eternity: it confounds all notion of time: effaces all memory of a beginning , all fear of an end.
      - Corinne (bk. VIII, ch. II) [Love]

Where we really love, we often dread more than we desire the solemn moment that exchanges hope for certainty.
      - Corinne (bk. VIII, ch. IV) [Love]

A religious life is a struggle and not a hymn.
      - Corinne (bk. X, ch. V) [Religion]

To pray together, in whatever tongue or ritual, is the most tender brotherhood of hope and sympathy that men can contract in this life.
      - Corinne (bk. X, ch. V) [Prayer]

And all the bustle of departure--sometimes sad, sometimes intoxicating--just as fear or hope may be inspired by the new chances of coming destiny.
      - Corinne (bk. X, ch. VI) [Destiny]

O Earth! all bathed with blood and years, yet never
  Hast thou ceased putting forth thy fruit and flowers.
      - Corinne (bk. XIII, ch. IV),
        (L.E.L.'s translation) [World]

Genius inspires this thirst for fame: there is no blessing undesired by those to whom Heaven gave the means of winning it.
      - Corinne (bk. XVI, ch. I) [Genius]

Misfortune had conquered her, how true it is, that sooner or later the most rebellious must bow beneath the same yoke.
      - Corinne (bk. XVII, ch. II) [Misfortune]

I learnt life from the poets.
      - Corinne (bk. XVIII, ch. V) [Poets]

To understand makes one very indulgent.
  [Fr., Tout coprendre rend tres-indulgent.]
      - Corinne (bk. XVIII, ch. V) [Forgiveness]

Be happy, but be so by piety.
      - Corinne (bk. XX, ch. III) [Happiness]

Love is the history of a woman's life; it is an episode in man's.
  [Fr., L'amour est l'histoire de la vie des femmes; c'est un episode dans celle des hommes.]
      - De l'influence des passions--Works
         (III, p. 135 (1820 ed.)) [Love]

Thought can never be compared with action, but when it awakens in us the image of truth.
      - Germany (pt. I, ch. VIII) [Thought]

Innocence in genius, and candor in power, are both noble qualities.
      - Germany (pt. II, ch. VIII) [Quality]

The soul is a fire that darts its rays through all the senses; it is in this fire that existence consists; all the observations and all the efforts of philosophers ought to turn towards this Me, the centre and moving power of our sentiments and our ideas.
      - Germany (pt. III, ch. II) [Soul]

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