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English poet
(1810 - 1889)
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Pain adds rest unto pleasure, and teaches the luxury of health.
      - [Pain]

Policy counselleth a gift, given wisely and in season;
  And policy afterwards approveth it, for great is the influence of gifts.
      - [Gifts]

Power is seldom innocent, and envy is the yokefellow of eminence.
      - [Power]

Rashly, nor ofttimes truly, doth man pass judgment on his brother; for he seeth not the springs of the heart, nor heareth the reasons of the mind.
      - [Judgment]

Reflection is a flower of the mind, giving put wholesome fragrance; but revery is the same flower, when rank and running to seed.
      - [Reflection]

Ridicule is a weak weapon, when levelled at a strong mind;
  But common men are cowards, and dread an empty laugh.
      - [Ridicule]

Search out the wisdom of nature, there is depth in all her doings; she seemeth prodigal of power, yet her rules are the maxims of frugality.
      - [Nature]

Solitude delighteth well to feed on many thoughts;
  There as thou sittest peaceful, communing with fancy,
    The precious poetry of life shall gild its leaden cares;
      There, as thou walkest by the sea beneath the gentle stars,
        Many kindling seeds of good will sprout within thy soul;
          Thou shalt weep in Solitude,--thou shalt pray in Solitude.
            Thou shalt sing for joy of heart, and praise the grace of Solitude.
      - [Solitude]

Speech is reason's brother, and a kingly prerogative of man.
      - [Speech]

Speech is the golden harvest that followeth the flowering of thought.
      - [Speech]

Spurn not a seeming error, but dig below its surface for the truth.
      - [Error]

Take the good with the evil, for ye all are the pensioners of God, and none may choose or refuse the cup His wisdom mixeth.
      - [Contentment]

The glorious burst of winged words!
      - [Eloquence]

The mines of knowledge are often laid bare by the hazel-wand of chance.
      - [Chance]

The most wretched have yet hope.
      - [Hope]

The pen flowing in love, or dipped black in hate,
  Or tipped with delicate courtesies, or harshly edged with censure,
    Hath quickened more good than the sun, more evil than the sword,
      More joy than woman's smile, more woe than frowning fortune;
        And shouldst thou ask my judgment of that which hath most profit in the world,
          For answer take thou this, The prudent penning of a letter.
      - [Letters]

The pen has shaken nations.
      - [Pen]

The seeds of first instructions are dropp'd into the deepest furrows.
      - [Instruction]

There be three grand principles--life, generation, and obedience--
  Shadowing, in every creature, the Spirit, and the Father, and the Son.
    There be three grand unities, variously mixed in trinities,
      The rose, and the ruby, and the pearl;
        each one is made of three;
          And the three be the like ingredients, mingled in diverse measures.
            Thyself hast within thyself body, and life, and mind;
              Matter, and breath, and instinct, unite in all beasts of the field;
                Substance, coherence, and weight, fashion the fabrics of the earth;
                  The will, the doing, and the deed, combine to frame a fact;
                    The stem, the leaf, and the flower; beginning, middle, and end;
                      Cause, circumstance, consequent; and every three is one.
                        Yea, the very breath of man's life consisteth of a trinity of vapors,
                          And the noonday light is a compound, the triune shadow of Jehovah.
      - [Trinity Sunday]

There is a joy in sorrow which none but a mourner can know.
      - [Sorrow]

To be accurate, write; to remember, write; to know thine own mind, write.
  And a written prayer is a prayer of faith, special, sure, and to be answered.
      - [Writing]

To despond is to lie ungrateful beforehand. Be not looking for evil. Often thou drainest the gall of fear while evil is passing by thy dwelling.
      - [Anticipation]

To-morrow is that lamp upon the marsh, which a traveller never reacheth;
  To-morrow, the rainbow's cup, coveted prize of ignorance;
    To-morrow, the shifting anchorage, dangerous trust of manners;
      To-morrow, the wrecker's beacon, wily snare of the destroyer.
        Reconcile conviction with delay, and To-morrow is a fatal lie;
          Frighten resolutions into action, To-morrow is a wholesome truth.
      - [Tomorrow]

Travel is a ceaseless fount of surface education,
  But its wisdom will be simply superficial, if thou add not thoughts to things.
      - [Travel]

Trifles lighter than straws are levers in the building up of character.
      - [Trifles]

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