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English novelist and social critic
(1839 - 1908)
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It is only to those who have never lived that death ever can seems beautiful.
      - [Death]

It is quite easy for stupid people to be happy; they believe in fables, and they trot on in a beaten track like a horse on a tramway.
      - [Happiness]

Most crimes are sanctioned in some form or other when they take grand names.
      - [Crime]

Music is not a science any more than poetry is. It is a sublime instinct, like genius of all kinds.
      - [Music]

Nature I believe in. True art aims to, represent men and women, not as my little self would have them, but as they appear. My heroes and heroines I want not extreme types, all good or all bad; but human, mortal--partly good, partly bad. Realism I need. Pure mental abstractions have no significance for me.
      - [Authorship]

No great talker ever did any great thing yet, in this world.
      - [Talking]

Opposition to a man in love is like oil to fire.
      - [Love]

Petty laws breed great crimes.
      - [Law]

Prudery is the bastard child of virtue.
      - [Prudery]

Scandals are like dandelion seeds--they are arrow-headed, and stick where they fall, and bring forth and multiply fourfold.
      - [Scandal]

Start a lie and a truth together, like hare and hound: the lie will run fast and smooth, and no man will ever turn it aside; but at the truth most hands will fling a stone, and so hinder it for sport's sake, if they can.
      - [Falsehood]

Take hope from the heart of man, and you make him a beast of prey.
      - [Hope]

Talent wears well, genius wears itself out; talent drives a brougham in fact; genius, a sun-chariot in fancy.
      - [Genius]

The bread of bitterness is the food on which men grow to their fullest stature; the waters of bitterness are the debatable ford through which they reach the shores of wisdom; the ashes boldly grasped and eaten without faltering are the price that must be paid for the golden fruit of knowledge.
      - [Affliction]

The fire of true enthusiasm is like the fires of Baku, which no water can ever quench, and which burn steadily on from night to day, and year to year, because their well-spring is eternal.
      - [Enthusiasm]

The heart of silver falls ever into the hands of brass. The sensitive herb is eaten as grass by the swine.
      - [Destiny]

The joy of a strong nature is as cloudless as its suffering is desolate.
      - [Joy]

The longest absence is less perilous to love than the terrible trials of incessant proximity.
      - [Satiety]

The loss of our illusions is the only loss from which we never recover.
      - [Illusion]

The scorn of genius is the most arrogant and the most boundless of all scorn.
      - [Genius]

The song that we hear with our ears is only the song that is sung in our hearts.
      - [Songs]

There are many moments in friendship, as in love, when silence is beyond words. The faults of our friend may be clear to us, but it is well to seem to shut our eyes to them. Friendship is usually treated by the majority of mankind as a tough and everlasting thing which will survive all manner of bad treatment. But this is an exceedingly great and foolish error; it may die in an hour of a single unwise word; its conditions of existence are that it should be dealt with delicately and tenderly, being as it is a sensitive plant and not a roadside thistle. We must not expect our friend to be above humanity.
      - [Friendship]

There is a chord in every heart that has a sigh in it if touched aright.
      - [Sadness]

There is a self-evident axiom, that she who is born a beauty is half married.
      - [Beauty]

There is more courage needed oftentimes to accept the onward flow of existence, bitter as the waters of Marah, black and narrow as the channel of Jordan, than there is ever needed to bow down the neck to the sweep of the death-angel's sword.
      - [Resignation]

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