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English author and divine
(1608 - 1661)
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Spill not the morning (the quintessence of the day) in recreation, for sleep itself is recreation. Add not, therefore, sauce to sauces.
      - [Morning]

Such is the sociableness of music, it conforms itself to all companies, both in mirth and mourning; complying to improve that passion with which it finds the auditors most affected.
      - [Music]

Surely that preaching which comes from the soul works most on the soul.
      - [Ministers]

Suspicion is as great an enemy to wisdom as too much credulity.
      - [Suspicion]

Take the daughter of a good mother.
      - [Marriage]

Take this as a most certain expedient to prevent many afflictions, and to be delivered from them: meddle as little with the world, and the honors, places and advantages of them, as thou canst. And extricate thyself from them as much, and as quickly as possible.
      - [World]

The blush is nature's alarm at the approach of sin, and her testimony to the dignity of virtue.
      - [Blushes]

The frost is God's plough, which He drives through every inch of ground in the world, opening each clod, and pulverizing the whole.
      - [Agriculture]

The good widow's sorrow is no storm, but a still rain; commonly it comes to pass that that grief is quickly emptied that streameth out at so large a vent, whilst their tears that but drop will hold running a long time.
      - [Tears]

The good wife is none of our dainty dames, who love to appear in a variety of suits every day new; as if a good gown, like a stratagem in war, were to be used but once. But our good wife sets up a sail according to the keel of her husband's estate; and if of high parentage, she doth not so remember what she was by birth, that she forgets what she is by match.
      - [Marriage : Wives]

The greatest man living may stand in need of the meanest, as much as the meanest does of him.
      - [Dependence]

The image of God cut in ebony.
      - [Negro]

The pains we take in books or arts which treat of things remote from the necessaries of life is a busy idleness.
      - [Education]

The pyramids, doting with age, have forgotten the names of their founders.
      - [Antiquity]

The schoolmaster deserves to be beaten himself who beats nature in a boy for a fault.
      - [Punishment]

The soldier at the same time may shoot out his prayer to God, and aim his pistol at his enemy, the one better hitting the mark for the other.
      - [War]

The true gentleman is extracted from ancient and worshipful parentage. When a pepin is planted on a pepin-stock, the fruit growing thence is called a renate, a most delicious apple, as both by sire and dame well descended. Thus his blood must needs be well purified who is genteelly born on both sides.
      - [Gentlemen]

The usual trade and commerce is cheating all around by consent.
      - [Commerce]

The willow is a sad tree, whereof such who have lost their love make their mourning garlands, and we know what exiles hung up their harps upon such doleful supporters. The twigs are physic to drive out the folly of children.
      - [Trees]

There are heads sometimes so little, that there is no room for wit, sometimes so long that there is no wit for so much room.
      - [Wit]

There is a Spanish proverb, that a lapidary who would grow rich must buy of those who go to be executed, as not caring how cheap they sell; and sell to those who go to be married, as not caring how dear they buy.
      - [Trade]

This comforts me, that the most weather-beaten vessel cannot properly be seized on for a wreck which hath any quick cattle remaining therein. My spirits are not as yet forfeited to despair, having one lively spark of hope in my heart because God is even where He was before.
      - [Hope]

This I quarreled at, that he went far from his text to come close to me, and so was faulty himself in telling me of my faults.
      - [Preaching]

Those passionate persons who carry their heart in their mouth are rather to be pitied than feared; their threatenings serving no other purpose than to forearm him that is threatened.
      - [Anger]

Those who are surly and imperious to their inferiors, are generally humble, flattering, and cringing to their superiors.
      - [Tears : Temper]

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