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In Christ we see the strength of achievement, and the strength of endurance. He moved with a calm majesty, like the sun. The bloody sweat, and the crown of thorns, and the cross, were full in His eyes; but He was obedient unto death. In His perfect self-sacrifice we see the perfection of strength; in the love that prompted it we see the perfection of beauty. This combination of self-sacrifice and love must be commenced in every Christian; and when it shall be in its spirit complete in him, then will he also be perfect in strength and beauty.
      - Mark Hopkins

Unlike all other founders of a religious faith, Christ had no selfishness, no desire of dominance; and His system, unlike all other systems of worship, was bloodless, boundlessly beneficent, and--most marvelous of all--went to break all bonds of body and soul, and to cast down every temporal and every spiritual tyranny.
      - William Howitt

Christ's whole life on earth was the assertion and example of true manliness--the setting forth in living act and word what man is meant to be, and how he should carry himself in this world of God--one long campaign in which the "temptation" stands out as the first great battle and victory.
      - Thomas Hughes

Christ was either the grandest, guiltiest of impostors, by a marvelous and most subtle refinement of wickedness, or He was God manifest in the flesh.
      - Herrick Johnson

The most destructive criticism has not been able to dethrone Christ as the incarnation of perfect holiness. The waves of a tossing and restless sea of unbelief break at His feet, and He stands still the supreme model, the inspiration of great souls; the rest of the weary, the fragrance of all Christendom; the one divine flower in the garden of God.
      - Herrick Johnson

Thou hast conquered, O Galilaean.
  [Lat., Vicisti, Galloloae.]
      - attributed to Julian (Flavius Claudius Julianus)("The Apostate")

All the glory and beauty of Christ are manifested within, and there He delights to dwell; His visits there are frequent, His condescension amazing, His conversation sweet, His comforts refreshing; and the peace that He brings passeth all understanding.
      - Thomas a Kempis

Whoever would fully and feelingly understand the words of Christ, must endeavor to conform his life wholly to the life of Christ.
      - Thomas a Kempis

All His glory and beauty come from within, and there He delights to dwell, His visits there are frequent, His conversation sweet, His comforts refreshing; and His peace passing all understanding.
      - Thomas a Kempis, Imitation of Christ
         (bk. II, ch. I), (Dibdin's translation)

The "wise men" were journeying to the manger--we to the throne. They to see a babe--we to look upon the King in His beauty. They to kneel and worship--we to sit with Him on His throne. That trembling star shone for them through the darkness of the night; lighting their way--Jesus is always with us, our star of hope; and the pathway is never dark where He leads; for He giveth "songs in the night."
      - Abbott E. Kittredge

Into the woods, my Master went,
  Clean forspent, forspent,
    Into the woods my Master came,
      Forspent with love and shame.
        But the olives they were not blind to Him,
          The little gray leaves were kind to Him:
            The thorn-tree had a mind to Him,
              When into the woods He came.
      - Sidney Lanier,
        A Ballad of Trees and the Master

There has appeared in this, our day, a man of great virtue, named Jesus Christ, who is yet living amongst us, and with the Gentiles is accepted as a prophet of truth, but His own disciples call Him the Son of God. He raiseth the dead, and cureth all manner of diseases; a man of stature somewhat tall and comely, with a very reverend countenance; such as the beholder may both love and fear; his hair is of the color of a filbert, full, ripe, and plain down to His ears, but from His ears downwards somewhat curled, and more orient of color, waving about His shoulders. In the midst of His head goeth a seam or partition of hair, after the manner of the Nazarites; His forehead very smooth and plain; His face, nose and mouth so framed as nothing can be reprehended; His beard somewhat thick, agreeable to the hair of His head for color, not of any great length, but forked in the middle; of an innocent and mature look; His eyes gray, clear and quick. In reproving, He is terrible; in admonishing, courteous and fair spoken, pleasant in speech, amidst gravity. It cannot be remembered that any have seen Him laugh, but many have seen Him weep. In proportion of body, well shaped and straight; His hands and arms most beauteous to behold; in speaking, very temperate, modest and wise; a man of singular virtue, surpassing the children of men.
      - Publius Lentulus

Christ's divinity accounts for His exaltation to the right hand of God, justifies the worship of angels and the confidence of mankind. It makes clear His right to the throne of the universe, and enables the mind to understand why He is exalted in providence, in grace, and in judgment. It is the unifying truth that harmonizes all other teachings of Christianity, and renders the entire system symmetrical and complete.
      - George Horace Lorimer

In His death He is a sacrifice, satisfying for our sins; in the resurrection, a conqueror; in the ascension, a king; in the intercession, a high priest.
      - Martin Luther

It was before Deity embodied in a human form walking among men, partaking of their infirmities, leaning on their bosoms, weeping over their graves, slumbering in the manger, bleeding on the cross, that the prejudices of the synagogue, and the doubts of the academy, and the pride of the portico, and the fasces of the lictor, and the swords of thirty legions were humbled in the dust.
      - Thomas Babington Macaulay

The Saviour of mankind Himself, in whose blameless life malice could find no act to impeach, has been called in question for words spoken.
      - Thomas Babington Macaulay

God never gave man a thing to do concerning which it were irreverent to ponder how the Son of God would have done it.
      - George MacDonald, The Marquis of Lossie
         (vol. II, ch. XVII)

Christ wrought out His perfect obedience as a man, through temptation, and by suffering.
      - Alexander Maclaren

If we carried with us more distinctly than we do that one simple thought that in all human joys, in all the apparently self-forgetting tenderness, of that Lord, who had a heart for every sorrow, and an ear for every complaint, and a hand open as day and full of melting charity for every need--that in every moment of that life in the boyhood, in the dawning manhood, in the maturity of His growing power--there was always present one black shadow, toward which He ever went straight with the consent of His will and the clearest eye, we should understand something more of how the life as well as the death was a sacrifice for us sinful men.
      - Alexander Maclaren

Remember that vision on the Mount of Transfiguration; and let it be ours, even in the glare of earthly joys and brightnesses, to lift up our eyes, like those wondering three, and see no man any more, save Jesus only.
      - Alexander Maclaren

The tears of Christ are the pity of God. The gentleness of Jesus is the long-suffering of God. The tenderness of Jesus is the love of God. "He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father.
      - Alexander Maclaren

We believe that to Christ belongs creative power--that "without Him was not anything made which was made." We believe that from Him came all life at first. In Him life was as in its deep source. He is the fountain of life. We believe that as no being comes into existence without His creative power, so none continues to exist without His sustaining energy. We believe that the history of the world is but the history of His influence, and that the centre of the whole universe is the cross of Cavalry.
      - Alexander Maclaren

This it is that gives a majesty so pure and touching to the historic figure of Christ; self-abandonment to God, uttermost surrender, without reserve or stipulation, to the guidance of the Holy Spirit from the Soul of souls; pause in no darkness; hesitation in no perplexity, recoil in no extremity of anguish, but a gentle unfaltering hold of the invisible Hand, of the Only Holy and All Good--these are the features that have made Jesus of Nazareth the dearest and most sacred image to the heart of so many ages.
      - James Martineau

Newton supposed that all matter attracted other matter inversely according to the square of the distance; and the hypothesis was found to account for the whole movements of the heavenly bodies; which all became verifications of what Newton supposed to be the law of the solar system. Adapt the hypothesis that Jesus was what He is represented, and the whole of the books and the history becomes a verification.
      - James McCosh

Our Lord's miracles were all essential parts of His one consistent life. They were wrought as evidences not only of His power, but of His mercy. They were throughout moral in their character, and spiritual in the ends contemplated by them. They were in fact embodiments of His whole character; exemplars of His whole teaching, emblems of His whole mission.
      - James McCosh

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