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English poet
(1810 - 1889)
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I have sped by land and sea, and mingled with much people, but never yet could find a spot unsunned by human kindness.
      - [Kindness]

If thou art master to thyself, circumstances shall harm thee little.
      - [Self]

If wealth come, beware of him, the smooth, false friend! There is treachery in his proffered hand; his tongue is eloquent to tempt; lust of many harms is lurking in his eye; he hath a hollow heart; use him cautiously.
      - [Wealth]

Imagination is not thought, neither is fancy reflection; thought paceth like a hoary sage, but imagination hath wings as an eagle.
      - [Imagination]

Invention is activity of mind, as fire is air in motion; a sharpening of the spiritual sight, to discern hidden aptitudes.
      - [Invention]

It is the cringer to his equal that is chiefly seen bold to his God.
      - [Humility]

Know thyself, thy evil as thy good, and flattery shall not harm thee; yea, her speech shall be a warning, a humbling, and a guide. For wherein thou lackest most, there chiefly will the sycophant commend thee.
      - [Flattery]

Knowledge is leagued with the universe, and findeth a friend in all things; but ignorance is everywhere a stranger, unwelcome; ill at ease and out of place.
      - [Knowledge]

Lay not the plummet to the line; religion hath no landmarks; no human keenness can discern the subtle shades of faith.
      - [Faith]

Let the misanthrope shun men and abjure; the most are rather lovable than hateful.
      - [Misanthropy]

Lies can destroy, but not create.
      - [Lying]

Love is the weapon which Omnipotence reserved to conquer rebel man when all the rest had failed. Reason he parries; fear he answers blow for blow; future interest he meets with present pleasure; but love, that sun against whose melting beams the winter cannot stand--that soft subliming slumber which wrestles down the giant, there is not one human being in a million, nor a thousand men in all earth's huge quintillion, whose clay heart is hardened against love.
      - [Love]

Love looketh from the eye, and kindleth love by looking.
      - [Eyes]

Love with life is heaven; and life, unloving, hell.
      - [Love]

Many a beggar at the crossway, or gray-haired shepherd on the plain, hath more of the end of all wealth than hundreds who multiply the means.
      - [Wealth]

Many in hot pursuit have hasted to the goal of wealth, but have lost, as they ran, those apples of gold, the mind and the power to enjoy it.
      - [Wealth]

Men scanning the surface count the wicked happy; they see not the frightful dreams that crowd a bad man's pillow.
      - [Sin]

Nature is the chart of God, mapping out all His attributes.
      - [Nature]

Never give up! it is wiser and better
  Always to hope, than once to despair;
    Fling off the load of Doubt's cankering fetter,
      And break the dark spell of tyrannical Care:
        Never give up or the burden may sink you,--
          Providence kindly has mingled the cup;
            And in all trials and troubles, bethink you
              The watchword of life must be,--never give up.
      - [Hope]

None is poor but the mean in mind, the timorous, the weak, and unbelieving; none is wealthy but the affluent in soul, who is satisfied and floweth over.
      - [Contentment]

O Death, what are thou? nurse of dreamless slumbers freshening the fevered flesh to a wakefulness eternal.
      - [Death]

O Death, what art thou? a Lawgiver that never altereth,
  Fixing the consummating seal, whereby the deeds of life become established;
    O Death, what art thou? a stern and silent usher,
      Leading to the judgment for Eternity, after the trial scene of Time;
        O Death, what art thou? an husbandman that reapeth always,
          Out of season, as in season, with the sickle in his hand.
      - [Death]

O man, little hast thou learnt of truth in things most true, and how therefore shall thy blindness wot of truth in things most fallen?
      - [Truth]

Our cares are all To-day, our joys are all To-day;
  And in one little word, our life, what is it but--To-day?
      - [Today]

Pain addeth zest unto pleasure, and teacheth the luxury of health.
      - [Pain]

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