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Roman (Carthaginian-born) comic poet
(c. 185 BC - 159 BC)
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You kick against the goad.
      - [Proverbs]

You made this mess yourself, and now you must eat it all up.
      - [Proverbs]

You stick in the same mire.
      - [Proverbs]

You tell a tale to a dead man.
      - [Proverbs]

Life is like a game of tables, the chances are not in our power, but the playing is.
      - Adelphi [Life]

And he makes a great mistake, in my opinion at least, who supposes that authority is firmer or better established when it is founded by force than that which is welded by affection.
  [Lat., Et errat longe, mea quidem sententia,
    Qui imperium credat esse gravius, aut stabilius
      Vi quod fit, quam illud quod amicitia adjungitur.]
      - Adelphi (act I, 1, l. 40) [Power]

For he who has acquired the habit of lying or deceiving his father, will do the same with less remorse to others. I believe that it is better to bind your children to you by a feeling of respect, and by gentleness, than by fear.
  [Lat., Nam qui mentiri, aut fallere insuerit patrem, aut
    Audebit: tanto magis audebit caeteros.
      Pudore et liberalitate liberos
        Retinere satius esse credo, quam meto.]
      - Adelphi (I, 1, 30) [Childhood]

It is a great error, in my opinion, to believe that a government is more firm or assured when it is supported by force, than when founded on affection.
  [Lat., Et errat longe mea quidem sententia
    Qui imperium credit gravius esse aut stabilius,
      Vi quod fit, quam illud quod amicitia adjungitur.]
      - Adelphi (I, 1, 40) [Government]

Nothing can be more unjust than the ignorant man, who thinks that nothing is well done by himself.
  [Lat., Homine imperito nunquam quidquid injustius,
    Qui nisi quod ipse facit nihil rectum putat.]
      - Adelphi (I, 2, 18) [Ignorance]

I do not buy hope with money.
  [Lat., Ego spem pretio non emo.]
      - Adelphi (II, 2, 12) [Hope]

To despise money on some occasions is a very great gain.
  [Lat., Pecuniam in loco negligere maximum est lucrum.]
      - Adelphi (II, 2, 8) [Money]

That is to be wise to see not merely that which lies before your feet, but to foresee even those things which are in the womb of futurity.
  [Lat., Istuc est sapere, non quod ante pedes modo est
    Videre, sed etiam illa, quae futura sunt
      - Adelphi (III, 3, 32) [Future]

True wisdom consists not in seeing what is immediately before our eyes, but in foreseeing what is to come.
  [Lat., Isthuc est sapere non quod ante pedes modo est
    Videre sed etiam illa, quae futura sunt
      - Adelphi (III, 3, 32) [Wisdom]

As each one wishes his children to be, so they are.
  [Lat., Ut quisque suum vult esse, ita est.]
      - Adelphi (III, 3, 46) [Childhood]

He need not go away from home for instruction.
  [Lat., Domi habuit unde disceret.]
      - Adelphi (III, 3, 60) [Teaching]

We should look at the lives of all as at a mirror, and take from others an example for ourselves.
  [Lat., Inspicere tamquam in speculum in vitas omnium
    Jubeo atque ex aliis sumere exemplum sibi.]
      - Adelphi (III, 3, 62) [Example]

Suit your manner to the man.
  [Lat., Ut homo est, ita morem geras.]
      - Adelphi (III, 3, 78) [Manners]

What the law insists upon, let it have of your own free will.
  [Lat., Quod vos jus cogit, id voluntate impetret.]
      - Adelphi (III, 4, 44) [Law]

All persons as they become less prosperous, are the more suspicious. They take everything as an affront; and from their conscious weakness, presume that they are neglected.
  [Lat., Omnes quibus res sunt minus secundae magis sunt, nescio quomodo,
    Suspiciosi; ad contumeliam omnia accipiunt magis;
      Propter suam impotentiam se credunt negligi.]
      - Adelphi (IV, 3, 14) [Suspicion]

He blushes: all is safe.
  [Lat., Erubuit: salva res est.]
      - Adelphi (IV, 5, 9) [Blushes]

With his own sword do I stab this man.
  [Lat., Suo sibi gladio hunc jugulo.]
      - Adelphi (V, 8, 35) [Justice]

When two persons do the self-same thing, it oftentimes falls out that in the one it is criminal, in the other it is not so; not that the thing itself is different, but he who does it.
  [Lat., Duo quum idem faciunt, saepe ut possis dicere,
    Hoc licet impune facere huic, illi non licet:
      Non quod dissimilis res sit, sed quod is sit.]
      - Adelphi (V, III, 37) [Comparison]

I perceive that the things that we do are silly; but what can one do? According to men's habits and dispositions, so one must yield to them.
  [Lat., Inepta haec esse, nos quae facimus sentio;
    Verum quid facias? ut homo est, ita morem geras.]
      - Adephi (III, 3, 76) [Habit]

Charity begins at home.
  [Lat., Proximus sum egomet mihi.]
      - Andria (act IV, sc. 1, 12),
        (free translation) [Charity : Proverbs]

A bad heart, bad designs.
  [Lat., Mala mens, malus animus.]
      - Andria (I, 1, 137) [Evil]

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