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English author and divine
(1608 - 1661)
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Fancy runs most furiously when a guilty conscience drives it.
      - [Fancy]

First get an absolute conquest over thyself, and then thou wilt easily govern thy wife.
      - [Wives]

"Fuller's earth."
      - Epitaph written by himself [Epitaphs]

Generosity, wrong placed, becometh a vice; a princely mind will undo a private family.
      - [Generosity]

Give freely to him that deserveth well, and asketh nothing: and that is a way of giving to thyself.
      - [Gifts]

Go not to a covetous old man with any request too soon in the morning, before he hath taken in that day's prey; for his covetousness is up before him, and he before thee, and he is in ill-humor; but stay till the afternoon, till he be satiated upon some borrower.
      - [Usury]

Good counsels observed are chains to grace, which neglected, prove halters to strange undutiful children.
      - [Advice : Counsel]

Grant that I may never rack a Scripture simile beyond the true intent thereof, lest, instead of sucking milk, I squeeze blood out of it.
      - [Preaching]

Harmless mirth is the best cordial against the consumption of the spirit; wherefore jesting is not unlawful, if it trespasseth not in quantity, quality, or season.
      - [Mirth]

Haste and rashness are storms and tempests, breaking and wrecking business; but nimbleness is a full, fair wind, blowing it with speed to heaven.
      - [Haste]

He had a prince's mind imprisoned in a poor man's purse.
      - [Poverty]

He is a good time-server that improves the present for God's glory and his own salvation.
      - [Time]

He lives long that lives well, and time misspent is not lived, but lost. Besides God is better than His promise, if He takes from him a long lease, and gives him a freehold of greater value.
      - [Life]

He shall be immortal who liveth till he be stoned by one without fault.
      - [Faults]

He that blushes not at his crime, but adds shamelessness to shame, hath nothing left to restore him to virtue.
      - [Shame]

He that nothing questioneth, nothing learneth.
      - [Learning]

He that sips of many arts drinks of none.
      - [Art]

He who cures a disease may be the skilfullest, but he that prevents it is the safest physician.
      - [Disease]

History maketh a young man to be old, without either wrinkles or gray hairs,--privileging him with the experience of age, without either the infirmities or inconveniences thereof.
      - [History]

Hold not conference, debate, or reasoning with any lust; 'tis but a preparatory for thy admission of it. The way is at the very first flatly to deny it.
      - [Passion]

How weak a thing is gentility, if it wants virtue.
      - [Gentility]

If the master takes no account of his servants, they will make small account of him, and care not what they spend, who are never brought to an audit.
      - [Responsibility]

If the wicked flourish and thou suffer, be not discouraged. They are fatted for destruction; thou art dieted for health.
      - [Patience]

If thou art a master, be sometimes blind; if a servant, sometimes deaf.
      - [Discretion]

If thou hast a loitering servant, send him of thy errand just before his dinner.
      - [Servants]

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