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English officer, navigator, colonizer, historian, poet and courtier
(1552 - 1618)
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A beggar that is dumb, you know,
  May challenge double pity.
      - [Beggars]

A flatterer is said to be a beast that biteth smiling. But it is hard to know them from friends, they are so obsequious and full of protestations; for as a wolf resembles a dog, so doth a flatterer a friend.
      - [Flattery]

Abused mortals! did you know
  Where joy, heart's-ease, and comforts grow;
    You'd scorn proud towers,
      And seek them in these bowers,
        Where winds sometimes our woods perhaps may shake,
          But blustering care could never tempest make,
            Nor murmurs e'er come nigh us,
              Saving of fountains that glide by us.
      - [Country]

According to Solomon, life and death are in the power of the tongue; and as Euripides truly affirmeth, every unbridled tongue in the end shall find itself unfortunate; for in all that ever I observed in the course of worldly things, I ever found that men's fortunes are oftener made by their tongues than by their virtues, and more men's fortunes overthrown thereby, also, than by their vices.
      - [Speech]

Because all men are apt to flatter themselves, to entertain the addition of other men's praises is most perilous.
      - [Flattery]

Better were it to be unborn than to be ill-bred.
      - [Manners]

Cowards fear to die; but courage stout,
  Rather than live in snuff, will be put out.
      - [Cowards]

Death, which hateth and destroyeth a man, is believed; God, which hath made him and loves him, is always deferred.
      - [Death]

E'en such is time! which takes in trust
  Our youth, our joys, and all we have;
    And pays us naught but age and dust,
      Which, in the dark and silent grave,
        When we have wandered all our ways,
          Shuts up the story of our days.
            And from which grave, and earth, and dust,
              The Lord will raise me up, I trust.
      - written in his Bible, see Cayley's "Life of Raleigh", vol. II, ch. IX

Even such is time, that takes on trust
  Our youth, our joys, our all we have,
    And pays us but with age and dust,
      Who in the dark and silent grave,
        When we have wandered all our ways,
          Shuts up the story of our days!
            But from this earth, this grave, this dust,
              My God shall raise me up, I trust!
      - [Graves]

Except thou desire to hasten thine end, take this for a general rule, that thou never add any artificial heat to thy body by wine or spice.
      - [Temperance]

Flatterers are the worst kind of traitors, for they will strengthen thy imperfections, encourage thee in all evils, correct thee in nothing, but so shadow and paint thy follies and vices as thou shalt never, by their will, discover good from evil, or vice from virtue.
      - [Flattery]

Go, Soul, the Body's guest,
  Upon a thankless errand;
    Fear not to touch the best,
      The truth shall be thy warrant.
        Go, since I needs must die,
          And give them all the lie.
      - [Soul]

God is absolutely good; and so, assuredly, the cause of all that is good.
      - [God]

Hatreds are the cinders of affection.
      - in a letter to Sir Robert Cecil [Hatred]

Have ever more care that thou be beloved of thy wife, rather than thyself besotted on her; and thou shalt judge of her love by these two observations: first, if thou perceive she have a care of thy estate, and exercise herself therein; the other, if she study to please thee, and be sweet unto thee in conversation, without thy instruction; for love needs no teaching nor precept.
      - [Matrimony]

If any friend desire thee to be his surety, give him a part of what thou hast to spare; if he press thee further, he is not thy friend at all, for friendship rather chooseth harm to itself than offereth it. If thou be bound for a stranger, thou art a fool; if for a merchant, thou puttest thy estate to learn to swim.
      - [Surety]

If she seem not chaste to me,
  What care I how chaste she be?
      - written the night before his death, see Bayley's "Life of Raleigh"
        [Chastity : Women]

If she undervalue me,
  What care I how fair she be?
      - [Women]

If the heart be right, it matters not which way the head lies.
      - [Right]

If thou be subject to any great vanity or ill (from which I hope God will bless thee), then therein trust no man; for every man's folly ought to be his greatest secret.
      - [Trust]

If thou marry beauty, thou bindest thyself all thy life for that which, perchance, will neither last nor please thee one year.
      - [Beauty]

If thy friends be of better quality than thyself, thou mayest be sure of two things: the first, that they will be more careful to keep thy counsel, because they have more to lose than thou hast; the second, they will esteem thee for thyself, and not for that which thou dost possess.
      - [Friends]

It is observed in the course of worldly things, that men's fortunes are oftener made by their tongues than by their virtues; and more men's fortunes overthrown thereby than by vices.
      - [Tongue]

It is plain there is not in nature a point of stability to be found; everything either ascends or declines; when wars are ended abroad, sedition begins at home; and when men are freed from fighting for necessity, they quarrel through ambition.
      - [Fickleness]

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