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English poet and clergyman
(1591 - 1674)
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When a daffadill I see,
  Hanging down his head t'wards me,
    Guesse I may, what I must be:
      First, I shall decline my head;
        Secondly, I shall be dead:
          Lastly, safely buryed.
      - Hesperides--Divination by a Daffadill

If little labour. little are our gaines:
  Man's fortunes are according to his paines.
      - Hesperides--No Paines, No Gaines [Labor]

Who after his transgression doth repent,
  Is halfe, or altogether, innocent.
      - Hesperides--Penitence [Repentance]

The readinesse of doing doth expresse
  No other but the doer's willingnesse.
      - Hesperides--Readinesse [Will]

Attempt the end and never stand to doubt;
  Nothing's so hard, but search will find it out.
      - Hesperides--Seeke and Finde
        [Action : Investigation : Perseverance]

We credit most our sight; one eye doth please
  Our trust farre more than ten eare-witnesses.
      - Hesperides--The Eyes Before the Ears

In prayer the lips ne'er act the winning part
  Without the sweet concurrence of the heart.
      - Hesperides--The Heart [Prayer]

Give me a kisse, and to that kisse a score;
  Then to that twenty, adde a hundred more;
    A thousand to that hundred; so kiss on,
      To make that thousand up a million;
        Treble that million, and when that is done,
          Let's kisse afresh, as when we first begun.
      - Hesperides--To Anthea [Kisses : Love]

No marigolds yet closed are,
  No shadows great appeare.
      - Hesperides--To Daisies--Not to Shut so Soone

Thou art a plant sprung up to wither never,
  But, like a laurell, to grow green forever.
      - Hesperides--To His Booke [Books]

Small griefs find tongues: full casques are ever found
  To give, if any, yet but little sound,
    Deep waters noyselesse are; and this we know,
      That chiding streams betray small depth below.
      - Hesperides--To His Mistresse Objecting to Him Neither Toying or Talking

No, not Jove
  Himselfe, at one time, can be wise and love.
      - Hesperides--To Silvia [Love]

Temptations hurt not, though they have accesse;
  Satan o'ercomes none but by willingnesse.
      - Hesperides-Temptations [Temptation]

'Twixt kings and tyrants there's this difference known:
  Kings seek their subjects' good, tyrants their owne.
      - Kings and Tyrants [Tyrants]

You say to me-wards your affection's strong;
  Pray love me little, so you love me long.
      - Love me Little, Love me Long [Love]

For pitty, Sir, find out that Bee
  Which bore my Love away
    I'le seek him in your Bonnet brave,
      I'le seek him in your eyes.
      - Mad Nan's Song [Bees]

Fight thou with shafts of silver, and o'ercome
  When no force else can get the masterdom.
      - Money Gets the Mastery [Money : Proverbs]

To get thine ends, lay bashfulnesse aside;
  Who fears to aske, doth teach to be deny'd.
      - No Bashfulnesse in Begging [Beggary]

Hell is no other but a soundlesse pit,
  Where no one beame of comfort peeps in it.
      - Noble Numbers--Hell [Hell]

Out did the meate, out did the frolick wine.
      - Ode for Ben Jonson [Eating]

Hast thou attempted greatnesse?
  Then go on;
    Back-turning slackens resolution.
      - Regression Spoils Resolution [Resolution]

What though the sea be calm? trust to the shore,
  Ships have been drown'd, where late they danc'd before.
      - Safety on the Shore [Navigation]

When one is past, another care we have;
  Thus woe succeeds a woe, as wave a wave.
      - Sorrows Succeed [Woe]

I saw a flie within a beade
  Of amber cleanly buried.
      - The Amber Bead [Flies]

Let's live with that small pittance which we have;
  Who covets more is evermore a slave.
      - The Covetous Still Captive [Contentment]

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