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One hundred years have passed away since the conquest of Quebec, but here we sit, the children of the victor and the vanquished, all avowing hearty attachment to the British crown, all earnestly deliberating how we shall best extend the blessings of British institutions; how a great people may be established on this continent, in close and hearty connection with Great Britain. Where, sir, in the page of history, shall we find a parallel to this? Will it not stand as an imperishable monument to the generosity of British rule? And it is not in Canada alone that this scene has been witnessed. Four other colonies are at this moment occupied as we are--declaring their hearty love for the parent state, and deliberating with us how they may best discharge the great duty entrusted to their hands and give their aid in developing the teeming resources of these vast possessions.
      - George Brown

Why should not these three great branches of the family flourish, under different systems of government, it may be, but forming one grand whole, proud of a common origin and of their advanced civilisation? The clover lifts its trefoil leaves to the evening dew, yet they draw their nourishment from a single stem. Thus distinct, and yet united, let us live and flourish. Why should we not? For nearly two thousand years we were one family. Our fathers fought side by side at Hastings, and heard the curfew toll. They fought in the same ranks for the sepulchre of our Saviour. In the earlier and later civil wars, we can wear our white and red roses without a blush, and glory in the principles those conflicts established. Our common ancestors won the great charter and the bill of rights--established free parliaments, the habeas corpus, and trial by jury. Our jurisprudence comes down from Coke and Mansfield to Marshall and Story, rich in knowledge and experience which no man can divide. From Chaucer to Shakespeare our literature is a common inheritance. Tennyson and Longfellow write in one language, which is enriched by the genius developed on either side of the Atlantic. In the great navigators from Cortereal to Hudson, and in all their "moving accidents by flood and field" we have a common interest.
      - Joseph Howe

We are here a nation, composed of the most heterogeneous elements--Protestants and Catholics, English, French, German, Irish, Scotch, every one, let it be remembered, with his traditions, with his prejudices. In each of these conflicting antagonistic elements, however, there is a common spot of patriotism, and the only true policy is that which reaches that common patriotism and makes it vibrate in all toward common ends and common aspirations.
      - Rt. Hon. Sir Wilfrid Laurier

Other countries have seen their territories enlarged and their destinies determined by trouble and war, but no blood has stained the bonds which have knit together your free and order-loving populations, and yet in this brief period, so brief in the life of a nation, you have attained to a union whose characteristics from sea to sea are the same. A judicature above suspicion, self-governing communities entrusting to a strong central Government all national interests, the toleration of all faiths with favour to none, a franchise recognising the rights of labour by the exclusion only of the idler, the maintenance of a Government not privileged to exist for any fixed term, but ever susceptible to the change of public opinion and ever open, through a responsible Ministry, to the scrutiny of the people--these are the features of your rising power.
      - John George Edward Henry Douglas Sutherland Campbell (Lord Lorne)

We should strengthen the faith of our people in their own future, the faith of every Canadian in Canada, and of every province in its sister province. This faith wrongs no one; burdens no one; menaces no one; dishonors no one; and, as it was said of old, faith moves mountains, so I venture reverently to express my own belief that if the difficulties of our future as a dominion were as high as the peaks of the Alps or Andes, yet that the pure patriotic faith of a united people would be all sufficient to overcome and ultimately to triumph over all such difficulties.
      - Thomas D'Arcy McGee

Awake, my country, the hour of dreams is done.
  Doubt not, nor dread the greatness of thy fate,
    Tho' faint souls fear the keen confronting sun
      And fain would bid the morn in splendor wait;
        Tho' dreamers, wrapped in starry visions, cry
          "Lo, yon thy future, yon thy faith, thy fame!"
            And stretch vain hands to stars, thy fame is nigh,
              Here in Canadian hearth, and home and name--
                This name which yet shall grow
                  Till all the nations know
                    Us for a patriot people, heart and hand
                      Loyal to our native hearth, our own Canadian land!
      - Charles George Douglas Roberts

Here's to the land of the rock and the pine;
  Here's to the land of the raft and the river!
    Here's to the land where the sunbeams shine,
      And the night that is bright with the north-light's quiver!
        Here's to the land of the ax and the hoe!
          Here's to the stalwarts that give them their glory--
            With stroke upon stroke, and with blow upon blow,
              The might of the forest has passed into story!
      - William Wye Smith (used pseudonym Rusticus)

Ye sons of Canada, awake!
  Stretch forth the mighty arm of toil;
    Embattle, beautify the soil
      Your fathers won by brave turmoil;
        And, while your glory swells, behold
          Your virgin empire still unfold
            Her halcyon hope, her wealth untold.
      - A.J.P. Taylor

He must have a dull and sluggish soul, who can look without emotion on the quiet graves of the early settlers of this country; who can tread upon their moldering bones without a thought of their privations and their toils--who can, from their tombs, look out upon the rural loveliness--the fruitfulness and peace, by which he is surrounded, nor drop a tear to the memories of the dead, who won, by the stoutness of their hearts, and the sweat of their brows, the blessings their children have only to cherish and enjoy.
      - Unknown,
        in Western and Eastern Rambles, pp. 133-34

Blest land of peace!--O, may'st thou ever be
  Even as now the land of liberty!
    Treading serenely my bright upward road,
      Honored of nations, and approved of God!
        On thy fair, front emblazoned clear and bright--
          Freedom, fraternity, and equal right!
      - Pamela Sarah Vining (used pseudonym Mrs. James Colton Yule)

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