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English novelist, satirist and critic
(1811 - 1863)
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Black care sits behind all sorts of horses, and gives a trink-gilt to postilions all over the map.
      - [Care]

Charming Alnaschar visions! it is the happy privilege of youth to construct you.
      - [Castles in the Air]

Choose a good disagreeable friend, if you be wise--a surly, steady, economical, rigid fellow.
      - [Friends]

Come forward, some great marshal, and organize equality in society, and your rod shall swallow up all the juggling old court gold-sticks.
      - [Equality]

Dare and the world always yields; or if it beats you sometimes, dare it again and it will succumb.
      - [Daring]

Diffidence is a sort of false modesty.
      - [Diffidence]

Dinner was made for eating, not for talking.
      - [Dinner]

Every man ought to be in love a few times in his life, and to have a smart attack of the fever. You are better for it when it is over: the better for your misfortune, if you endure it with a manly heart; how much the better for success, if you win it and a good wife into the bargain!
      - [Courtship]

Follow your honest convictions and be strong.
      - [Conviction]

For my part, I believe that remorse is the least active of all a man's moral senses,--the very easiest to be deadened when wakened, and in some never wakened at all.
      - [Remorse]

Frequent the company of your betters.
      - [Associates]

Good humor is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society.
      - [Humor]

Happy! Who is happy? Was there not a serpent in Paradise itself? And if Eve had been perfectly happy beforehand, would she have listened to the tempter?
      - [Happiness]

He who meanly admires a mean thing is a snob--perhaps that is a safe definition of the character.
      - [Snobs]

Hint at the existence of wickedness in a light, easy, and agreeable manner, so that nobody's fine feelings may be offended.
      - [Wickedness]

How can you make a fool perceive that he is a fool? Such a personage can no more see his own folly than be can see his own ears.
      - [Folly]

How grateful are we--how touched a frank and generous heart is for a kind word extended to us in our pain! The pressure of a tender hand nerves a man for an operation, and cheers him for the dreadful interview with the surgeon.
      - [Gratitude]

Humor is the mistress of tears.
      - [Humor]

Humor is wit and love.
      - [Humor]

I believe that remorse is the least active of all a man's moral senses.
      - [Remorse]

I have seen no men in life loving their profession so much as painters, except, perhaps, actors, who, when not engaged themselves, always go to the play.
      - [Acting]

I set it down as a maxim, that it is good for a man to live where he can meet his betters, intellectual and social.
      - [Associates]

I suppose as long as novels last, and authors aim at interesting their public, there must always be in the story a virtuous and gallant hero; a wicked monster, his opposite; and a pretty girl, who finds a champion. Bravery and virtue conquer beauty; and vice, after seeming to triumph through a certain number of pages, is sure to be discomfited in the last volume, when justice overtakes him, and honest folks come by their own.
      - [Novels]

I want a sofa, as I want a friend, upon which I can repose familiarly. If you can't have intimate terms and freedom with one and the other, they are of no good.
      - [Comfort]

I wonder is it because men are cowards in heart that they admire bravery so much, and place military valor so far beyond every other quality for reward and worship.
      - [Courage]

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